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  1. Manana

    [HOT TIME] 22 DEC ~ 24 DEC

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for the hard work Tom! ^_________^
  2. Manana

    Help please!

    Same. I log in just now. I think it was fb's bug. I think they're having similar bugs in other games that uses fb login. Thanks everyone. ^^
  3. Manana

    Help please!

    Hi! I have a problem accessing my account using fb. I can't login. It keeps telling me an error has occured and tells me to try again. I tried everything. I cleared both cache and data and even uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Is this a bug or something? >_<
  4. Manana


    Now I'm having the same problem.....
  5. Manana

    What Other Games Do YOU Play?!

    Oh! RO was my first MMORPG too! ^^ It use to be good but now it's gotten so bad that I stopped playing. The company that runs RO just gotten bad like many largely popular MMORPG companies.
  6. Manana

    [HOT TIME]17 MAR ~ 19 MAR [Closed]

    Yay! Thank you Tom! <3
  7. Manana

    What Other Games Do YOU Play?!

    @RavenKat Hehe. I was gonna make a thread like that. I play many games. Mostly MMORPGs on PC and some other anime-related random mobile games. I'm currently back to playing Blade and Soul (A PC MMORPG.)
  8. Manana

    Change name

    Changing names would be nice because sometimes people make names out of a "spur of the moment" then when they go back to look at their name they're like "*GASP!* What have I done?... Why am I named like this? O-o'". But on the other hand, changing name constantly can cause problems especially with people who keeps changing just to annoy people or because they feel like using a new name everyday. I've seen problems like these on some games where people just change names to troll people. (Though I doubt people here trolls because most are quite nice. (or at least, I have yet to experience harassments.)) Maybe people need to pay like coins to change name and/or only can change names every something days or months to keep people from really going crazy with name changes. But great suggestions though.
  9. Manana

    [NOTICE] Update Issue Resolved

    Thank you @GM_TomTom! You're our hero! ♥♥♥
  10. Manana

    You All Rock!!!

    This is the best game community I've ever been to. Though there are only a very few bad apples every now and then but I usually ignore those. Also, I'm so glad there aren't any trolls (bullies) in this game. This is why I kept coming back to this game despite of how busy my life is. I myself have played lots of other games for a long long time and most of those communities out there are getting more toxic that really makes me sometimes give up on playing any game in general. But here, everyone just lets everyone else enjoy the game without ruining it for others. (Everybody's just chillin' in Everytown! ♥ ♥ ♥ ) In short, I absolutely agree with @RavenKat, I love this community! (Long Live (and Love) Everytown! ♥♥♥)
  11. Manana

    No more advertisements?

    I tried to watch an ad yesterday and it just froze without giving me anything and used up my one free seed chance. Some videos freezes. Especially those "Ads in an Ad" videos like the ones that are right in the middle of an ad that uses its own player instead of the normal ad player. Those often freezes for me. x.x'
  12. ♥♥♥Free Hugs For All!♥♥♥