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    This time,I really cannot login by any methods.One hour ago,the fb account broke down and I cannot login even use the above method...... Plz! I hope the team have to delete your holidays these two days and fix the problem first.Last week due to your delayed action,lots of users cannot wait and just run away......and this time,those friends who cannot get in said that they are tired of problems and problems again eventhough they just recovered from LINE......2 days 's delay can change many many things...................................this game needs so much prompt action! Everytime problems drove off players ,and this brings a chain reaction to the existing players also! I just recovered from LINE,and this time FB...Your team should solve the problems with these platforms......
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    I can't login to my main account (Nenrinya, level 68) which is linked to my Facebook. When I try to click on the login button, it just goes back to the Game Start page. I've re- installed the Everytown game and restarted my phone, but the problem is still there. My other accounts using Twitter and Google do not have any login problems. Edit: I'm using an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5). Hope the problem will be fixed soon...
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    Honestly Flero... first Line, now Facebook!? Me and my friend can both not login with our Subs who are using Facebook, having the same issue as Nenrinya. Fortunately the main towns are on Google... but if this trend goes on, it wont take long until that will cause problem either... I wish you would make an own ET Login, which we can use for multiple accounts. So you login with original ET Data and then you pick the one of your towns you'd like to play with. Always just being dependent of 3rd party logins is not the best solution, so I hope my suggestion will find its way to the devs. But for the moment we would already be happy, if the facebook login would work again. Thank you
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    Everyone! I hope you like what we’ve prepared as small gift. Have a wonderful day. ------------------------------------------------ ■ DATES: 30Mar ~ 1 Apr ■ DETAILS : Log in each day and receive free gifts ■ REWARDS - 30 Mar : Gold(500K) - 31 Mar : Gold(500K) - 1 Apr : Gold(500K) ------------------------------------------------ ※ Gifts are sent to the in-game Mail once. ※ Gifts expire after the specified date if you haven’t claimed it!
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    @himacchii @Sp00by Mm I do agree, especially when someone helps with a quest mill or “just” a premium mill I almost feel like I should go write a thank you to them rather than other way around But I understand and also feel the will to reject people who don’t thank when it’s about union shops or theme parks because, well, to get union shops you usually buy the membership so it just kind of feels rude when I have the shops I’ve spent money on up in my town without apassword and don’t expect anything back from the people helping and people don’t thank/hog them/use a main +sub(s) to get them But I still rarely reject and I don’t even expect thank you’s anymore from people I know And I totally understand people being shy or not knowing the “ethics” in the game! We’ve all once been the newbies learning the game and I was really shy when I started! I didn’t even answer to people trying to have conversations with me but once I started to lose mutuals over it I realised how rude I must’ve seemed like. I slowly started getting more social and answering people as well as thanking after that. It’s something that makes me glad I started Everytown, ET has really helped me with my shyness and self esteem! But to stop the blabbering and answer the thread’s original question, yes I do accept the requests from people who don’t thank, at least most of the time. Some exceptions are if it’s a person who hacked a password or a sub of a player who never talks to me nor thanks. Or simply if I get frustrated from a person not answering to my attempts to talk to them nor thank when I can see they understand English/another language I speak. I sound so bitter but I swear I’m a nice person!
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    @himacchii I totally agree with you! I'm playing for over a year now and mostly followed this ethics all the time. But in the meantime I'm sick of all this thank you writing. A few month ago I stopped writing thank you all the time and I also don't want my wall being spammed with thank you messages. This not only saves much time & stress, it prevents me from missing important messages on my wall, which were thanked away before. And as you said, it really is stupid. Why do I have to thank somebody for helping, escpecially at a time, when the person in question may still reject my request, so I would have to thank when I get what I requested, but thats not really possible and even more stupid at a time the person doesnt even know what I am thanking for. And as you said too, it benefits for both sides equally. So I think no thank you is neccessary anyway. And about "manners", which named this whole topic. I don't think it is very polite to spam anyones wall with thank you, thank you, thank you, which is copied and pasted anyway, because those people doing that don't even want to spent time & effort to write everybody a unique message. I dont need this autoresponderlike kind of messages. Then better say nothing than that. The worst case were some people, having several sub accounts and thanking me with every single one of them. That really are manners, but bad manners, especially after telling them not to do that, but they do it anyway... I'm so happy to have my friends which know, that I am of course thankful for their help in my town and the requests I can do in theirs. I think the best would be a like or thank you button, when you visit a town, so you can just click it and then the town owner sees in a list who thanked or not without spamming.
