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  1. StacyLynn

    new music

    I have the music off in my game.. I find it to get very annoying and repetitive. Seasonal and changing music would be a nice addition.
  2. StacyLynn

    Any way to increase eco And save space?

    I'm not sure how many expands you have done so far using seeds, or what your seed balance is.. but the BEST thing you can do is open towns 2&3. You'll get all of the eco items that come with the towns, extra crops plots available and the merry-go-round! Having a theme park, in my opinion, is the best way to kick start your gold building. And you'll be able to find someone to exchange theme parks with, so then you'll have double the amount of gold bars- plus you'll have extra from your own just from it being helped.. so doing that your looking at a minimum of 5 gold bars every 4 days(with exchange included).. so around 1mil a week just from the theme park alone! It'll be easier to upgrade your seed shops to get more gold all throughout the week, and in turn over time more upgrades for theme park, so even more gold every 4 days outside of selling the gold bars.. more gold for seed shop random boxes -- so your seeds can then go to expanding rather than shops, and villager random boxes for eco/villagers/gold. Landmarks are a great way to have eco and save space, but they do require constant gold to be able to upgrade. So it's best to go that route after you already have gold rolling. Definitely use eco from random boxes to merge into landmarks.. it's sooo much cheaper, and faster doing it that way. As for all of the PR mills you want.. idk if you have an alt accounts, if you don't then you should start making a few.. every PR mill I have, I have gifted myself from seeds saved on alt accounts. All of my main account seeds get used for things I really want,or expands, and mills all get gifted. Every month the gift mills change, so if it's one I don't have, I get it.. and I just wait for the different PR mills to cycle around until I get them all. And you don't need to actually play on alt account, just log on. With collecting the weekly seeds bonus of 13 seeds alone, in one month that account would have 52 seeds. If you ran say 4 alt accounts, the first month you would have more than 52 seeds on each account -as long as you level them to 7 quick you get bonus seeds as well- PR mills only cost 35 seeds, and the special shop is 70. So off the bat, each account would be able to send a different mill and one can send a 70 seed shop. Save left over seeds and keep collecting weekly bonus and continue on.
  3. StacyLynn

    Gathering System

    I haven't seen ANY difference in feeding the villagers or not. And to be honest with you, I get better items with unhappy, unfed villagers than I do with extra happy, fed ones. Go figure.
  4. StacyLynn

    Is Train mission worthwhile?

    Yes, this is definitely a game that you have to continuously work at, lol. Gold is so elusive between shop upgrades, higher level shop costs, random boxes, and now gathering/ crafting prices.. it really is a lot to focus on. If you run into a wall where you need a train item that is from a shop you don't have, I'll gladly put the shop out for you to help if needed ? some can be pretty hard to find with the abundance of seed shops floating around. Good luck!! ?
  5. StacyLynn

    Accidentally picked Google login instead of facebook

    I know I'm just seeing this now and that it was already answered --glad you got back to your main account?-- just adding, you can still go back to the town that was created on the Google log in and use as an alternate account for collecting weekly seeds and gifting yourself premium shops and limited seed shops and just log back out and back on to your main Facebook account. I also use my alts for helping my quests mills/shops and for other things as well. Not sure what level you are and if you already use alt accounts or what not, but if it's new to you, then this is definitely helpful info and you might want to log on to that Google account once a day to collect your weekly bonus seeds.
  6. StacyLynn

    Login Counter & Heart Events

    About the attendance reward, I actually JUST had this conversation with a real life friend of mine that I got playing ET. She missed her weekly seed bonus too and has to start over, all because it didn't pop up while she was on. I'm not sure if it's coincidental or not, but when I check my alts to collect weekly seed bonus, it usually doesn't pop on when I first log on, but after I do a visit and go back to my town is when it will come up -- most of the time. Sometimes I have to log on twice. Having an on screen button to check/ collect bonuses is such a great idea I think it should 100% be implemented. As for the heart event-- when I was lower level, I didn't even know the heart shop existed for several months because I was using all of my hearts for expanding!! And now over a year later I'm just getting these items that I should have had already. The time frame for the event is rather short considering the amount of hearts needed per item, and the amount of items there are. I work weekends (which is ALWAYS when the events are) and I have 3 small kids. So I usually go on minimal sleep during heart events just so I can get at least one of each item... Which is ridiculous, but I don't want to wait a whole other year to get the stuff I missed previously. Also, we haven't been having events/updates advertised in game lately.. so unless you are someone who checks the forum daily, you would have no idea when the event would be starting... And they are way too short. I think a day before advertisement for the heart event would be beneficial in letting everyone know that it'll be starting the following day, as well as giving us 5 days-1 week for the full heart event so everyone can definitely participate. Between having lives, kids, school, or work, everyone has something to do during different days of the week. So if you work all week, at least you'd have the weekend, and if you're busiest during the weekend- like me- then you'd have during the week to collect. I forget which set of items it was for, but I remember one heart event we had 5 days to collect hearts, and I was so excited to actually have an event I was able to actually participate in.. since I am usually working during the entire events. So I'm glad that you brought these topics up, because both are beneficial to everyone and are issues that's most have probably thought at one time or another and just haven't thought to actually make a suggestion out of it. I hope it gets reviewed and incorporated! ?
  7. StacyLynn

    Is Train mission worthwhile?

