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  1. Sp00by

    No Manners in Helping Mills?

    @himacchii I totally agree with you! I'm playing for over a year now and mostly followed this ethics all the time. But in the meantime I'm sick of all this thank you writing. A few month ago I stopped writing thank you all the time and I also don't want my wall being spammed with thank you messages. This not only saves much time & stress, it prevents me from missing important messages on my wall, which were thanked away before. And as you said, it really is stupid. Why do I have to thank somebody for helping, escpecially at a time, when the person in question may still reject my request, so I would have to thank when I get what I requested, but thats not really possible and even more stupid at a time the person doesnt even know what I am thanking for. And as you said too, it benefits for both sides equally. So I think no thank you is neccessary anyway. And about "manners", which named this whole topic. I don't think it is very polite to spam anyones wall with thank you, thank you, thank you, which is copied and pasted anyway, because those people doing that don't even want to spent time & effort to write everybody a unique message. I dont need this autoresponderlike kind of messages. Then better say nothing than that. The worst case were some people, having several sub accounts and thanking me with every single one of them. That really are manners, but bad manners, especially after telling them not to do that, but they do it anyway... I'm so happy to have my friends which know, that I am of course thankful for their help in my town and the requests I can do in theirs. I think the best would be a like or thank you button, when you visit a town, so you can just click it and then the town owner sees in a list who thanked or not without spamming.
  2. Yeah, I'm afraid too, that nothing will happen before monday, Flero doesnt seem to work on weekends at least not with the community. And of course it really sucks to miss one or in worst case even more cycles of your exchange stuff But hey, dont need to be so frustrated. We are all humans and no killer machines with an automatic shooting order, if somethings gets out of routine. You already told everyone about your problem through your sub acc, so I am sure everybody will understand And those who doesnt understand something like this, arent worth to worry at all. So dont worry.
  3. Sp00by

    Winter Trees

    My friend Mi00ky talked to Tom via PM in December and he said, he would talk with the devs about it, so it may come in the January update. But it looks like the dev team didnt make it But at least here (Germany) winter still lasts until the end of march, so its still time. Maybe they still make it. Lets hope for it
  4. Sp00by

    [UPDATE] Jan. 18 06:00 - 08:00 (UTC)

    Hey! Where is the preview picture? Please add it, pictures say more than words
  5. Sp00by

    [EVENT] 7 Days of Christmas

    Thank you ET-Team and Merry Christmas
  6. It's 20.Nov ... Why the hell is the maintenance today!? I was shocked when I was kicked out all of a sudden. I was prepared to it on 21.Nov, not now. It should have been tomorrow, today is NOT the 21...
  7. Sp00by

    Crashing Problem

    I really hope the problem will be solved soon. Im no login crash victim, but I see the towns of my friends turning into lifeless ghost towns. When I see the requests on my mills, I see how many faces are missing and it feels... lonely somehow. My still loginable friends are telling me about the same feeling. So even the ones who can still login are victims of this issue. To all login crashers: hold on, we wont forget you, we miss you and we are waiting for you to return. Dont give up! Weekend will be over soon and hopefully flero will work their asses off to fix this problem and help ALL of us, for a happy reunion
  8. WOOOOOOAAAAH!! I downloaded ET Sweet just when it was announced here, so it was no problem getting this.... thing . I just put it on my theme park map bc its absolutely fitting to it and it really is awesome THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!
  9. Sp00by

    [MAINTENANCE] 18 MAY 03:00 ~ 08:00

    I have the same problem, can't login
  10. It was december when I bought my first landmark building allover and I found the landmark upgrading system interesting. But while going forward, it was more and more I had to put into it. Okay, thats a normal thing when leveling up. But the ammount of eco needed for upgrading got more and more... ridiculous. I said to myself its okay, I will get this stupid thing to its max, because only on max level it unfolds its full beauty. But just some days ago... it leveled up again to level 9. Yesss only one more level. How much will it be... 100.000? No, no they are greedy... maybe 200.000, even if that would already be near to being robbery but no... NO... it is 618.204 eco I have to put into a damn building that only gives me 21.870 eco in the end!!!?? Really? You can't be serious. Really, do you have any idea how much I already put into that thing? How many eco? How many gold? How many seed for some gold saving stuff? Did you ever hear the word... balance? No? So here it is: Balance, b a l a n c e. It means that there should be the same worth on the pay and get side, you know? Still no illumination? Thought so... this is more out of balance than anything I've ever seen in a game. Work your fucking ass off for a lollipop... really... you are kidding us right? When will the balancing update come out? I don't know in what world you live there in korea, but extraterrastrial looking letters don't mean you can expect supernatural powers from your players. Humans lifetime is limited and I'm not sure if my lifetime will be enough to get the osaka castle full (not to mention even getting it with that imbalanced gathering system). I wanted it soo hardly, because it really is beautifull, but now, I'm not sure if I wanna do that to myself. That frustrating process of spending, spending, spending... and what? oh yes... more spending... I thought the purpose of the landmarks is to save space by putting all that eco into one building. But in this manner it makes no sense. Thats the reason for all those ugly towns, full of crap, already given up the thought of a beautifull town, because they need the eco and the landmark goals are just unreachable. I've calculated a bit... if I would max my "winter friends" out, only with seed decorations, it would cost me THOUSANDS of them. THOUSANDS!! I don't know how the money balancing (oh theres this mysterious word again) in korea is. Maybe you have thousands of dollars or won to spend into a mobile game. But in the western world, we haven't. We are no such mobile game nerds here (Home Consoles and Handhelds are way more popular here). We also call mobiles games casual games, because you play it now and then, but it is not the main part of our lifes. We also have to work, eat, sleep, have friends ... a so called life. Finally give us balancing updates... for Gathering, Trains, Landmarks, everything. It isn't funny anymore. I'm really frustrated. I'm sure I'm not alone with this. And frustrated players... frustrated CUSTOMERS... are customers who will leave one day...
  11. Sp00by

