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  1. Nenrinya

    Unable to login with Facebook-linked account

    Edit: Okay, was able to login this morning Hope it is stable now
  2. Nenrinya

    Unable to login with Facebook-linked account

    Yeah, I woke up this morning and the FB login doesn't work anymore. Flero, please do something...
  3. Nenrinya

    Unable to login with Facebook-linked account

    Ah, one of my ET neighbours sent me a message. She advised me to delete all Facebook apps on my phone. After that, login to ET again, and type in the username and password manually. Her method worked! I'm able to access my town again, yay! I think there is probably some conflict between Everytown and the FB app....maybe the auto login is causing some error.
  4. I can't login to my main account (Nenrinya, level 68) which is linked to my Facebook. When I try to click on the login button, it just goes back to the Game Start page. I've re- installed the Everytown game and restarted my phone, but the problem is still there. My other accounts using Twitter and Google do not have any login problems. Edit: I'm using an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5). Hope the problem will be fixed soon...
  5. Nenrinya

    Accounts linked by LINE cannot log in?

    Yeah, I'm having the same problem with my LINE-linked account. After putting in my login details, it just goes back to the Game Start screen. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon.
  6. Nenrinya

    I made a drawing of my fav villager! (>w<)

    Wow, your drawing is so lovely. The coloring is pretty!
  7. Nenrinya

    [UPDATE] 21 Sep 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Looking forward to all the new stuff! ♡ Please make sure there isn't a major login problem like the last update ^_^;
  8. Nenrinya

    [BUG] Loading Failure Fixed

    Yeah, I noticed that my eco had also dropped from about 10K (before update) until about -20K. Is there a reason for the sudden deficit?
  9. Nenrinya

    Crashing Problem

    Guys, I can access my town already! Whoohoo! Is everyone able to login again?
  10. Nenrinya

    [UPDATE] 17 Aug 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Yay, I'm back in the game!!! Problem is fixed! Thank you ET team! P/S: Thank goodness my sweet potatoes and most of my mills didn't rot.
  11. Nenrinya

    Crashing Problem

    Still crashing for me. At this rate, I won't be able to finish the weekly mission by tomorrow. How much longer is this problem going to last? Can we have some kind of status update?
  12. Nenrinya

    Crashing Problem

    Hi Tom. My alt accounts are: Syusuke (Twitter login) Kasutera (Google login) Hideya (Line login) Yes, all of my alts are able to login using the same device (Note 5). I can even access them on my other device (Samsung Tab S2) with no problem. Only my main account Nenrinya is inaccessible on everything.
  13. Nenrinya

    [UPDATE] 17 Aug 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Tom, how is the progress with the problem? How long will it take? It's been 24 hours since the update and we still can't access our towns. I have mill requests to accept within an hour and I can't do anything.
  14. Nenrinya

    Crashing Problem

    Yeah, it's strange that I could easily login with my alt accounts (Twitter, Line and Google). It's only my main account (Facebook) that is having the crash problem. IGN: Nenrinya Device: Samsung Note 5 (Android 7.0)
  15. Nenrinya

    [UPDATE] 17 Aug 06:00 ~ 08:00

    I also can't log in. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I even tried using a different phone. Still can't access my town. This is so frustrating. Please get it fixed.