    I think the 1st and 2nd train rewards are pretty equivalent.. it's all random.. only the 3rd train is union only.. but after your membership is up, you can't access the 3rd train until you get another membership (you don't have to pay the seeds to reopen it- and train just shows up when you become a member again). I'm not sure about train item requests being preset.. i think that too, is random. I'm almost certain that the requests start out at lower level shops and work their way up, but then again, you never know. I had gotten on the 1st train tiramisu long before I would ever have it built-- this was when the train was still pretty new-- so I just helped any tiramisu shops I could find when doing visits and I completed it. I didn't unlock the 3rd train until maybe a month ago.. doing 2 train platforms when you don't have the higher level shops built yet is a challenge.. so I'd say you're better off sticking with the 2 platforms and just go from there. If after awhile you're completing them rather quick, then try out opening the 3rd. To me, it seems like all 3 trains have similar requests and rewards.. if any have better rewards, it's very slight to the point that I haven't noticed. Although, I do have to say, that it seems the more trains I complete, the better the rewards are in general. Idk if it's because the products are high level shops items so they're worth more, or if it's because of the amount of trains that have been completed.?.. either way, start off with the 1st 2 trains for now and just focus on that, lol.
  8. StacyLynn

    Is Train mission worthwhile?

    Craft item on first train! That's great!! I treat them as bonuses too.. if I can complete one, good, if not, I just get to it when I can. It's a nice way to get extra stuff -like hearts and craft items- off of stuff that's just extra in inventory.
  9. StacyLynn

    Is Train mission worthwhile?

    You definitely get craft items from the train. I've gotten hearts, gold, XP, craft items, a seed here and there.. I'd say it's worth it as long is the shop needed isn't the current quest you're working on, lol. Seems like the more you do the more you get to a degree.. I rotate out higher leveled shops, so if you needed one to help for the train, ask and I'll put it out. ?
  10. StacyLynn

    Happy Easter!

    Aww how cute! And happy Easter to you and all of Everytime! ??❤️
  11. StacyLynn

    Craft shop questions

    If you have all of the materials, the quantity needed will turn white (instead of red when you don't have all of them). If all of the materials are there, there is a button below the shop with a gold amount (a few million gold) that will also be lit up when you have the gold required to make the shop. Once you have the amount of gold needed, press the button to start crafting. It takes awhile to craft, or you can hit the seed button to craft instantly if you don't feel like waiting. If you do choose to save your seeds and wait, when it's done the little number notification on the craft tab will show up and go to the broach shop and collect the completed shop which will then move into your inventory. ?
  12. StacyLynn

    What are the most sellable items in the market?

