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    It's Muriel enjoying fresh air outside just before the rain starts! Hurry up home, Muriel, I'll give you tea and lots of fresh fruits! <3
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    Hello everyone! After February 22 update, some products will be on a 30% SEED sale:) Please refer to the following event details. - Dates :February 22 update – March 22 update - Details : Some products that can be purchased with SEED in the shop will be on a 30% sale. [Relevant Products] - Pens and Mills (10) - Shops (Regular Shop) (102) - Shops (Union Shop) (32) - Theme Parks (Regular Shop) (9) - Theme Parks (Union Shop) (6) - Gathering Materials “Buy Now” (31) - Structures (Regular Shop) (252) - Structures (Union Shop) (10) - Structures (Heart Shop) (9) - Sky Decoration (Regular Shop) (20) - Sky Decoration (Union Shop) (8) - Landmark (Regular Shop) (11) - Landmark (Union Shop) (2) - Floors(4) - Tiles(4) - Landscapes (13) - Villager Outfits (30) - Random Boxes (Regular Shop) (16) - Random Boxes (Union Shop) (6) - My House Color - Opening Multi Towns - Map Expansions (Main, Second, Third, New, Down Town) (20) ※ Additional details will be available in the in-game shop. Thank you.
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    I've started playing Everytown about 3 months ago and I must say it took me a while before I discovered the 'help ethics' existing in this community. As much as I love the idea of self-organization and creating a friendly environment for everyone, I was surprised to know that some players on here expect others to leave a 'thank you' note every single time they help, and will go as far as to delete or block them if they don't! I mean, first of all, the help system in this game is clearly based on mutual benefit, so how come the helping person is the only one who's supposed to express gratitude? Secondly, there might be people who are just too shy to interact, or simply don't speak your language, or newbies like me who don't feel part of the community yet and mostly concentrate on understanding the gameplay and doing quests in their first weeks. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting player interaction but I think you shouldn't spoil other people's game experience by refusing their help and blocking them only because they want to enjoy their games without having to socialize. Well, that's just my opinion : )
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    @himacchii I totally agree with you! I'm playing for over a year now and mostly followed this ethics all the time. But in the meantime I'm sick of all this thank you writing. A few month ago I stopped writing thank you all the time and I also don't want my wall being spammed with thank you messages. This not only saves much time & stress, it prevents me from missing important messages on my wall, which were thanked away before. And as you said, it really is stupid. Why do I have to thank somebody for helping, escpecially at a time, when the person in question may still reject my request, so I would have to thank when I get what I requested, but thats not really possible and even more stupid at a time the person doesnt even know what I am thanking for. And as you said too, it benefits for both sides equally. So I think no thank you is neccessary anyway. And about "manners", which named this whole topic. I don't think it is very polite to spam anyones wall with thank you, thank you, thank you, which is copied and pasted anyway, because those people doing that don't even want to spent time & effort to write everybody a unique message. I dont need this autoresponderlike kind of messages. Then better say nothing than that. The worst case were some people, having several sub accounts and thanking me with every single one of them. That really are manners, but bad manners, especially after telling them not to do that, but they do it anyway... I'm so happy to have my friends which know, that I am of course thankful for their help in my town and the requests I can do in theirs. I think the best would be a like or thank you button, when you visit a town, so you can just click it and then the town owner sees in a list who thanked or not without spamming.