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    I've started playing Everytown about 3 months ago and I must say it took me a while before I discovered the 'help ethics' existing in this community. As much as I love the idea of self-organization and creating a friendly environment for everyone, I was surprised to know that some players on here expect others to leave a 'thank you' note every single time they help, and will go as far as to delete or block them if they don't! I mean, first of all, the help system in this game is clearly based on mutual benefit, so how come the helping person is the only one who's supposed to express gratitude? Secondly, there might be people who are just too shy to interact, or simply don't speak your language, or newbies like me who don't feel part of the community yet and mostly concentrate on understanding the gameplay and doing quests in their first weeks. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting player interaction but I think you shouldn't spoil other people's game experience by refusing their help and blocking them only because they want to enjoy their games without having to socialize. Well, that's just my opinion : )
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    SO one of my favorite parts of my town is the adorable villagers! I thought when I first saw the game that the villagers would interact with us and each other a lot, but they kinda don't do much at the moment! They're still super cute though! However, I can't help but think of ideas for what the villagers could do! I think there'd be a lot of benefits to making the characters, the villagers, more interactive and memorable! First of all, it'd be fun in the game by adding new features that build on the already existing characters! Also, lots of people like the characters and the storyline and this would boost the likeability of the game quite a bit instead of making it just about either leveling up fast or decorating lots! HOWEVER, Probably one of the best benefits though would be for Everytown's brand image. When characters become beloved, it makes people more invested in the game, no matter what! The game would reach out more to people who like that aspect of games and make it more successful! It also opens the possibility of merchandising the brand, which would make it so that the game wouldn't be dependent on micro-transactions for profit. And it'd BE SOOO CUUUUTE!! Villagers interact with US: Villager STATS system!! I know it's a big idea that'd take lots of work, but... why not have a friendship level with each villager! Like with the shops where you go from lvl 1-4 or whatever, you start off at lvl 1/acquaintance and move up to lvl 5/best friend, and get bonuses as you level up! Each person has 4-5 (or however many) levels of relationship, and each level has better and better stats! Like level 1 might give no stats, but lvl 2 could give +1% to XP, +1% to sales, etc. Higher levels would have better stats, and higher level or rarer villagers would have better higher level stats! (These would be on top of outfit stats, not replace them) You could get rewards/gifts every time you level up your friendship level with each villager! It could be small at level 1 like some hearts or just XP, but then at the highest level you could get a cool special eco item that is unique to that villager! Getting to the highest level could be easy for some villagers, whose bonus stats and gifts will also be lower, but can be harder to achieve for high level villagers and special seed random box villagers who have better high level stats and bonus gifts! You would level up your relationship with each villager by answering their daily questions right each day (the ones that give 3 instead of 1 hearts lol), and by doing their quests, saying the right thing in dialogue, advancing the main storyline that they're in, etc! Give us gifts! We get a heart or three from some of our villagers every day, but I think they could have more surprises for us to look forward to! Give SEEDS in addition to hearts <333 Some villagers cost a loooot of seeds to get from the random boxes, so why not have those villagers gift us with seeds occasionally? The amount of seeds on average someone gets would be up to the game developers, but it would be a great way to introduce seeds to the game without making them cheaper to buy for example. And maybe the more seed-bought villagers someone has, the more seed gifts on average someone can get! That would also reward people who spend seeds on villagers, and