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  1. Evelin93

    How to really delete a friend

    Hoo...I ll try this...
  2. Evelin93

    [EVENT] Fan-Art Contest [Closed]

    I agree....
  3. Evelin93

    How to really delete a friend

    I have a lot of friends from my town that already been inactive or they really left the game, but if I deleted them, I just have around 150 spaces for them...in "follow" list, But I noticed if I already deleted more than 150 friends...the friends in the "follow" list aren't change So I cant find the new friend who added me so that I can add them back. I even blocked Some of them..but the "block" list only available for 100 blocked friends...
  4. Evelin93

    How about sea product?

    Thats a good idea...Im imagining all seafood from all over the world...