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  1. Puniko

    [SPECIAL] Halloween Event Quest

    Wow, there's gonna be an event uhuhu this is exciting~ :3 Thank you~
  2. Puniko

    [UPDATE] Nov. 19 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Thank you for the update! I love how these shops are getting cuter and cuter ^-^ not to mention all the cute animals in theme parks or landmarks. Love it!
  3. Puniko

    Tom's ghost town

    It's GM☆TOM but you could just type 'gm' in the search, he should be at the top. His town used to have a lot of newest seed mills, now it looks empty... Did Tom abandon his town...?
  4. Puniko

    How do you upgrade your house

    You also need enough space for the new house. Some upgraded houses are bigger than the previous version. You might need to make more space around it before upgrading. I encountered this problem once
  5. Puniko

    [UPDATE] 25 MAY 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    Thank you for the update ^-^ new landmarks look so beautifull and small :3 it's cute! And less used space
  6. Yay, thanks for the update info So the event Valentine choco shop is just a decoration? or does it give something event..y?
  7. Puniko

    You All Rock!!!

    Yes! I second that, i love our community Thank you all for being awesome and caring and all the things Raven said ^-^
  8. Puniko

    [HOT TIME] Korean New Year [Closed]

    Oh wow, thank you! I love the gazebo *---* i think i might just redecorate my town so i can put it somewhere it fits ~♡ Thanks for the lecture too
  9. Woohoo, good to know~! Thanks for risking checking this
  10. Puniko

    How is everyone doing?

    Yeah, i was actualy disappointed when i first read the manga and saw how fast they get rid of every villain I saw the anime first and i liked some of those villains, so yeah... but yeah, manga had more romance development and i remember the fuss over that Usagi sleeping in Mamo-chan's bed part *__* i was like 13 or 14 so it was a big deal i was all giggly, blushing and stuff haha, fun times~ I know they made anime for younger audience, but comedy parts were funny for all the fans, it made us love the show i guess. Oh and I like the turn into darker story in Stars, it was sometimes so emotional... manga version was also complicated, with all those cosmic stuff at the end... i think i should reread it again, cause i don't remember some of it Sailor Moon was my 1st watched anime, well, maybe not first, but first since i knew what 'anime' was. It will always hold a special place in my heart ♡
  11. Puniko

    [EVENT] Craft Challenge [Closed]

    Oh wow *__* congratz you guys and thanks for the info, i'm gonna use the train again woohoo~!
  12. Puniko

    How is everyone doing?

    Yeah, i know! That 1st ending song stuck on my mind so much, that i was humming it a lot and one of my friends started humming it too after few days, even though she doesn't watch anime she didn't even know what she was humming! Super S series had a lot of nice moments, but the amazon quarted didn't have their whole story told compared to manga i think. This is what i missed in anime version. And Usa&Mamo romance stuff didn't have enough eps imo. But there were so many funny moments that i loved! I like how they made the trio more complex than in the manga. Trio made me laugh a lot Especially Tiger's Eye hahaha Now i want to rewatch this arc again...
  13. Puniko

    How is everyone doing?

    Oh yeah, i love the new version! I still have the whole manga set on my bookshelf *w* I also hope they will make the rest of it into anime, dream arc is so different in manga than the classic anime, i'd love to see this in anime version
  14. Puniko

    How is everyone doing?

    I know, exactly! It sounds so unnatural when they don't speak japanese. I wanted to rewatch some classic Sailor Moon eps few years ago in eng sub, but i had to look for quite some time before i found non-dubbed version. Even in my country they made a lectored version on tv for Sailor Moon Not as good as subtitles, but still a lot better than dub.
  15. Wow! That's a great update, i was waiting for the gather/craft feature *w* Hope i can craft some new stuff soon