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  1. Onnalim

    [UPDATE] 25 MAY 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    Amazing! I wonder if you open the 4th town do we get anything as when we open 2nd and 3rd town we got some structures even a theme park from 3rd town!? cannot wait for the update Tom!
  2. Onnalim

    [MAINTENANCE] 18 MAY 03:00 ~ 08:00

    Wow 5 hours! Hope it will finish soon~
  3. Onnalim

    Login Counter & Heart Events

    I suggest this too before. My helper account usually will get the 13seed bonus on mondays, so last week i was hoping to get the seed so i can buy theme park, but it didn't pop up at all and i missed my seed. And just today it did pop up and i got my seed but today is already wednesday. How can i missed my other 13seed bonun when i logged in everyday? Tom, pls do consider doing this so no more players missed their weekly 13 seed bonus?
  4. Onnalim

    Gathering: Drop rate of SS items

    I don't think you should give up. You should try to change the villagers you use for gathering, don't always use the same villager to gather what you want, sometimes it did not depend on the lunch or the mood of the villager to get SS stuff. Once i try with both villagers that were both mood were "love/happy" and i only got C stuff. But then i tried with "not happy" villagers and i got SS/S stuff.
  5. Onnalim

    in need of Rice flour

    Hi, I'm in need of a lot of rice flour. If you can sell me a thousand rice flour I will gladly buy it. If you have a lot and willing to sell it, pls come to my town (onnalim) and leave a message so I can add you and buy it from you♡
  6. Omg the new update sounds fantastic! Cannot waittttt
  7. Onnalim

    [UPDATE] 16 FEB 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    What happened with the new update? I lost my account!!!!!!! I cannot just lost my account just because an update, please do something??????????????
  8. Onnalim

    A button for Daily Gift reward

    True hahahaha but even if you log in sometimes it just didn't show up, so it kinda annoying
  9. I'm wondering if Everytown can add like a button where we can check the Daily Gift reward. My problem is sometimes the Daily Gift reward come out, sometimes not, so sometimes i lost track of it. Just like yesterday, i wanted to take the hearts reward but i forgot about it and the 'reminder' didn't show up at all, all day, no matter how many times i logged out and logged in. In the result i missed the heart gift and now i can't take the reward because it moved to the next day/gift after hearts reward. Please do something to make it easier for me and other people who need an easier way to check it
  10. Onnalim


    So i'm on level 35 but i only have 4 villagers, i really want to get new villagers (irvin) but a quest that rewards me a villagers until now never come out. I saw a couple of people in my friend list who level is between 29-34 and they have 5 villagers. I wonder why i still haven't receive the quest to get the villagers. And since i'm on level 35 now i opened a restaurant and i need to open the new menu but i need irvin to open the menu. Please help T T