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  1. Kyoushirou

    Keep the board clean

    Really..first the drugs now porn..please keep the board clean from those stupid posts!
  2. Kyoushirou


    You are very welcome! I am glad that I was able to help you! :3
  3. Kyoushirou


    Which bns is linked to your main account? There was an error yesterday, many people wheren't able to log in. You should be fine to login to your bns now. It's just important that you don't overwrite your main account. If you do so only the support is able to help you. Try to login again, there should come an option to start with your main account or overwrite it.
  4. I think I will take a look at Qoo then, so I maybe will at least be able to help my friends and mother if they want to try it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! But even with that I don't think I will be near as active as before again. It's already frustrating enough how a lot still complain about the updates (no level cap+) and a lot already leave. The game already feel so empty and sad at times.
  5. So I guess 'Every'town is not anymore a place for 'every'one, not very suiting. It's okay for me, since I already have my thoughts since it seems to be a problem for Flero to subscribe a contract to our privacy safety. So goodbye and thanks for all the fish! :3
  6. Kyoushirou

    I made a drawing of my fav villager! (>w<)

    Very cute and calming picture! I also like the soft coloring a lot!^^
  7. Kyoushirou

    [UPDATE] Jan. 18 06:00 - 08:00 (UTC)

    That snowglobe..! You totally got me.
  8. Kyoushirou

    No Manners in Helping Mills?

    There are sadly a lot of that kind of players.. I think maybe a few also don't say thanks because they hope it's a bit harder to figure out if they come with 3+ sub accounts within a few minutes, since some players seem to think they can rule your towns highest mills. But even if there are some players like that (and I usually block them after a while so other people have a chance to get good mills) there are also a lot of nice players with manners. And of course good and wonderful friends.^^ I also know some players who sadly quit because they where annoyed of some rude players or pw hackers. Some also just had not enough time, since ET is very time consuming. Some did also return after a break. I think ET is that kind of game where it's a lot more fun playing if sharing with good friends and nice neighbours. For me it works, since those players without manners can't drop my mood.^^
  9. Kyoushirou

    [EVENT] 7 Days of Christmas

    Thank you so much for all those gifts! I love all the winter themed items! :3
  10. Kyoushirou

    [SALE] 50% Bonus SEED

    Thank you so much! You are the best! ♡
  11. Kyoushirou

    [SPECIAL] Halloween Event Quest

    It's great we will have an event this time! Looking forward to it!
  12. Kyoushirou

    [UPDATE] 17 Aug 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Waited so long for this wonderful pirate ship!
  13. Kyoushirou

    Level 4 help needed

    You are very welcome! ^^
  14. Kyoushirou

    Level 4 help needed

    It means you must upgrade your house to lv. 4. Tab on your house and you will see the amount of money needed to upgrade. After that it will change it's appearance and maybe will get bigger. Then you are able to buy those mills.^^
  15. Some mills and plants need to do the house upgrade first, which I described you on your other thread. I hope I could help you.^^