encourage more people to buy them, so it'd be win-win! Give items or gold on occasion! Cookies from Chelsea, pasta from Olga, etc <3 And villagers like to come to town to buy things right, so why not give us some $$? Give us quests! Click their heart bubble, new quest pops up on left that is special to that villager! Maybe random quests that are special, maybe 1-per-day? Or 1 quest per every 4 villagers per day? And maybe 24 hours to complete quest, assuming it's easy enough that it can be done in a day! Each villager could have one or a couple randomized quests each. Grow cabbage for Robin, sell x butter chips for Nell, etc! Like how weekly quests often repeat, the villager special quests could be smaller, daily versions of that! Villager quests could also be on a storyline basis, where every time you get a new quest from them it's in a certain order instead of just being a new random quest! Besides' the main storyline we could have side-stories, like the history of Nell or what's going on with Muriel or relationships between certain villagers growing <33 That would be a loooot of fun! More dialogue!! The villagers are so cute and the storyline is adorable and fun, so it'd be fun to just have more interaction with the villagers about what they think! Instead of just one dialogue and 3 hearts a day, we could have dialogue randomly throughout the day. Whenever we produce something they like they could talk to us. Whenever we level up, or get a new item, they could comment on it! Character storyline dialogues! We have the main storyline of course, and the quests give a lot of the storyline information, but it'd be cute to find out more about the villagers with dialogue, and have options for what to say back, and be able to find out more by answering correctly. It'd be fun <3 Give tips! There's a lot of game tips that the game should give to newer players or on newer features. The loading screen tips aren't enough! I had to do a lot of trial-and-error! Sure people can come to the forums NOW to ask stuff, but why not have the villagers give these tips via cute bubble dialogue? (Like tips/tutorials on most games, there should be an option in settings to turn off tips, so advanced players don't get annoyed!) Villagers interact with EACH OTHER and town: Villagers react to each other based off likes/dislikes with cute animations and behaviors! Luna likes Robin, so it'd be cute if she followed him around <3 Same for Chelsea and Tom! Etcetc! It'd just be cute to see them do things like see each other, and have a heart pop over their head (little one, like the music notes, not a clickable one. Just for cuteness' sake) and make adorable animations! Toto doesn't like tom, and Robin doesn't like Yoyo, so maybe they run from each other or have little (-_-;;) and ヽ(♯`Д´)ノ faces and cute animations when they run into each other. x3 Villagers react to different items with cute animations! Think Jake making cute animations when he sees hot air balloons ٩(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)۶ Seeing the villagers make cute animations randomly instead of just walking back and forth would make looking at them in the towns super fun! Villagers give bonus stats when around things/people they like! Again with Luna & Robin (they're sooooooooooo cute!!!!), if you have both, they give a special bonus stat, either harvest bonus to items or bonus XP or whatever <3 If certain villagers like certain items/crops/shops, they give bonus XP or harvest bonuses to those crops/shops/etc! Assign villagers to certain roads!! If you have your town organized into separate areas, like town area, garden area, etc, then it'd be cute to put villagers in different areas and have them stay there! Like putting the rabbits in the garden <33 Some people like to put villagers in one spot so that it's easy for visitors to collect hearts, BUT they still want to use roads as decoration elsewhere in the map, so assigning villagers to one area would be nice in that case too! BONUS! Villager ideas/requests! I'm sure there's a looooot of villager requests out there, but here's some I'd especially love to see! hedgehog! red panda! baby goat, piglet, baby fawn, and some other farm animal babies! more fantasy villagers/outfits! Fairies, princess dresses, elves, etc! formal wear outfits for each villager - so you can put them all in suits and dresses and make your town fancy! I know there's other great villager ideas out there! I'll edit this if I think of more (I had other ideas that I forgot as soon as I decided to type this out LOL)!
