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  1. Hayarin

    [BUG] Loading Failure Fixed

    phew, so it's not just my device acting up. Good luck!
  2. Hayarin

    Server Error

    I haven't been able to open the game all day (since about midnight UTC) on my Iphone 6. It loads the opening screen and then crashes and goes back to my home screen. Everytown Sweet also freezes when I try to log in with Facebook. Is anyone else having this problem today?
  3. Hayarin

    30% SEED Sale on SEED Products

    Thank you so much for this! I went on a shopping spree~♥
  4. Hayarin

    [EVENT] 7 Days of Christmas

    Thank you so much!!!
  5. Hayarin

    Why did logging in trigger a Twitter security alert?

    Thanks for your reply, Tom! But is there a problem with Twitter right now? I can't log into my alt account linked to my Twitter at all. After choosing Twitter from the SNS options, I get to the wemade login screen, but after I retype in my Twitter login information and tap Authorize app, the "Redirecting" page appears - and then this happens: - On android, the startup screen appears with the Game Start button, which opens up the "device-default" town I was forced to create the last time I re-installed the game on my Android tablet. - On ioS, the Select login box appears again, and then the message "an error has occurred, please try again" appears and the app freezes. I have to manually stop it and start all over again. Is it a problem with Twitter? I'd prefer not to switch to another SNS because my main is already linked to Facebook and I can't use Google to log in on iOS.
  6. I've been having issues logging into ET with Twitter through the wemade interface for quite a while now. First, even though I check the "Remember me" box each time I sign in, I have to re-enter my Twitter username and password every time I want to log in. Last night, Twitter sent me a security alert after I logged into ET from home on my usual device as I always do. It wasn't the normal "New login to Twitter" notification, but an email with a verification code to enter when I signed into Twitter again. Did something change in wemade that made Twitter flag it as suspicious?
  7. Thank you for this lovely present! But mine seems to be floating on the cliff edge... It's supposed to be in the pink square. Trying to move it also doesn't help as the game "thinks" it's where it's supposed to be.
  8. Hayarin

    Weekly mission delayed

    It's been happening again, and I've had to force the Weekly Missions to refresh by progressing an active mission. I took this screenshot at 7.15 this evening (reset time is normally at 7pm[UTC+9]). Pardon my messy town, but as can be seen, the Weekly Mission icon is completely not there. I'm going to wait to see how long it will take to reload by itself now. UPDATE: It took more than an hour to reset - I kept checking back and closing and re-opening the game, and finally the Weekly Mission icon showed up again around 8.30.
  9. Hayarin

    Dolce sounds like... !

    I like to pick up my villagers to see how they react. Somehow I was able to get Dolce, and of course I had to pick him up too. To my surprise, he sounds exactly like Tom! Is there something we don't know about Dolce and Tom...?!
  10. Hayarin

    Weekly mission delayed

    Thanks for looking into it for us, Tom! I'll keep an eye on mine this weekend to see when it resets by itself. Progressing the main quest does seem to have an effect though, at least for my game. I'm going to hold on to those grapes, just in case...!
  11. Hayarin

    Weekly mission delayed

    For me, the game reset happens at 7:00PM (11:00AM UTC) every day. Before this problem happened, I would check the game sometime after 7pm on Sunday, tap the Weekly Mission icon, and the Quest Expired window would pop up. After I closed the popup, the Weekly Mission icon with the red N would appear immediately. Now, after I close the Quest Expired window, the Weekly Mission button just disappears and it won't reappear until I sell something to progress a main quest.
  12. Hayarin

    Weekly mission delayed

    Thanks for the tip! I'm rationing my White Grapes too in case it's still happening next week. It's really annoying that we have to "manually" trigger something that used to happen automatically... and I even had to spend gold to do that.
  13. Hayarin

    Weekly mission delayed

    My main point is that the Weekly Mission notification icon used to appear automatically after the previous Weekly Mission had expired, and as of about 2 weeks ago, it doesn't. I used Ravenkat's solution to force trigger it the first time it happened, but the second time, I was at a point where I technically could not progress on my next Main Quests till I'm at a higher level than I am now. My current Main Quest is to build a Risotto shop, which I can't do because I'm still level 42, and selling White Grapes, which unlock at level 45. That's what I meant when I said my level was too low to progress. I tried all sorts of other methods - shutting down and restarting the game, visiting friends farms, selling other things... none of those worked. I even turned off WiFi, but connecting through 4G didn't help either. Finally I was able to buy some White Grapes on the Market, and triggered the new Weekly Mission icon to appear by selling some. But if I hadn't been able to find White Grapes to sell, how long would I have had to wait for the new Weekly Mission icon to appear by itself? Why isn't it appearing automatically like it used to?
  14. Hayarin

    Weekly mission delayed

    But what if you can't progress on any quests because your level is too low? I'm currently 300k XP away from being able to do the next quest. Isn't there any other way to kickstart the weekly missions? I've already closed and restarted the game (playing on iOS) and the weekly missions still haven't appeared.
  15. Hayarin

    Missing ads

    It was happening to me too when I tried to watch a number of ads in a row. Going to visit Friends in between viewing ads fixed it for me. Correction: It fixed it for a couple ads, but I guess Flero caught on to it and broke it that too. I tried Clear Cache and Force Stop, but it didn't work at all...