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    Thank you, I’ve been waiting for this for ages. Although I’m disappointed to find out that the gathering items are not on sale. This is something I’m so looking forward too, tbh. I read the excluded items yesterday and I found some errors on the posted notice. I did not dwell much on it but turns out we’re really not getting discounts for gathering items More power and have a nice day.
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    Hi Link^^ I have the same problem here. Actually everyone apparently have the same problem. Idk if its the feature of the game or just a mere bug, but its been like that from long time ago (at least thats how i've been through). You can watch ads 5x a day with the probability of getting 1-5seed or 10.000 coins. But opening the ads has its own probability itself. So if u're patient enough and have some time to spare, u can try the ads link every 90s. if u're lucky the ads might pop up. and if u're lucky (again) u can get the 1-5seed or just 10.000 coins. i suggest u better not expect too much from it. Some player ever said that they can only get like 2 seed per week or so (just rumor tho) but it's add up. Hope it's answer the question. Good luck seed (ads) hunting!
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    Hello Sutat. ^^ there's a limit for registering items on stall. u can only register 3 items at times with the limit of 10x per day in the beginning. but if u open a new slot stall (first time expand cost 10 seed), u can now register 4 items at times with the limit of 12x per day. it will increase in number everytime u add stall. another possibility is if your items in stall haven't been sold so u can't register any items because your stall is full. hope this solve your problem^^
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    I cannot get into some Twitter accounts from last day onwards.Is there any problems between Everytown and Twitter again?Can the community help?Could Tom please help to fix the problem? Plz don't let us down again and again.Sometimes,when one wants to purchase the game's promotion,problems always appear.It make us not sure to continue purchasing or not. Thanks very much.
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    I haven’t played this game in over a year due to account issues. I went from an Android to an Apple and had my game linked to my google account. Obviously a problem. I know I can switch it to be linked to my Facebook. However, every time I emailed support, I got the same generic response to create a name under my fb for them to overwrite with my google. Well I already did this... I emailed back with the fb ign and my Android ign and got the same exact email prompting me to make a new ign under Facebook. I finally gave up. Is there anyway “Tom” can help me with this? I just want to recover my Google ign.
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    You should shorten your questions and ask the admin directly. I'm just curious if the Kor ver has cap limit of 80 like international ver?
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    Would it be possible to have more "normal" sky decorations? I'm not fond of the unusual hot air balloons, or the space items, but I have them for the eco anyway. How about the obvious? A sun, moon, big & little dippers, plane, birds, etc. You were close with the rainbow, kite, and star constellation, but then the satellite, and UFO with a cow..... what happened there....? I realize that this is just a fun, EXPENSIVE game, but I personally would rather have sky items that are actually seen ! More options for a great idea would also help clear up cluttered towns and promote creativity! More so, if we could buy them with gold. More space = more shop and eco item sales. You still win! My Villagers are always sad. Maybe it's because they don't know what time of day it is. Better yet, if our friends in another time zone, had night skies when it is night time in their Country!!!!! Oh!, the things I would change ?
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    That was a lot to read and very well written! You are right, especially with what could be made better. But everything needs time and we don't know how ET will change with the future, I will never give ET up! So I will see it grow and shine or going down and hopefully it will be the first option! Like I often say "I will stay until the very end!" There is so much potential in this game! I usually never played mobile games. I am way more a console/handheld player. But this game made me use my smarthphone way more than I ever thought I would. Since smarthphones usually don't get much attention from me. It is very sad that you are leaving our community and not only I will miss you. You are great at choosing the right words and you wrote a great last post. I really hope ET will notice it and maybe we will see it grow in an other way in the future. I will be there and watch it. But I don't only wish for the community to become bigger and happier or ET. I also wish you only the best in your life, my dear. Thank you for beeing an awesome and great pal! And if you ever decide to join our community again I will be there and welcome you with open arms! ♡ May your last post become wings and hopefully start something! Thank you, my dear. :3
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    @H0n3b33 (from Mi00ky and me) You are absolutely right with everything you say. We agree 100% with you. With lower prices especially poor people would be more attracted to buy some seeds and as everyone should know, there are more of them than rich people and they are more willing to give. So if FLERO-Games would be less greedy and make the game a bit more comfortable for the players, more of them would buy seeds and not give up in early stages of playing. There is an idiom FLERO-Games should take to their hearts: "Less is more!" There are so many dead lowies out there who gave up early, because of the hard leveling up conditions and the "buy for seed" buttons everywhere they look. And the dead lowies that didn't give up because of that, are mostly given up subaccounts. There seem to be more sub accounts out there than real active players, because you just need it. Help Requests are one of the reasons. Especially the short mills, are missed so easily, so you need a sub account that replaces what we miss because of lacking game mechanics. Don't get us wrong, it sounds a little like the game would be terrible allover. It is absolutely not. It is nice and cute. It's fun and has something that makes you keep playing. But anyway we hope FLERO-Games' Everytown Team reads your post and takes it serious so they can make use of your criticism, because it's aboslutely founded. A big thanks too you for hitting the nail on the head. As we said in our pm to you, game and forum won't be the same without you anymore. Thank you for your friendship, little Honeybee & we will let you hear from us. Sincerly @Sp00by & @Mi00ky