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  1. Reinstall like... Oh nevermind. I suddenly have another half hour to wait for it.
  2. Welp, it's looking like the update has kind of uh. Broke the game. It keeps saying 'please update', I've uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared data, cleared cache, and it just keeps doing the same thing. Anyone else?
  3. Freckled

    Unable to Open game at all?

    Clearing the data worked!
  4. Will this fix the random crashes? I can't even start the game at all!
  5. Freckled

    Unable to Open game at all?

    As of this morning at 9:30am Central time, I was able to play Everytown. However, at around 11:00 am central, suddenly the game will do nothing but crash. I've cleared the cache in hopes that would help, but I am currently terrified to clear 'data' due to the fact there are no comments or references to if I will lose all the town information, purchases, etc. I'm not sure if everything has saved for the log in, as all I have is my google+ account on it. Is any one else experiencing immediate black screen + crashing with their game?