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  1. I tried my luck and bought 5 boxes at the same time for Watson and got him in the 1st box. That's kind of unlucky lucky
  2. There are so much things. I want them all qmq
  3. Do we have to purchase 3 Gratin and 3 Churro to get the bonus or is it enough to purchased one of those two mills three times to get the fourth free?
  4. Pikamaru

    Log-in bonus counter

    Thanks for the answers so far. I have already treid to pinpoint some times but the only one I noticed is when I am waking up
  5. Pikamaru

    Log-in bonus counter

    Sometimes I am thinking whether I should take the reward and reset but am not sure, so that I end up with taking it later on the same day. But the window triggers randomly so I don't know how to "summon" it to take the log in bonus. Does anyone knows how to trigger the log-in bonus window?
  6. Pikamaru

    [EVENT] Pudding Parfait 3+1 Event [Closed]

    I haven't installed it yet cuz I feel bad for those who purchased 3
  7. Pikamaru

    [EVENT] Pudding Parfait 3+1 Event [Closed]

    Yeah I only bought one and found just now a Pudding Parfait in my mail box...
  8. Pikamaru

    Need chocolate milk and brocoli

    Are you still planning to buy choco milks?
  9. Pikamaru

    Need chocolate milk and brocoli

    It's okay They are reserved for you as long as you need (if it's not a month or sth like this)
  10. Pikamaru

    Need chocolate milk and brocoli

    I still have some left. I'll put them up for you. Same pass
  11. Pikamaru

    Need chocolate milk and brocoli

    Yeah, the PW is 5555. Sry my game keeps crashing so I can't log in... But they are already in the stall for you
  12. Pikamaru

    2 things

    Is there a possibility to add a button in the inventory? I need sometimes mills that are in the middle of every sort criteria and after srolling some time my mobile crashes. If we had had the level sort button like in the shop it would be easier to get to the mill you want. Also off topic: I'd like to suggest a PR cerals mill
  13. Pikamaru

    Need chocolate milk and brocoli

    I can put up 10 choko milk. just leave a post in-game
  14. Pikamaru

    Game's crashing

    Lately ET is crashing after every second town I visit (not the 2nd town), often after entering the market or Keep/Sell section. Is there a way to prevent ET from crashing that often? I am re-downloading ET 10 times per day sometimes and that's not very enjoyable... EDIT: Case closed
  15. Pikamaru

    [buy] 5 Pumpkin

    I have pumpkins. Leave a post in-game and I will put them up IGN: Pikamaru