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    Erm so I have been seeing some players that request high XP mills like theme parks and 48hr shops without saying thanks. It's even worse when you let them help for the first time and they dont bother to say thanks for the second time they help your mills. I usually just block them after 3 reminders. To those low level players that said thanks, I usually be friends with them & help their mills whenevr possible. I anticipate that most of you will tell me to let it go because it's just a game, after all. But at least please have a bit of manners. We are sharing some XPs with you to level up faster. Well, perhaps it's just me but I would like to ask the higher level players. Would you accept requests from players that have no manners? Ps: Btw there's too many players quitting the game :'(
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    Greetings from EVERYTOWN! We got some reports that a connection failure is occurring when log in with 'Facebook' account on some devices. According to our report, the facebook login failure is occurring when you try to login with the account which have not been gone through the account authentication in Facebook. Following approaches may help you to login EVERYTOWN, so please follow the methods below. 1. Re-login Facebook app after complete account authentication at Facebook official homepage. 2. If Facebook application is installed in your device, we recommend you to try to login EVERYTOWN after log out and delete Facebook app. Thank you.
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    To Flero Team, I'm very upset now. It seems to me that you are only taking our money, but you do not want to do anything about it. First the problems with LINE and now also Facebook. Do you know what I think? It's not up to the others, just to you !!! I can only hope for you that the login will be back tomorrow at the latest, otherwise you'll never see me again! I hope all other players think about it. PS: Sorry for my bad english...
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    Ah, one of my ET neighbours sent me a message. She advised me to delete all Facebook apps on my phone. After that, login to ET again, and type in the username and password manually. Her method worked! I'm able to access my town again, yay! I think there is probably some conflict between Everytown and the FB app....maybe the auto login is causing some error.
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    Hello, everyone ! HOT TIME event starts on April 13 ! I hope you like what we’ve prepared as small gift. Please refer to the following for details: ------------------------------------------------ ■ DATE : 13 April to 15 April (Gift can be claimed only once) ■ Details : Log in each day and receive free gifts ■ Rewards - 4/13 : 500,000 golds - 4/14 : 300 Hearts - 4/15 : 500,000 golds ------------------------------------------------ ※ Gifts are sent only for the scheduled date ※ Gifts are sent to the in-game Mail once. ※ Gifts expire after the specified date if you haven’t claimed it!
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    [LINE Log-in Service Interruption Notice] Greetings from EVERYTOWN! We are writing to you to inform about the last connection failure which is occurring when you access with LINE account . We identified that LINE platform log-in service has been unavailable in EVERYTOWN since 31 March 2018. We worked hard to resolve it,but currently there is no solution for it. We are sorry to inform you that LINE log-in service is no longer available in EVERYTOWN. We sincerely apologize for the unexpected disruption of LINE service. We are finding various ways to help users who have used a LINE account to sign in, so they can login with different platform with no loss of their information. We regret to inform you that we cannot offer you LINE service anymore. We would notify you about the details of account transfer process in next week as soon as things are set, so please check the notice. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Please restore my account, too bad there was no notification about the login trouble with line. I would have change my login to other platform.
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    Since I have always been active and outspoken, I thought it fitting that I make a good-bye post with the reasons why I've left Everytown! This will be my last post. I have loved Everytown more than any other mobile game I've ever played! It's one of two mobile games I've spent real money on. However, the game has revealed itself to be poorly managed and very greedy and way too dependent on the microtransaction-based pay-to-win game-style that makes playing and enjoying the game infinitely more difficult and infinitely more expensive than a normal game. I will not spend any more time or money on this game, and have to admit that a large portion of the time I've spent lately has been irritating and fruitless. The only reason I stayed was because 1) I'd already invested time and money, 2) I LOVED the decorating aspect of the game and WANTED to be able to enjoy it and collect what I wanted and build what I wanted, and 3) Because I had some awesome friends that I enjoyed visiting, helping, and talking to every day <33 But here's a quick rundown of why the game began to suck more and more for me. Developers, please consider this list when planning future updates for the global version. 