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    Hello everyone! We have a scheduled maintenance planned on the following date and time. Please be aware that the server will be down during the maintenance, and you won’t be able to access the game. ■ Maintenance Date/Time : February 22 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC) * The maintenance time is subject to change under certain circumstances. Please refer to the patch note below for details <Feb. 22 Patch Note > 1. SEED products on a 30% sale - Dates :February 22 update – March 22 update - Details : Some products that can be purchases with SEED in the shop will be on a 30% sale. ※ Additional details regarding the relevant products are available in the in-game shop. 2. New Shops Churrasco Shop Chicken Burger Shop Green Tea Spread Mill PR Green Tea Spread Mill Flower Ice Juice Shop Green Tea Parfait Shop [Theme Park] Zoo (Peacock) [Theme Park] Magician 3. New Villager Outfit Passionate Matador 4. New Gathering Lunchbox Flower Ice Juice Green Tea Parfait 5. New Random Boxes [Ltd] Cheese Fondue Garden by the Sea 6. New Trade Shop Bean Jelly Shop 7. New Gift Shop (for Android only) PR Green Tea Spread Mill Premium Bull Pen PR Pudding Mill Premium Sausage Mill Premium Cream Mill Premium Olive Oil Mill PR French Fries Mill Premium Perfume Mill Premium Rose Oil Mill 8. New February Heart Decorations Flower Water 1 Flower Water 2 Lollipop Butterfly Boy Candy Fountain Candy Boy Flower Train Candy Workshop New School Bus
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    I feel like the odd one out. I don't care, nor do I have time to go through the messages and see who said thank you. I understand what is being said, but consider this. The shop owners benefit more than the helpers. We receive multiple product, while they only receive the one. I posted a notice in my mail box thanking others for their help because helps per day are limited and they took the time to visit me. In the case of alternate accounts, who could possibly know that? I would rather use my extra time redecorating my towns than investigating new visitors. It is just a game. I don't look to see who helped what, I just accept all help. For the loyal visitors, I have randomly staggered the restart times for other time zones. I save items for my most social and long time friends, and some for newer players to help them level up, before they give up. I enjoy playing, but it was really hard most of the way with single mills and so many players posting rules. Perhaps instead of expecting praise for letting them help, return the favor and help their mills that take sooooo long to produce one product and thank them by giving a bonus from your help. I never really understood the thank you process in the game, as I have always thanked others for helping me in "real life". This is just my state of mind......
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    Our servers are have been fully recovered. You may now access the game as usual. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Moreover we have prepared some compensation as apology. Please refer to the following details: - Compensation: 10 SEED - Must be claimed before 10 Mar 23:59 ※ The compensation will be sent to your in-game mailbox once. ※ The compensation will expire after 24 Aug 23:59, so please check your in-game mailbox and claim it before the expiration! ----------------------------- Dear friends! We have detected a temporary server failure at this time. Our tech-team is handling the issue for a full recovery as we speak. We will update you here when our servers are back up. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
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    Our servers are back up and have been fully recovered. You may now access the game as usual. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. -------------------------------------------------------- Dear friends! We have detected a temporary server failure at this time. Our tech-team is handling the issue for a full recovery as we speak. We will update you here when our servers are back up. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
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    @himacchii @Sp00by Mm I do agree, especially when someone helps with a quest mill or “just” a premium mill I almost feel like I should go write a thank you to them rather than other way around But I understand and also feel the will to reject people who don’t thank when it’s about union shops or theme parks because, well, to get union shops you usually buy the membership so it just kind of feels rude when I have the shops I’ve spent money on up in my town without apassword and don’t expect anything back from the people helping and people don’t thank/hog them/use a main +sub(s) to get them But I still rarely reject and I don’t even expect thank you’s anymore from people I know And I totally understand people being shy or not knowing the “ethics” in the game! We’ve all once been the newbies learning the game and I was really shy when I started! I didn’t even answer to people trying to have conversations with me but once I started to lose mutuals over it I realised how rude I must’ve seemed like. I slowly started getting more social and answering people as well as thanking after that. It’s something that makes me glad I started Everytown, ET has really helped me with my shyness and self esteem! But to stop the blabbering and answer the thread’s original question, yes I do accept the requests from people who don’t thank, at least most of the time. Some exceptions are if it’s a person who hacked a password or a sub of a player who never talks to me nor thanks. Or simply if I get frustrated from a person not answering to my attempts to talk to them nor thank when I can see they understand English/another language I speak. I sound so bitter but I swear I’m a nice person!
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    Oh wow, thank you so much! Can you add more quest please?
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    Plz help!My account had been deleted accidentally . I wrote my letter on Friday morning 7am. The reply comes at 7pm,asking me to add some more information. However, this is Saturday 4pm at my place,but the problem still had not been fixed. I know that it is normal to have several day’s working.But plz understand that the nature of this game needs to stick with each other so closely. I do not mind if a problem need to be fixed for several months in other games,but not this one. The exchange system needs players to pay attention tightly and had better not to be disappeared more than one day.Otherwise all the exchange mills would be ruined. I had 20+ theme parks exchanged with my friends. And I think the problem would at least needs 2 more days to be fixed as these 2 days are not working day...That makes me really frustrated. I cannot even find a way to compensate the loss of my friends as I do not have 20+ theme parks to pay them…The stress of this game is so high that it seems not to bring players happiness once a problem had not been fixed promptly.The feeling of guilt to my friends really made me want to quit,eventhough I had spent more than 4000 USD on it.This time,it really made me clear. I think this game needs your team to in charge of it much more closely and to have a keen sense of responsibility due to it’s nature. Last time,the problem of logging in had force lots of players to leave. Thanks very much for your attention and patience.