    Good Question!? Any 'sell' items for weekly missions will sell in market, always. Products for restaurant menus also sell, but I have found that menu items that are used for more than one menu sell A LOT faster, like vanilla ice cream for example. I don't know what level you're at, but higher level quest shop products -for the most part- are always totally sold out even at highest price for sell quests and trains?. Any shop that is a quest item, or a popular ingredient that takes a long time to produce will sell since many of us are very impatient. Another item I have NEVER seen in the market since the December update is peanut butter. You can sell stacks of PB at highest price and I bet you it'll sell extremely quick. It's a lot easier to sell things in the market now then it used to be since the trains came out and require all random items so many things are bought out on a regular basis. It's much harder to buy items than sell them. The only things that don't really sell is the high XP seed shop products and gold bars. Anything else will sell at some point, but the products listed previously will sell the fastest. If you haven't seen the Complete Quest List, it's posted in the forum topic Mini Guide and Tips. As we know with the produce/sell quests, you always have to sell more than produce. So those that do not have the quest list to prepare, or that don't go on the forum to see the list and know what they'll need soon, are totally unprepared. As the shops start taking longer and longer to produce, especially when you need to produce over 100 of them, when it's complete and now they need to sell 50 more than they produced.... They'll look in the market and see if it's available to buy and save a ton of time- unless they're prepared and already have them stored, or are patient enough to wait, save the gold, and produce the rest of them to sell. Right now I'm on producing 110 flower bouquets, then I need to sell 160!! (Each taking over 13 hours to produce ? ) Thankfully, I copied down the complete quest list in order on paper as a check off list, so I already have stored my extra 50 bouquets for the next quest?. Before I had the quest list though (and had a much harder obtaining gold), I unknowingly sold off the products as I produced them for the quest! - then completed the quest to get the next one saying I now had to sell more of the same product than I had just made?.. so I would have to start over in producing ALL of that product again, and try to find other people who had the need mill/shop out to help, plus buy whatever I could find in the market to supplement the quantity needed just to get it done. Horrific now that I know what a bad mistake that had been,?lol.. but yes, quest products will most definitely sell no problem. The ingredients items that seem to go the fastest for me are usually sugar, flour(although it doesn't have a high sell price), cooking oil, animal pens --- if you have the eco and space, make multiple pens of angora and musk* and you will sell that at highest price. The musk I can almost guarantee will be sold Immediately!? Although if you are really in need of gold, double check before registering products since we only get so many times to sell in market, pending on if you expanded stalls or not. I always write down how much I have of what I plan to sell and go into the market and check the current demand of all of my stuff. If at the moment there's a decent amount being sold, I'll hold onto it and check again later. If it's not available at all, I put out as much as I can at highest price. I hope that Aurlee? and I's posts are a help to you and you make mega sales and fast gold for whatever you need!!
  13. Everyone has to decorate their towns, or even edit it to make room for new shops and new eco structures. We all know how incredibly long it takes and all of the back and forth from inventory to edit as well as the grueling task of moving a cluster of small items from one place to another. ET is a farming game, but it's also heavily based on decorating given the essential element of eco. Since decorating and editing are big aspects of maintaining your town -aside from taking care of shops- why is it so hard to decorate? In edit mode we have no access to our inventory, so you have to leave edit, get what you need from inventory after endless scrolling, and once it's placed, your back to your town and have to go back into edit. It's an endless loop of back and forth until hours to days later when you finally finish. Then an update comes, and you have to edit to make space or choose to redecorate again. These are some ideas our editing system can use that would be so amazingly helpful and time saving if they were incorporated. ☑️Add an Inventory Button in edit mode so you don't have to go back and forth. An inventory button should be on the editing screen so you can get items to add while in edit mode and after inventory item is placed, you remain in edit mode until you are done and leave the screen. Editing and redecorating would be easier and options would flow better than going from inventory, placing item, back on main town, go to next menu, back into edit, need something from inventory, back to main town, go to next menu, back in inventory.. it's just too much back and forth and complicates things more than necessary. Just put an inventory button on edit screen. 100% easier. **Also, I had written a previous post about adding multiple search filters for inventory and shop so we can narrow down what we are looking for and save tons of scrolling time and saving time on figuring out which items really have the better eco per square, etc etc.. better filters and a simpler editing system would take the decorating aspect of the game to a much better level. Decorating is so much fun with all of the tons and tons of cute items we have to work with. The different town styles and designs are so infinite, and yet many people choose not to redecorate because of how long it takes, and how complicated it is to rearrange items --especially when you have lots of stuff-- if you liked one section of your town, but wanted to move it so you could put some new shops there, you have to either put it all in inventory and rebuild the whole setup in the new area, or move each item one by one to the new location. This brings me to the next edit system change.. ☑️Add Grid Option (like cropping a photo) whatever is included in the grid will all move together as one item. Also, gridding structures to store items quicker. Where we currently have the selected item options in edit mode (left-store, top accept, right-sell), in grid mode there would be similar options that would be all inclusive to everything within the grid such as: left-store all, top- move button to relocate grid selected structures (or shops), bottom- accept (like our check mark when something is done being placed so it can be unselected),and right side cancel -NOT sell. Cancel would just remove the grid from the selected items. Outside of grid mode you could still do the store,move, and sell as before. The grid option to select the perimeter around the structures and move all of it as is to wherever would be such a time saver, and a lot less frustrating than trying to move and re-piece one by one the parts of your town you want to keep. Just got done decorating and don't like the way a certain area looks? We would be able to grid that area and select to store it, then while still in edit mode, you can tap on an inventory button that brings up your inventory with a checklist of filters to find the structures or shops you think might look better. Then you can go on to edit the section, store, move, get more inventory items all while never leaving the edit screen until you are actually done. At level 56, I have A LOT of stuff, and yet I completely redecorate every 1-2 weeks. I love doing it regardless of the time it takes and how frustrating it can be. But if there were a way to make it better, then why not? I definitely redecorate and edit my towns more than what is necessary. I have wiped my town clean and started from scratch, and I have moved things around piece by piece. Our current editing system makes everything so much more complicated than it has to be. These 2 simple additions would make a world of a difference and make everything so much easier and save us tons of time as well -- leaving us extra time to visit and chat with friends ?
  14. StacyLynn

    [UPDATE] 6 APR 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    For this being the "non-union" update, I'm pretty excited for the new stuff!! Toto wizard of Oz definitely being a major highlight ? Thanks for the info in advance! I like prepare time ?❤️
  15. StacyLynn

    [UPDATE] 6 APR 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    You must have, I know when we first had the last update, the gift shop wasn't updated at first. But it was updated not long after.