1. Relying too heavily on the Korean model of the game for Global ET's development The global market is very different from Korea's. More cultures to consider when communicating via social media, more poor people to consider when pricing things, more timezones to consider when giving event start and end times, more ranges of poverty to consider when blithely making the majority of the game unreachable for people who don't spend $30/mo at the minimum, ETC! Global is not tied to a Chinese or Western equivalent of Korea's ubiquitous Kakao-Talk. Unless you partner with Facebook, you aren't going to get the popularity and giant, active community that you have in Korea. You can't start milking the cow when it's not full grown. You need more game support, more community support, more social media communication, etc, in the major trade languages at least. You need more FAQs. You need more active devs answering questions on forums. You need more game mechanics that help facilitate game play instead of assuming the community is going to make up for it. Seriously bro money. Game developers seem to think now that if some rich Americans spend 5$ a day on overpriced coffee that it's ok to ask for $1-5 a day on their game to access the majority of it's contents. BRO I GOT NEWS FOR YOU! Most "rich" Americans I know CAN'T AFFORD $5 a day on overpriced coffee. I can't afford $20 on haircuts. I cut my own hair. I can't afford new clothes every season, I shop at the thrift store. What about the poorer countries where they have even less disposable income? SURE a few of your rich Chinese and American users can afford to throw money at the game with abandon, but does 1 person spending $30 a month make up for 200 people spending $1 a month? NO. Do more research into the global market monies. Seriously you guys I'm not just whining about your overpriced game here, I really do think you're choking your own profits and success by having prices so high. 2. Cost of seeds / Percentage of game that requires seeds to enjoy Even the cheapest possible seeds, currently the 50% off sale, is infrequent and too expensive for how little can be purchased with them. I've previously calculated it in another thread, but it's over $300 just to expand your towns, and the last time I counted all the seed eco items (not including shops/mills, or backgrounds, or heart items) was over $1000 worth. It's ridiculous. If I bought a gameboy game for $50, I would expect quality, bug-free, amazing content that development teams worked on for who-knows-how-long, and I would expect to be able to access 100% of that content through just my time unlocking it. But this game, I spend $80 in a year, and I don't get even a fraction of its content unlocked even if I spend all my time on it? That's just... that's terrible. I know the mobile game industry is built on this pay-to-win uber microtransaction model but this is ridiculous, insulting, taking advantage of compulsive people, collectors, people with limited free time or who are confined to super portable games. 3. Difficulty of leveling / Slowness It makes sense to keep a game from being too easy to beat or too easy to collect everything, however, this game's leveling mechanics are very imbalanced. Even with 3 towns, all the villagers, some villager outfits, high eco items including sky and landmark items, high level high xp shops, helping 24 high xp shops at friends towns per day, using all my villagers on high xp restaurant combos, and checking my towns a few times a day to make sure all shorter quest mills get reset for maximum xp........... IT IS STILL TAKING FOREVER TO LEVEL. And I am probably one of the fastest leveling players out of the friends I've had for months. The only people who level faster than me are the ones who have all union mills or use seeds to restart mills for bonus xp. And yet, at the rate I was gaining xp, it would've taken me one and a half MONTHS just to get from lvl 55 to lvl 56. So at that rate, assuming 4th town didn't come out soon and that 800xp shops are the majority of what will be free and open to help, it would take me a full. entire. year. Feb 2018. To get to lvl 61. I can understand the last 5 levels - currently 65-70 - taking longer than normal to keep the overachievers and big-spenders from getting bored, but I'm far from level cap right now and it's just crazy how long it takes to level. I know it'll get easier to level as they add higher xp shops and new features, but even then, how much faster would I level realistically? And what about the people who don't play as much as I do, with less villagers and xp bonuses, less expansions and mills? It was frustrating for me, and my goal wasn't even to level. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to the majority of players who feel like they're stuck in the game. Quests. There should be a lot more of them. The weekly quests should have scaling XP for higher lvl people. There should be a lot more quests at higher levels, seeing as how one quest can take a week to finish. More ways to get xp period. Better XP from the train, better XP from restaurants, etc. I know more features and weekly quests and stuff are coming to mirror those in KET, but they also have more levels, which brings more challenges. Let's be honest - it shouldn't take 5 years to get to level 60 out of 80 when you're spending less than $100 a year on a game. That's beyond being challenging, that's purposely frustrating players in the hopes of getting them to spend more money to level faster and unlock more of the game. 4. Game mechanics that discourage players from... well, playing Helps. Not being able to accept help after mills are finished, when help is asked before mill is finished, diminishes a large part of