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    SO one of my favorite parts of my town is the adorable villagers! I thought when I first saw the game that the villagers would interact with us and each other a lot, but they kinda don't do much at the moment! They're still super cute though! However, I can't help but think of ideas for what the villagers could do! I think there'd be a lot of benefits to making the characters, the villagers, more interactive and memorable! First of all, it'd be fun in the game by adding new features that build on the already existing characters! Also, lots of people like the characters and the storyline and this would boost the likeability of the game quite a bit instead of making it just about either leveling up fast or decorating lots! HOWEVER, Probably one of the best benefits though would be for Everytown's brand image. When characters become beloved, it makes people more invested in the game, no matter what! The game would reach out more to people who like that aspect of games and make it more successful! It also opens the possibility of merchandising the brand, which would make it so that the game wouldn't be dependent on micro-transactions for profit. And it'd BE SOOO CUUUUTE!! Villagers interact with US: Villager STATS system!! I know it's a big idea that'd take lots of work, but... why not have a friendship level with each villager! Like with the shops where you go from lvl 1-4 or whatever, you start off at lvl 1/acquaintance and move up to lvl 5/best friend, and get bonuses as you level up! Each person has 4-5 (or however many) levels of relationship, and each level has better and better stats! Like level 1 might give no stats, but lvl 2 could give +1% to XP, +1% to sales, etc. Higher levels would have better stats, and higher level or rarer villagers would have better higher level stats! (These would be on top of outfit stats, not replace them) You could get rewards/gifts every time you level up your friendship level with each villager! It could be small at level 1 like some hearts or just XP, but then at the highest level you could get a cool special eco item that is unique to that villager! Getting to the highest level could be easy for some villagers, whose bonus stats and gifts will also be lower, but can be harder to achieve for high level villagers and special seed random box villagers who have better high level stats and bonus gifts! You would level up your relationship with each villager by answering their daily questions right each day (the ones that give 3 instead of 1 hearts lol), and by doing their quests, saying the right thing in dialogue, advancing the main storyline that they're in, etc! Give us gifts! We get a heart or three from some of our villagers every day, but I think they could have more surprises for us to look forward to! Give SEEDS in addition to hearts <333 Some villagers cost a loooot of seeds to get from the random boxes, so why not have those villagers gift us with seeds occasionally? The amount of seeds on average someone gets would be up to the game developers, but it would be a great way to introduce seeds to the game without making them cheaper to buy for example. And maybe the more seed-bought villagers someone has, the more seed gifts on average someone can get! That would also reward people who spend seeds on villagers, and encourage more people to buy them, so it'd be win-win! Give items or gold on occasion! Cookies from Chelsea, pasta from Olga, etc <3 And villagers like to come to town to buy things right, so why not give us some $$? Give us quests! Click their heart bubble, new quest pops up on left that is special to that villager! Maybe random quests that are special, maybe 1-per-day? Or 1 quest per every 4 villagers per day? And maybe 24 hours to complete quest, assuming it's easy enough that it can be done in a day! Each villager could have one or a couple randomized quests each. Grow cabbage for Robin, sell x butter chips for Nell, etc! Like how weekly quests often repeat, the villager special quests could be smaller, daily versions of that! Villager quests could also be on a storyline basis, where every time you get a new quest from them it's in a certain order instead of just being a new random quest! Besides' the main storyline we could have side-stories, like the history of Nell or what's going on with Muriel or relationships between certain villagers growing <33 That would be a loooot of fun! More dialogue!! The villagers are so cute and the storyline is adorable and fun, so it'd be fun to just have more interaction with the villagers about what they think! Instead of just one dialogue and 3 hearts a day, we could have dialogue randomly throughout the day. Whenever we produce something they like they could talk to us. Whenever we level up, or get a new item, they could comment on it! Character storyline dialogues! We have the main storyline of course, and the quests give a lot of the storyline information, but it'd be cute to find out more about the villagers with dialogue, and have options for what to say back, and be able to find out more by answering correctly. It'd be fun <3 Give tips! There's a lot of game tips that the game should give to newer players or on newer features. The loading screen tips aren't enough! I had to do a lot of trial-and-error! Sure people can come to the forums NOW to ask stuff, but why not have the villagers give