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  1. Mi00ky

    Unable to login with Facebook-linked account

    Honestly Flero... first Line, now Facebook!? Me and my friend can both not login with our Subs who are using Facebook, having the same issue as Nenrinya. Fortunately the main towns are on Google... but if this trend goes on, it wont take long until that will cause problem either... I wish you would make an own ET Login, which we can use for multiple accounts. So you login with original ET Data and then you pick the one of your towns you'd like to play with. Always just being dependent of 3rd party logins is not the best solution, so I hope my suggestion will find its way to the devs. But for the moment we would already be happy, if the facebook login would work again. Thank you
  2. And try to see it positive, you have a free weekend. Enjoy it
  3. Me too, me too, soooooo cute!! Thank you
  4. Mi00ky

    [Solved] "Server error. Re-importing town info."

    Hello? Does anyone from flero read that? Nobody can login! We can understand if its an issue thats not fixable in some hours, but some information would be nice at least. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!! Its over 4 hours now, that we wait for being able to login again. @Nenrinya Unfortunately I planted cucumber... I guess they are rotten now...
  5. Mi00ky

    [UPDATE] 20 APR 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    Did I... did I read it correctly? Please don't tell me this... : ... is not just a typo! You really mean this !?: If it's true, then I am really happy about it, because it doesn't exist in the shops yet. But I also hope it is just the beginning, because Premium Bunny, Reindeer and Musk are still missing here too. I look forward to see all the premium animals (and missing premium mills & trees) here too one day.
  6. Mi00ky

    [EVENT] Fan-Art Contest [Closed]

    How good are my drawing skills... well... to answer that question I put the best into my entry I could give. But in the end, it didn't matter, because everything you did was too choose the most liked pictures... this is not only a lie already in the first sentence, but an ultimately unfair way of choosing the winners. The facebook likes are influenced by outsite facts that has nothing to do with the contest. The first entries have the most time to be judged. So the people sending in their entry late, already have a disadvantage just because they needed longer. Better works NEED longer. It's a natural thing. Also the later entries are compared to the earlier entries of course. So if you join early with a good work you would be judged better as if you would have entered after the next five awesome pictures. So IF you wanna choose the winner by a kind of survey, you should have let us send you our entries and publish them all together. Next of course is the ammount of friends some people have and others don't. If I would have known, that "facebook likes" care, I would have uploaded my stuff to my blog, on my wall and everywhere else where I usually share my stuff and would have said things like "if you like my picture, please help me win!!" But I didn't know it. The opposite happened. I liked other participants pictures, because I just... liked them, without a clue it influences the outcome of the contest. So I minimized my own chances, without knowing... Another point is... why is facebook even needed? You have a nice forum, but you make your contest on facebook. Not everyone has facebook, not everyone wants it. If I wouldn't play games like every town, I wouldn't even have an account, because I don't like facebook. Most of my real life friends also don't have an account there. It is okay to announce your events on facebook, but it would be better held here in the forums. The biggest nuisance is, that you don't even care if the fanart really is one or it's just traced or copied. Did you even watch the pictures? Or were you just counting the likes without wasting a look on the work we put so much effort in? What was that contest for you, a kind o market research, to see what the people like most? Just see the picture the people discussed above. If it would be copied like that from a picture of me I would never see it as a candidate for winning, but as copyright violation, especially if the one who sent the entry seemed to claim it as her/his own. There was a comment making that seem from him/her. It was an answer for Kyoushiro Samas comment of that picture. Some people may remember it, seems to be deleted now. I don't wanna insult Mitshuko, if I'm wrong. But I experimented with my own entry a bit and came to a similiar looking black-white picture. Depending on graphic program and preferences it needs around... a minute to do that? I needed around 8 – 12 hours for my picture to draw, so the afternoons of around 4 Days were wasted for a contest, where the people who should judge it, not even seem to look at it. Normally I would never call drawing a picture a waste of time and I'm honest if I say, that I'm proud of my work, of my own entry but also of my boyfriend's one (which was also drawn by me and needed almost the same amount of time). But I see it as a waste to draw for this contest. I loved it so much in the first place. I was so curious about the winners. Besides... congratulations to the winners who deserved it =D But now I feel betrayed. Not because I didn't win, but because of the kind of choosing the winners. At least I learned something out of it... No effort and trust for you anymore. It was the first drawing contest of my playtime and it will be the last one...