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  1. Its really sad..but kind of foreseen. I am really shocked through. Thank you all forewriters for a wide range of suggestions and Possibilities. I agree the Towns closing on my Friendlist are increase, but maybe there will be a new circle of User developing^^. I am going to try Quoo too, cause i am curious and would really miss Everytown. Lets see who will stay and hope for the Best. The Day is not finished before the Sun set... Thanks for all Flero.
  2. Kasuneko

    Missing ads

    Same here. I got the same issue since yesterday. Maybe far away location like cottage in Mountains or so are more unstable? @HOn..i thought so too, but tried to watch exactly 5 min after new day. Here at 1 pm. And nothing happend. Sometime i am lucky and can have 1/10 but this is not the key, is it.? I agree its really frustrating..hope it will soon be fixed x.x. @sailor I already reinstalled the full game, deleted cache, loged in and out so many times..i even switched to mobil data, cause it could have been unstable wlan. But absolutely nothing changed the dead vids. Did we miss a supportapp update or something. Does vids require a certain app in background? Well..guess we have to seat und wait. Would Someone like a cup of tea;) Best greetings Kasuneko:)
  3. Kasuneko

    Pls help. Just delete my Acc accidentally OO

    Hello there. I just want to thank for your advices. Today i got my beloved main back. Everything. Just how i left it behind. Thx so much Flero and everyone. I am soo happy.:)) Have a nice Day and a successful week. Jumping around kasuneko~♡☆♡
  4. Kasuneko

    Pls help. Just delete my Acc accidentally OO

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Then i hopefully can call me lucky too:) Have a nice Weekend. Kasuneko Mail went just out. Now i can only wait and hope. Thanks again♡
  5. Hello. Well how my titels says. I looked over my other Acc to clean the chaos and because of a loaddelay i tapped the overwright button. Now a monthlong Acc just went puff. I was syncd with my gmail and now if try to log in, my sideacc lv 1 showed up. My main is not to seen anywhere. I had 2nd town..so many seeds, items and almost 2 mill. Not to say about special chara and lv 36. What now? I am angry with myself right now. This seems like a nightmare... Do i even have a chance to get it back? Or do i really need to start over? Sad from bottom of heart Kasuneko edit: just discovered i am still existing in friendslist with my data. Not all hope lost? Did i missed to recognize something?
  6. Kasuneko

    Missing Free Mill??

    I dont know whether i will get an answer, but try anyway. Maybe i am lucky and a nice person stumbles over my question..^^' Do i need to buy the 3 strawberry tart in 1 run? Or is it just neccesary to have 3 until 28 Sept. To get a free mill? Thanks in advance and have a nice Day everyone.~☆ Kasu
  7. Kasuneko

    Can i overwrite this account?

    Thank you. Then i am going to try it. If it fail, i will be here again;) Have a nice Day♡ Kasu
  8. Kasuneko

    Can i overwrite this account?

    Hello everyone, i seek some help for my dear mother. She played Everytown on Bluestack for some time now, because her phone wouldn't play it. And loves it^^. Now i would like to transfer her game data to a new handy. I already downd it and startet over, but if i try to log in her in, her original Account doesn't show up. I guess it isn't syncd. Or maybe with an older one, where she had to start over before. For a better understanding i attached a piccu below- and if someone know better than i, pls could you tell me, which ACC would be overwriten? Pls dont laughed. I am really at a los here. And i really dont want to make a mistake in deleting the wrong gamesave. The right section is her ACC, which i wish to transfer. The left i want to overwrite/delete. What ever. Is this even possible? So i appreciate any help or suggestion greatfully. Now i will be patient and hope for someone kind to give me the wright advice Sorry for my poor English and Thank you so much in advance. Wish you all a wonderful Day. Kiwineko