the fun of the game, especially if you can only check once a day or irregularly. You lose out on visitors, on extra items, on the gold, and on the valuable help for completing quests. As someone who helps others, you lose out on your helps, lose the items and their value in gold, when people can't accept your helps in time. As a large part of the game is visiting friends, helping to get xp, and helping for quests and such, this is really annoying that you can't just have an auto-accept help feature set up. I would have completed quests so much faster if I had been able to get help on mills even when I wasn't able to check in to accept them. How many people who log in once a day or so lose out on soooo much because of this game mechanic? Poor heart drop rates. If you visit 150 friends every day for a month, you should be able to get enough hearts from that alone to get all the monthly special heart items. The current heart drop rates are too low for that. I'm sorry, but, if I was a developer, I would make heart drop rates much higher, on top of having heart boost events. If someone plays every day... visits friends every day... is such an incredible faithful player who devotes so much time to the game... bro, they DESERVE to have one of every heart item, at LEAST! What kind of game would hesitate to reward loyal, daily, active players? And the heart boost event I would add just as a gift. People who want to get extras of heart items can get the chance by spending lots of effort and time. Because that's how it should be - time + effort = rewards. Not time + effort = nothing but money = the game. As they are, current heart drop rates discourage people from visiting friends even more because if you're tired and you get 1 heart per visit who cares right? Friend limit & lists. First, there should be an "online/offline" indicator to show you when a friend is currently playing the game, meaning the game is open on their phone, so that you know you can ask for help on shorter mills for example. Second, the "follower" list is outdated and useless, only showing dead accounts of people who followed you long ago. Third, the "visitor" list only shows the last 50, but we have 150 friends and often more visitors than just our friends, so if you want to see who visited you it's difficult unless you check several times a day. Fourth, of course, is the annoying fact that you can only have 150 friends total. We should at least be able to have more friends at higher levels. Or even purchase more friendslots, something. 5. Lack of focus on one of the main draws of the game - beauty and decorating The beauty of the different town maps is what drew me to the game in the first place, Irvin's towns inspired me to keep playing and grow my town, and the beauty of the cute items and decorating my towns has been the only thing keeping me going through the daily grind. YET the game is so imbalanced that 99% of players have towns that are just a bunch of their highest-eco items crammed together with their highest xp mills, and it's just... it's unsightly. The game emphasizes leveling and packing eco items in more than making beautiful towns. People want to have beautiful towns, but they can't afford to, because they will level soooooOOOoooo slow if they do. The game doesn't have decorating features to help aid town beauty and ease of decoration. We should have basic decorating features like, "map save" so that we can put away an entire map (or even just the eco portion of it) and take it back out at will. We should be able to select multiple items at once and move them all at once instead of one square at a time. We should be able to link multiple items together. We should be able to sort things in our inventories better, like having different "trunks" - items that we store for holidays can be put away instead of clogging our regular inventory. 6. Just being mean or insulting to players. Why do you guys keep having "events" that are insulting? SPECIAL LOG IN TODAY ONLY TO RECEIVE 100K GOLD AND 2 C-CLASS GATHERING ITEMS! That's like... a boss telling their employees that if they work extra hard, they'll add $.01, one penny, to their paycheck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOW THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember that !!HOT TIME EVENT!! where we got a 1000g low eco item bike for our reward? That's insulting. "It's better than nothing! Be nice!" NO, that is not better than nothing. I was already expecting nothing. But going through the effort of making an event post, getting me excited for an event, getting me to log in at a weird time, only to have the reward be a penny? That's getting someone's hopes up, trying to make it look like they're doing something nice for us and being kind, but giving you nothing. That's like a boss telling their employees they're having a party after work, so they have to stay after work to get to the party, and wow aren't they SUCH A NICE BOSS for having a party for their employees, but the employees wait around for the party on their own free time and the party is.... nothing. There's one peanut each per person and then ok go home you're done. It's insulting, it's a waste of time, it's rude, it's acting like you're nice and thoughtful and charitable, but it's all a front, a facade, an act, a lie. Why do they ignore so many forum posts/emails/social media posts? Do you know how many questions I've asked they ignored? Tom, if you're truly the ONLY one working on the forum and social media, and only have ten minutes per day to do it because you're so busy, then just know, I forgive you. But bro, you guys