these tips via cute bubble dialogue? (Like tips/tutorials on most games, there should be an option in settings to turn off tips, so advanced players don't get annoyed!) Villagers interact with EACH OTHER and town: Villagers react to each other based off likes/dislikes with cute animations and behaviors! Luna likes Robin, so it'd be cute if she followed him around <3 Same for Chelsea and Tom! Etcetc! It'd just be cute to see them do things like see each other, and have a heart pop over their head (little one, like the music notes, not a clickable one. Just for cuteness' sake) and make adorable animations! Toto doesn't like tom, and Robin doesn't like Yoyo, so maybe they run from each other or have little (-_-;;) and ヽ(♯`Д´)ノ faces and cute animations when they run into each other. x3 Villagers react to different items with cute animations! Think Jake making cute animations when he sees hot air balloons ٩(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)۶ Seeing the villagers make cute animations randomly instead of just walking back and forth would make looking at them in the towns super fun! Villagers give bonus stats when around things/people they like! Again with Luna & Robin (they're sooooooooooo cute!!!!), if you have both, they give a special bonus stat, either harvest bonus to items or bonus XP or whatever <3 If certain villagers like certain items/crops/shops, they give bonus XP or harvest bonuses to those crops/shops/etc! Assign villagers to certain roads!! If you have your town organized into separate areas, like town area, garden area, etc, then it'd be cute to put villagers in different areas and have them stay there! Like putting the rabbits in the garden <33 Some people like to put villagers in one spot so that it's easy for visitors to collect hearts, BUT they still want to use roads as decoration elsewhere in the map, so assigning villagers to one area would be nice in that case too! BONUS! Villager ideas/requests! I'm sure there's a looooot of villager requests out there, but here's some I'd especially love to see! hedgehog! red panda! baby goat, piglet, baby fawn, and some other farm animal babies! more fantasy villagers/outfits! Fairies, princess dresses, elves, etc! formal wear outfits for each villager - so you can put them all in suits and dresses and make your town fancy! I know there's other great villager ideas out there! I'll edit this if I think of more (I had other ideas that I forgot as soon as I decided to type this out LOL)!
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    Everyone! How many of you are aware of "White Day?" Valentine's Day on February 14 is when you exchange chocolates, and on White Day, you exchange candies. Of course, not all countries celebrate this day. In Korea, we do celebrate the day, and it is a very special day where lovers exchange candies with their better half. As we have a special event for White Day, please refer to the following event details! - Date: 14 March - 15 March - Details: Log in for reward - Reward: Heart (314) ※The rewards is sent once during the event. ※The reward will be sent to your in-game post. ※If you do not see your reward, please try reconnecting to the game. Have a sweet White Day~>a< Thank you.
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    For probably half a year now, the level requirement on new seed shops has been raising into the 45+ range, with last month's union shops requiring level 51. The thing is, getting to that level is slow and tedious, and means that lower level players have little incentive to buy seeds, let alone a union membership. I really wish that the level requirement for these new seed shops wouldn't be raised any higher, so that those who are willing to spend seeds can hopefully get what they most want, while ET can still make money. Posting this because my mum, who doesn't have a forum account, bought a union membership with the intention of taking advantage of the current sale. She's level 50, and is pretty disappointed to realize that she's essentially wasted a union membership when she can't even get the shops she wanted. I realize that this wouldn't be a problem if she'd been reading more closely, but considering that it's a 6 level jump from the shops released in December, it's an easy mistake to make and is still pretty disappointing.
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    Thank you! This motivates me to expand my town and work on getting some items I’ve been wanting for a long time -w-
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    On my phone I still Play et and Sid Story if you know it.. but mostly I play Monster Hunter series..
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    And try to see it positive, you have a free weekend. Enjoy it
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    Yeah, I'm afraid too, that nothing will happen before monday, Flero doesnt seem to work on weekends at least not with the community. And of course it really sucks to miss one or in worst case even more cycles of your exchange stuff But hey, dont need to be so frustrated. We are all humans and no killer machines with an automatic shooting order, if somethings gets out of routine. You already told everyone about your problem through your sub acc, so I am sure everybody will understand And those who doesnt understand something like this, arent worth to worry at all. So dont worry.
