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  1. 舊版本女神之吻今日將進行下架。(2016年12月30) 2016年11月9日開始進行的申請轉移服務,從今日起我們將停止申請轉移的服務 有關舊版本的客服答復也將進行停服. 請點擊以下鏈接下載最新版女神之吻-(已申請轉移的玩家可在新版本-伺服器2 繼續使用原角色進行遊戲) 備註:<伺服器1> 為最新國際版伺服器。 下載地址: Android : IOS : 女神有你將更臻完美!!女神之吻運營組向所有玩家們~敬禮!!
  2. Greetings, and welcome to PLAYFLERO!. FLEROGAMES is a corporation specialized in game-development and publishing, located in South Korea. We have over 5,000,000 players online within our services and still expanding. This webpage, forum, will play an important role in our purpose and aim to extend our reach into the global market. Our main motives that we keep is to communicate with our players as a daily part of life; the highest aspect of our games is to focus on your voices and your opinions. Even the smallest ideas, opinions you express here are considered most valuable for us to improve. Thus, we ask you to break-ice, and let out and open up to us everything you have in mind or felt, or wanted in the forums; Interact with other players and help us build a rich community.