should have realized how much support, how many answers, how much information, how much love and energy this global game would need in at least Chinese and English when you launched the global version. You guys must have foreseen the need for public relations and social media support in Chinese, English, and other languages for the new games to get help and get off the ground. So I'm sorry if you guys are too busy to answer our questions (You could at least have responded with "i don't know" or "i'll get back to you when I can" or a quick "yes"/"no" instead of ignoring them) but you should have known better as a company than to do this to your customers. That facebook art contest where they let cheaters win. And didn't apologize. You could've revoked the seed prize of the cheaters, you took seeds away from me when I asked for a refund, remember? Don't make excuses, you should be ashamed of yourself for sweeping that under the rug without at the very least a public apology. Seriously, if you guys are so busy and can't afford English/Chinese/etc translators for social media, you could at least look for unpaid interns to do it for you, or volunteers from amongst the qualified members of your dedicated userbase. I can think of quite a few that would love to help you with judging art contests, making new contests and moderating the posts, etc, and all you'd have to do is give them a small in-game seed stipend or something. Where did the daily log-in gifts go? Even the most greedy games out there give gifts every day or every couple hours or something. Now we only get once-a-month hot time events to get the same low-level, super-cheap junk. We should be getting that every day, and the hot-time events should be special, high price, rare stuff. The English version of the game still has that incorrect, annoying tooltip "product rewards are better if higher level friend helps!" I already informed you that in the English that means lvl 50 player helping your mill will get you more items than lvl 10 helping your mill. Because of that lots of people deny low level players' help requests because they think they'll get better if a higher level comes along. Poor lowbies!! You could help with misinformation RIGHT THERE by just removing that single tooltip. While you're add it, add more useful tooltips that should also be in an FAQ that is linked to from the help settings menu in-game. HAVE PEOPLE WHO SPEAK NATIVE ENGLISH/CHINESE/ETC PROOF-READ YOUR STUFF. It can't be that hard to find volunteers or something. There's more reasons that I don't remember right now and don't feel like trying to think of right now. I know there's lots of bad, poorly-made, moneygrubbing, microtransaction-based worthless mobile games out there that make Everytown and Flero look like perfection, but I'm measuring Everytown to a better standard, not making excuses for them because they're better than some other junk games. All of these issues together have just become too much and I can't play anymore. .... I really am sad though. I loved this game so much for so long. The biggest thing honestly is the cost of seeds. I can't play a game where I have to spend $60 a month to get even 75% of the stuff I want out of the game. Playing the game without spending any money, only getting a handful of seeds from quests and daily ads, is just unbearable since you can't afford anything the game has to offer. Every update just brings another 500 seeds worth of stuff I want but can't buy. I think the gathering SS materials being soooo rare to gather or find for sale and costing 50 seeds apiece just broke the camel's back. I am just... I'm done. I'm sorry to all my friends that I just left coldturkey like this, with barely a good-bye. So I'll put it here real quick! You guys are all so awesome, I loved visiting your beautiful towns, I loved making different random emotes to leave as thankyou notes or whatever, I loved getting kind messages and funny jokes and stuff from you, and the wonderful goodbye messages I've seen make my heart so sad. You are all so so so so very wonderful! Thank you for being my friends and always coming to visit and give hearts and help me! Especially to Stacy and Britt, you guys were my ET besties. ILU <3 Good-bye <3
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    I feel like the odd one out. I don't care, nor do I have time to go through the messages and see who said thank you. I understand what is being said, but consider this. The shop owners benefit more than the helpers. We receive multiple product, while they only receive the one. I posted a notice in my mail box thanking others for their help because helps per day are limited and they took the time to visit me. In the case of alternate accounts, who could possibly know that? I would rather use my extra time redecorating my towns than investigating new visitors. It is just a game. I don't look to see who helped what, I just accept all help. For the loyal visitors, I have randomly staggered the restart times for other time zones. I save items for my most social and long time friends, and some for newer players to help them level up, before they give up. I enjoy playing, but it was really hard most of the way with single mills and so many players posting rules. Perhaps instead of expecting praise for letting them help, return the favor and help their mills that take sooooo long to produce one product and thank them by giving a bonus from your help. I never really understood the thank you process in the game, as I have always thanked others for helping me in "real life". This is just my state of mind......