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    Hello, villagers! We are holding maintenance for the update scheduled below. During this period , you will be unable to connect to the game. Please keep this in mind. ■ Period of Maintenance: Jan. 18 6:00 A.M. ~ 8:00 A.M. (UTC) * The ending time is subject to change under circumstances Please refer to the following patch notes for details. <Jan. 18 Patch Notes> 1. 14 New Production Facilities will be added Chai Tea Shop Croissant Sandwich Shop Croissant Shop PR Croissant Shop Croissant Brunch Shop Sukiyaki Shop Premium Cheese Mill II [Theme Park] Zoo (Mammoth) 2. New Villager Outfit will be added Sun Circus 3. New Crafting Landmark will be added [LND] Snow Globe 4. New Gathering Lunch Boxes will be added Croissant Brunch Sukiyaki 5. New Random Boxes will be added [Ltd] Baumkuchen Happy Blue Day 6. Trade Shop will be renovated Mooncake Shop 7. New Friend Shops (Only for Android) will be renovated Braised Spicy Chicken Shop PR Croissant Shop Premium Pigsty Premium Beehive Premium Bread Mill Premium Flour Mill Premium Beeswax Mill Premium Fruit Juice Mill Premium Cho. Milk Mill Premium Donut Mill Premium Yarn Mill 8. New Heart Decoration Items for January will be added Winter Firewood Chocolate House Winter Jars Snow Cleaner Eclair House Winter Cart Chocolate Girl Chocolate Store Winter Cabin
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    Omg this is so me right now :((
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    Yes, I have some mutuals that come with their subs to help the high level mills. So it's like a single player getting four 48hr mills in 2 days, instead of maximum 2 Other players would want to help the mills too. I agree with you, there are very nice people in ET too. honeybee is one of them, although sadly she quit. 2 of my mutuals recently quit too because they are too busy to play the game. I had an experienced with pw hackers. One of them hacked the mill that I locked for my mutual for trading. Well, I guess the most that we can do is just to block them.
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    Would it be possible to have more "normal" sky decorations? I'm not fond of the unusual hot air balloons, or the space items, but I have them for the eco anyway. How about the obvious? A sun, moon, big & little dippers, plane, birds, etc. You were close with the rainbow, kite, and star constellation, but then the satellite, and UFO with a cow..... what happened there....? I realize that this is just a fun, EXPENSIVE game, but I personally would rather have sky items that are actually seen ! More options for a great idea would also help clear up cluttered towns and promote creativity! More so, if we could buy them with gold. More space = more shop and eco item sales. You still win! My Villagers are always sad. Maybe it's because they don't know what time of day it is. Better yet, if our friends in another time zone, had night skies when it is night time in their Country!!!!! Oh!, the things I would change ?
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    @H0n3b33 (from Mi00ky and me) You are absolutely right with everything you say. We agree 100% with you. With lower prices especially poor people would be more attracted to buy some seeds and as everyone should know, there are more of them than rich people and they are more willing to give. So if FLERO-Games would be less greedy and make the game a bit more comfortable for the players, more of them would buy seeds and not give up in early stages of playing. There is an idiom FLERO-Games should take to their hearts: "Less is more!" There are so many dead lowies out there who gave up early, because of the hard leveling up conditions and the "buy for seed" buttons everywhere they look. And the dead lowies that didn't give up because of that, are mostly given up subaccounts. There seem to be more sub accounts out there than real active players, because you just need it. Help Requests are one of the reasons. Especially the short mills, are missed so easily, so you need a sub account that replaces what we miss because of lacking game mechanics. Don't get us wrong, it sounds a little like the game would be terrible allover. It is absolutely not. It is nice and cute. It's fun and has something that makes you keep playing. But anyway we hope FLERO-Games' Everytown Team reads your post and takes it serious so they can make use of your criticism, because it's aboslutely founded. A big thanks too you for hitting the nail on the head. As we said in our pm to you, game and forum won't be the same without you anymore. Thank you for your friendship, little Honeybee & we will let you hear from us. Sincerly @Sp00by & @Mi00ky
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