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    Hi all, I making this mini guide or tips for everyone who still low level or just starting the game. Other players are welcome to share their tips too in this thread. Now before I start please remember this is just my way of playing Everytown you don’t need to follow it, you are free to play the game like you want. I hope this tips will be helpful for everyone, so let’s begin. Stock up, save up, and patience. - Stock up, when you get your products from your mill or shop, don’t sell all of it. Stock some amount of each ingredient. Why? It will save your time to clear the Everytown quests; either it is normal quest or weekly quest. - Save up, if you are beginner player I suggest don’t spend your coins on random box yet (because possibility to get villager are random). Instead spend it on build more mills or shops and upgrade it. Why? Because you will earn extra coins and exp if you upgrade it (max level 4) and you automatic get them when you harvest your products, so it is good way to get your income, even if it did not give you much at first but when you continue play daily you keep getting money even if you don’t sell anything. - Patience, after you reach certain level you will feel the game a bit slow. Have to wait for certain hours for you mill/shop to build, finish production, level up, and so on. Almost fell like your patience been test. What can you do if that happens? Take it easy, do something else like decor your town or help other players. You can also watch movie or do homework while waiting. If you just can’t wait there is always option use seed. Mills and shops: Well if it is coin mill/shop I suggest you to build all of them as soon as you unlock it. Why? Cause at some point the quest will require you have it. You can build more than one same mill/ shop. Same amount of mill will take more space, eco, and material. That is when you might consider invest in premium mill. Why? Because premium mill safe space, less eco used, and can produce more, with the same amount of material as regular one (Of course you will need to buy it with seed) Which premium mill to get? Well you should pick mill that the ingredient use a lot for shop/mill. I found sugar is the most used one. There is also chocolate, olive oil, and so on. It is always nice to check the shop/mill in advance (even the one that still locked for you) to see what ingredient you will need in future. For Seed shops I recommend go with the one that give you most experience. You can find out which shops give you the most exp by using the sort tab, which is located on the right side when you view shop. Quest: If you want more villagers not from random box, just keep doing the first quest from the top. It will take a while to get them but you will get them eventually. If you wish to see the quest list you should able to find in forum in general discussion section. Middle quest is mostly plants quest, you can buy it from other player or you can wait until you unlock it yourself to clear the quest. The restaurant quest can be access after you unlock the restaurant. Mostly the quest will ask you to unlock new menu and level up the menu to level 2 (this level up menu quest give you 3 seed every time you clear the level up quest) Weekly quest is quest that available for a week, it will be reset on Sunday (you can earn total 9 seed if you finish the quest) There is also 3 time quest for people who unlock second town. The first quest is produce certain amount of plant and sell certain amount of it. The secound one is same with the first one but this time it is product. The last one is usually related to latest or new seed shop where you need to produce it and sell it too. What’s the reward? Quite big amount of coin for all the three quests. The last one give you special decor the "challenge trophy" Visit other player: You can get coin, hearts, and special ingredient for restaurant if you visit your friends or other player You can also help other player mill/ shop. Each day you have 12 helps, which you can use in each player town. Now before you help the player please look at their profile and notice (click the post on the right side) see if there is any rule going. It is important if you don’t want to get reject and waste your help. If Mutual only mean that the mill or shop only for their mutual friends (players who add each other as friend) sometimes some player did not lock it. Okay, I think that should be enough for now. For other players who want to add more tips to this thread feel free to do so. Thank you for reading my post ^^. Hope this tips useful for you all and have fun playing everytown
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    A bit late but better than never. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYTOWN! :3 For those who want know: I used Manga Studio 5 EX as software and my precious Wacom Cintiq 13 HD as medium.