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    Omg this is so me right now :((
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    Yes, I have some mutuals that come with their subs to help the high level mills. So it's like a single player getting four 48hr mills in 2 days, instead of maximum 2 Other players would want to help the mills too. I agree with you, there are very nice people in ET too. honeybee is one of them, although sadly she quit. 2 of my mutuals recently quit too because they are too busy to play the game. I had an experienced with pw hackers. One of them hacked the mill that I locked for my mutual for trading. Well, I guess the most that we can do is just to block them.
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    Would it be possible to have more "normal" sky decorations? I'm not fond of the unusual hot air balloons, or the space items, but I have them for the eco anyway. How about the obvious? A sun, moon, big & little dippers, plane, birds, etc. You were close with the rainbow, kite, and star constellation, but then the satellite, and UFO with a cow..... what happened there....? I realize that this is just a fun, EXPENSIVE game, but I personally would rather have sky items that are actually seen ! More options for a great idea would also help clear up cluttered towns and promote creativity! More so, if we could buy them with gold. More space = more shop and eco item sales. You still win! My Villagers are always sad. Maybe it's because they don't know what time of day it is. Better yet, if our friends in another time zone, had night skies when it is night time in their Country!!!!! Oh!, the things I would change ?
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    That was a lot to read and very well written! You are right, especially with what could be made better. But everything needs time and we don't know how ET will change with the future, I will never give ET up! So I will see it grow and shine or going down and hopefully it will be the first option! Like I often say "I will stay until the very end!" There is so much potential in this game! I usually never played mobile games. I am way more a console/handheld player. But this game made me use my smarthphone way more than I ever thought I would. Since smarthphones usually don't get much attention from me. It is very sad that you are leaving our community and not only I will miss you. You are great at choosing the right words and you wrote a great last post. I really hope ET will notice it and maybe we will see it grow in an other way in the future. I will be there and watch it. But I don't only wish for the community to become bigger and happier or ET. I also wish you only the best in your life, my dear. Thank you for beeing an awesome and great pal! And if you ever decide to join our community again I will be there and welcome you with open arms! ♡ May your last post become wings and hopefully start something! Thank you, my dear. :3
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    @H0n3b33 (from Mi00ky and me) You are absolutely right with everything you say. We agree 100% with you. With lower prices especially poor people would be more attracted to buy some seeds and as everyone should know, there are more of them than rich people and they are more willing to give. So if FLERO-Games would be less greedy and make the game a bit more comfortable for the players, more of them would buy seeds and not give up in early stages of playing. There is an idiom FLERO-Games should take to their hearts: "Less is more!" There are so many dead lowies out there who gave up early, because of the hard leveling up conditions and the "buy for seed" buttons everywhere they look. And the dead lowies that didn't give up because of that, are mostly given up subaccounts. There seem to be more sub accounts out there than real active players, because you just need it. Help Requests are one of the reasons. Especially the short mills, are missed so easily, so you need a sub account that replaces what we miss because of lacking game mechanics. Don't get us wrong, it sounds a little like the game would be terrible allover. It is absolutely not. It is nice and cute. It's fun and has something that makes you keep playing. But anyway we hope FLERO-Games' Everytown Team reads your post and takes it serious so they can make use of your criticism, because it's aboslutely founded. A big thanks too you for hitting the nail on the head. As we said in our pm to you, game and forum won't be the same without you anymore. Thank you for your friendship, little Honeybee & we will let you hear from us. Sincerly @Sp00by & @Mi00ky
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    Lots of cute ideas, and more mini tasks would definitely keep us busy while mills/crops are going and we're in bored mode. So much stuff here!, And I know you've got more, I hope the use, or at least consider, some of the ideas.