    Language Barrier

    That may be nice, but to be honest I find it a bit reckless of those people from that asian countries. There is a profile, showing the language, your porfile message is in english. How the hell do they come to the thought you would understand chinese, japanese or whatever. I can not read that not to mention undestand. I already wrote some people in their language (with help of google translate) that I don't understand their language but they go on with it. This is the global version of everytown and global language is english. I don't like english either, but I can not expect people from other countries to speak my mother tongue. They may be nice persons, no question, but this is an impolite and reckless behavior if you ask me.
  12. Sp00by

    What Other Games Do YOU Play?!

    For me and my roomie Mi00ky Everytown is the game we play the most on our mobile devices, which are android Table PCs. We also have "Tab Tab Builders", "Tiny Trails" and "Walking Dead Noman's Land", but we don't play them as much as Everytown. Mostly we prefer playing on a console. That means our PS4 and PSvitas. But whenever we take a break from whatever we are doing, we have a look into EverytownThats why we are online several times per day. We don't like Nintendo very much. Sure they may have some nice games, maybe it would be nice to have some of them on Playstation. But the most important reason for prefering Playstation is, that nintendo does not have a trophy or achievement system. It is nice to play a game for fun, but with sonys trophies we always have a memory of what we've played so far. And the additional challenge for getting those trophys gives us a lot of fun and we discovered several games in new ways, by trying our best to get them. Of course we are not such trophy nerds playing every dumb game just for the trophies, but we also don't wanna miss them. We don't have specific favourite single games, but we have favourite genres. Horror Games like the "Resident Evil" Remakes (but not that new action crap from today) or "Until Dawn", JRPGs like "Tales of..." or "Ys" and Adventures like "Heavy Rain" or "Life is Strange" are our favourites. Also we like survival games like "Disaster Report", but there are way to few of them out there. If you are curious about what we are playing, you may have a look on our Trophy Profile, where you can see what we played since 2012 on our Playstation Systems. About MMOs... our first one was Ragnarok Online, but like all online games do, our server shut down one day. We played on international server some years later, but even if it was fun, it wasn't the same. Your first game will always be your holy game, never being able to be topped by anything else. Well... we tried others but never played it longer than a few weeks.
  13. Sp00by

    Why I quit Everytown

    @H0n3b33 (from Mi00ky and me) You are absolutely right with everything you say. We agree 100% with you. With lower prices especially poor people would be more attracted to buy some seeds and as everyone should know, there are more of them than rich people and they are more willing to give. So if FLERO-Games would be less greedy and make the game a bit more comfortable for the players, more of them would buy seeds and not give up in early stages of playing. There is an idiom FLERO-Games should take to their hearts: "Less is more!" There are so many dead lowies out there who gave up early, because of the hard leveling up conditions and the "buy for seed" buttons everywhere they look. And the dead lowies that didn't give up because of that, are mostly given up subaccounts. There seem to be more sub accounts out there than real active players, because you just need it. Help Requests are one of the reasons. Especially the short mills, are missed so easily, so you need a sub account that replaces what we miss because of lacking game mechanics. Don't get us wrong, it sounds a little like the game would be terrible allover. It is absolutely not. It is nice and cute. It's fun and has something that makes you keep playing. But anyway we hope FLERO-Games' Everytown Team reads your post and takes it serious so they can make use of your criticism, because it's aboslutely founded. A big thanks too you for hitting the nail on the head. As we said in our pm to you, game and forum won't be the same without you anymore. Thank you for your friendship, little Honeybee & we will let you hear from us. Sincerly @Sp00by & @Mi00ky
  14. Sp00by

    Who still playing?

    Im active everyday too
  15. I absolutely agree with @Yettyen & @H0n3b33 The chances to find any crafting materials are just ridiculous and the items don't seem to work only a bit. I send two characters with most happyness and a buff item, but what they bring home is a bunch of dirt or sand... You know how precious these buff items are, don't you? Because they are coming from 70 seed buildings or even from union shop mills. So I paid real hard money for them but they do nothing but making me angry, because they are so useless. But the crafting system is not the only thing lacking of balance in this game. I think whoever reads it and reached level 40 already, will absolutely know what I mean if I mention the train system here. The items I put it in are expensive and precious especially because the main system of the game lies in the fact that you just can not build any building in your town. So you have to rely on trading. So I pay much gold to get the items, sometimes waiting days until I made it to gather them and in the end I just get 3 packages of peppers? A pathetic ammount of gold? More dirt I already complain about it when gathering? Really? What you have to put in is in no relation to what you get from it. And as you said the seed prices allover are making more and more the guess of greedyness on playfleros side. Just think about expanding your land. Did you ever calculate it through? If you buy all the seeds you need for expanding all three towns to maximum you pay around 500 $ I just wanna play a game, not buy the company piece by piece And then another feature comes out with horrendous seed prices and another and another... This is not funny anymore. And then you give out such an event which is also not managable without massive seed spending... Please overwork your balancing.