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  1. I have idea for this game, when we open daily or let's say in first day of the week, there will be some notification with some unique entrance, when we open it there will be some unique reward, like "all of our villager will always happy for gathering in two days" or "some gathering odd raised to 80 percent in this week" or "certain villager will use certain outfit for certain days" or "eco raised 0,xxx in certain days" or "some crops will have raised harvest odd with significant appearence difference to one or more crops thay affected by the reward" (just some idea)
  2. Septian7x3

    new music

    I don't hate it just it is become boring and annoying, can you somehow make some new music, maybe season base music changing? Maybe day/night?( Day a little bit warm and night calmer with cricket sound maybe? I don't know) , just some wild idea... I know ideas here almost never been heard, but people enjoy to share their idea right?
  3. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Craft Challenge [Closed]

    It is undeniable that this event is just for the rich, you can't think otherwise, the time versus odds , moreover buying second gathering map is imposible and the time event is just a few week. Nope i can't think this event is for us at all lol.
  4. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Craft Challenge [Closed]

    This is event for just rich people
  5. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Thanks Giving Train Station! [Closed]

    i think it will stay, because it has level limit
  6. Septian7x3

    follower list

    Hello Tom, can you do something about the follow list, if it reach the limit (150) the newest player that add us couldn't be seen. Sure, that sometimes we can block somebody but it take much time and difficult decision to do that sometimes and it also has limit to block too.
  7. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Fan-Art Contest [Closed]

    agree, but they should be preparing this one wisely, from the "lazy" entry with manual check, and make term becore hand, let say they put warning "every art will be check for participation reward, everything that unfit for participation gift will be given note and disqualified "
  8. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Fan-Art Contest [Closed]

    Maybe you are right, but they should consider this event is the most hard for now and also the love of the player for this game are shown (i believe you are agree) they should judge wisely and appreciate the love
  9. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Fan-Art Contest [Closed]

    But that is their duty to check it right?
  10. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Fan-Art Contest [Closed]

    Yeah a friend of mine was told me (lol) that some people separate their real life with game so that selfie event seems unfair and unappropriate for gamer ( i am sorry for using strong word but i believe many of us agree) not to mention for a lot of seed please notice this
  11. Septian7x3

    [EVENT] Fan-Art Contest [Closed]

    I agree with this, and all the art should be posted in fan-art section later by Everytown in this forum
  12. Septian7x3

    in game time related cycle

    Hi,i want to put this here, should it be usefull. I am from GMT+7 so that is my guide time here 07.00 : ATT Daily bonus reset (calender) 18.00 : help, heart and daily random box reset 00.00 : villager chat reset If there anything wrong tell me and if want to add something tell me also
  13. Septian7x3

    festival system

    Don't we think that it's good to have festival system? We have 1 festival coupon or permission or (in game) license, in every month, we determine the (in game) date, then we invite people to come when we visit friends (the invite cards cost something and have certain number) , if someone accept the invitation we will know in our town somehow, and the invited friends who accept will have timer or notification about the festival, so that they should come. but there should be terms and condition if we should choose to open festival, maybe that we can't have production in the day of festival or anything else (but stopped production will resume the next day without start over , even if it is start over it still interesting that we should prepare everything before the festival) And to avoid loss, there should be fixed reward if we start the festival in the end.... plus bonus from total friends that visit the festival, how about that? Or maybe the reward are hearts And i think there should be festival only town, maybe 4th town or special town, that have it's own structures to raise rating that increase income and maybe hearts, that would be interesting, don't you think so?
  14. Septian7x3

    ign:Septian7x3 [buy] frozen yoghurt

    Septian7x3 [Buy] frozen yogurt