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  1. おおおーーーーーー!!ようこそ! 大丈夫ですよ~ 何がわからない事があったら 遠慮ないできいてくださいね。
  2. こんばんわみなさん。英語あまりじょうずじゃありませんひと、このとぴっくつくりました。よかったら、みなさんといっしょにはなしたい。
  3. Squiggles

    [UPDATE] 17 Aug 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Yeah T_T and i bet most of my friends are wondering where I am ( if they manage to login without problems ).
  4. Squiggles

    Crashing Problem

    Dang. I'd love to assume that Flero Games take Saturday and Sunday off too like the previous mobile game I play. Everytime they had problems, it only gets solved on Monday if it happens between Friday-Sunday. Dangggggggggggggg I still can't login!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Squiggles

    [UPDATE] 17 Aug 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Well, I can't login. Still crashes for me. It's already been 3 days since the Maintenance on Thursday T_T
  6. Squiggles

    Crashing Problem

    I'm still crashing~ can't login T_T dangit!
  7. Squiggles

    Crashing Problem

    IGN: Squiggles Device: Huawei P9 Lite Still not fix
  8. Squiggles

    Crashing Problem

    Don't worry it's not just you. I'm having the same problem. Happened to me before. It's already been a day! I MISS ALL THE CUTENESS PLEASE FIX IT PLAYFLERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE OUR HERO!
  9. Squiggles

    [Solved] "Server error. Re-importing town info."

    Rip still can't login! affffffff~!
  10. I'm curious about this! "PR Adzuki Beans Shop" Plus, that "Sailor Look" who's costume is that for? so cute! Dorayaki and Mooncake <3
  11. Squiggles

    Hi just started =)

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay =3 CUTENESS FTW <3333333333333333
  12. Squiggles

    Coin-gathering methods?

    Harvest sugar and sell them like mad! they sell really well so yeah...
  13. Squiggles

    Server error

    I would think so. I couldn't even get there. It just crashed on me. Tried re-installing a few times and still the same.
  14. Squiggles

    [MAINTENANCE] 18 MAY 03:00 ~ 08:00

    I crashed each time I try to open it. ( android user )
  15. Squiggles

    new music

    I remember they were playing the christmas song on the forums but NOT on the game itself during that season :<