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    NOTE: Please see my summary cheat-sheet on seeds and their costs HERE! ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gfQMcBW4_7-AEitP5oKA62cdYkFs870Yv3rlPggu0aw/edit?usp=sharing ) All charts I post are there in one place. Sorry this is a long post! I put a lot of thought and effort into it. I like info so I have been compiling items in the game and their costs, and the high price of so many items just got to me and I had to post this. I really love Everytown! It's probably my favorite mobile game I've ever played. It's more like the old computer/gameboy games I used to like playing, and less like the silly games that dominate the mobile market today. However, the game's reliance on premium currency and premium items for so much of the game's features and quality items is really disappointing, as it makes almost half the game unavailable or unenjoyable to the majority of players, even ones who are willing to pay modest amounts. I think the game's staying power will lend itself more to long-term players who ought to be focused on instead of the short-term players that quit in a month or two. Micro-transaction-based games tend to focus on squeezing as much money as possible from players in a short amount of time. Micro-transaction-based games don't however focus on keeping players long-term and tend to actually drive out reliable long-term-profit-producing players. I believe by making the game more balanced and making "premium items" and "premium currency" more readily available to frequent players through in-game quests/functions/trades/etc will encourage long-term players and lead to a more successful and profitable game platform. To use a farming analogy... Which is better: the cow that is milked dry in a short amount of time and then must be discarded, or the cow that is nurtured and produces milk steadily over a significantly longer period of time? I believe there are many players that will play for longer periods of time and make more casual purchases... if you can tweak the business model of the game to be more geared toward these long-term players, which I feel the game is better suited toward anyway with it's adorable appeal, large international community, and frequent content updates. Also, if someone says, "But this IS a case where users quit before X months, so monetizing them in that period before they lose interest is the only way to be a profitable business" but I'd say, the reason why the majority that quit early do so is entirely because of the seed system that 1) keeps them from progressing in the game (leveling, which is SIGNIFICANTLY easier with seed-bought 2nd town and higher eco items so they can have more mills) and 2) enjoying the game (decorating their town in cute designs, as the game advertises to draw in new users, the MAJORITY of which are all bought with seeds). Another businessman might say, "Micro-transaction-based games will alienate some players who wouldn't pay, but the ones who do pay will make up for the loss." I also disagree with those people, because such a large percentage of the game is only enjoyable through paying cash that even those players who buy seeds will look at the cost-to-value ratio and decide that the amount they're paying for what little they're receiving isn't worth it. I am for example one of those customers, that is now considering not paying any more because of how little of the game it unlocks for me for the disproportionately high cost. Besides the fact that I believe making seeds cheaper to buy & more easily available in-game (OR making more premium items purchasable with in-game gold currency), I also want to point out how terribly poor the cost-to-value ratio of most of the premium seed items are. Do you really think a single virtual item is worth $25 real USD? And a town full of these virtual items worth hundreds of dollars? Look at Irvin's current Santorini theme. The items that are purchasable only by seeds are as follows: Cherry Tea Time 106 Cherry Jar Pond 34 LND Sapling 188 Cherry Tree 66 SAN bell tower 38 SAN Church 752 SAN Dome 33 SAN Fire Place 129 SAN House 66 SAN streetlamp 10 SAN Villa 318 ocean 30 snow ground 35 leaf waterway 12 Waterway 18 12 Waterway 20 6 ALL expansions 2160 TOTAL 3995 Look at how many seeds it would cost to buy all those items to decorate that town!! How much would that cost in USD $$? Package: # of seeds Package $$ $$ per seed $$ per 100 seeds: 50% off Large box 240 $10.00 $0.042 $4.17 Starter Pack 220 $10.00 $0.045 $4.55 Truck + 15% sale 1552.5 $90.00 $0.058 $5.80 30% off Large box 240 $14.00 $0.058 $5.83 Cart + 20% sale 840 $50.00 $0.060 $5.95 Frugality Package 496 $30.00 $0.060 $6.05 Substantial Package 1156 $70.00 $0.061 $6.06 Cart + 15% sale 805 $50.00 $0.062 $6.21 Truck 1350 $90.00 $0.067 $6.67 Large box + 20% sale 288 $20.00 $0.069 $6.94 Cart 700 $50.00 $0.071 $7.14 Lrg bx + 15% sale 276 $20.00 $0.072 $7.25 Junior Pack 320 $25.00 $0.078 $7.81 Large Box 240 $20.00 $0.083 $8.33 Small Box 110 $10.00 $0.091 $9.09 Basket 53 $5.00 $0.094 $9.43 Bundle 10 $1.00 $0.100 $10.00 50% off is obviously the best deal, but also the most infrequent. None of these are very good deals however, as I will show by listing prices of common seed items and weighting their real cost-to-value ratio. So to decorate Irvin's town, if we take the Junior Pack's price, it would cost likely around 3995 seed multiplied by .078... oh my, it would cost over $300. But wait... we can save up seed in-game, right? Well, not really... 14 ads/offers/videos (2/day*) (non iOS users only - approx 70%+ of mobile users and growing) 13 daily log-in reward at end of week 9 weekly quests (1+1+7) 1 sunday log-in gift 23 TOTAL SEEDS for daily interaction with game for iOS user 37 TOTAL SEEDS for daily interaction with game for non iOS users *used to be 35 seeds/week at 5/day until most recent update, for a total of 58 seeds/week for non-iOS users. How many seeds for logging in and playing EVERY DAY for...? a month? 100 seeds (iOS user) 160 seeds (non-iOS user) 251 seeds (non-iOS user before update) a quarter? 299 seeds (iOS user) 481 seeds (non-iOS user) 754 seeds (non-iOS user before update) a year? 1196 seeds (iOS user) 1924 seeds (non-iOS user) 3016 seeds (non-iOS user before update) So how long would it take to save UP seeds for Irvin's town? Well: - at 23 seeds a week, to save up 3995 seeds, it would take 174 weeks! That's over 3 years and 4 months. - at 37 seeds a week, to save up 3995 seeds, it would take 108 weeks! That's over 2 full years. - even at 58 seeds a week, to save up 3995 seeds, it would take 69 weeks! That's a year and a half! Let's look at the cost of some of the game items that one might consider essential to enjoying the game! TOWN EXPANSIONS Cost in SEEDS $$ at 50% off $$ at 30% off $$ at junior pack $$ at bundle 1st town - 42x42 70 $2.94 $4.06 $5.46 $7.00 44x44 80 $3.36 $4.64 $6.24 $8.00 46x46 90 $3.78 $5.22 $7.02 $9.00 48x48 100 $4.20 $5.80 $7.80 $10.00 50x50 100 $4.20 $5.80 $7.80 $10.00 52x52 110 $4.62 $6.38 $8.58 $11.00 54x54 120 $5.04 $6.96 $9.36 $12.00 2nd Town 180 $7.56 $10.44 $14.04 $18.00 20x20 15 $0.63 $0.87 $1.17 $1.50 22x22 20 $0.84 $1.16 $1.56 $2.00 24x24 25 $1.05 $1.45 $1.95 $2.50 26x26 30 $1.26 $1.74 $2.34 $3.00 28x28 35 $1.47 $2.03 $2.73 $3.50 30x30 40 $1.68 $2.32 $3.12 $4.00 32x32 45 $1.89 $2.61 $3.51 $4.50 34x34 50 $2.10 $2.90 $3.90 $5.00 36x36 60 $2.52 $3.48 $4.68 $6.00 38x38 70 $2.94 $4.06 $5.46 $7.00 40x40 80 $3.36 $4.64 $6.24 $8.00 42x42 90 $3.78 $5.22 $7.02 $9.00 44x44 100 $4.20 $5.80 $7.80 $10.00 46x46 110 $4.62 $6.38 $8.58 $11.00 48x48 120 $5.04 $6.96 $9.36 $12.00 50x50 130 $5.46 $7.54 $10.14 $13.00 52x52 140 $5.88 $8.12 $10.92 $14.00 54x54 150 $6.30 $8.70 $11.70 $15.00 TOTAL 2160 $90.72 $125.28 $168.48 $216.00 To be able to get a town like Irvin's, one that's full of pretty decorations, with your 2nd town holding all the mills that make you level up and do your quests, you'd have to save up 2160 seeds. That would cost probably around $175, OR take a year or more to save up in-game at the current rates of 23-37 seeds per week. Here's some random items and their costs. Cost in SEEDS $$ at 50% off $$ at 30% off $$ at junior pack $$ at bundle SHOPS roast chicken 55 $2.31 $3.19 $4.29 $5.50 lava cake 55 $2.31 $3.19 $4.29 $5.50 quesadilla 55 $2.31 $3.19 $4.29 $5.50 panzanella 55 $2.31 $3.19 $4.29 $5.50 PR olive oil 35 $1.47 $2.03 $2.73 $3.50 PR perfume 35 $1.47 $2.03 $2.73 $3.50 cereal bar 29 $1.22 $1.68 $2.26 $2.90 VILLAGER OUTFITS Lena outfit 75 $3.15 $4.35 $5.85 $7.50 Tom 75 $3.15 $4.35 $5.85 $7.50 Doris 60 $2.52 $3.48 $4.68 $6.00 Kevin 30 $1.26 $1.74 $2.34 $3.00 Chelsea 60 $2.52 $3.48 $4.68 $6.00 Irvin 60 $2.52 $3.48 $4.68 $6.00 Muriel 30 $1.26 $1.74 $2.34 $3.00 Reira 30 $1.26 $1.74 $2.34 $3.00 Jake 30 $1.26 $1.74 $2.34 $3.00 RESTAURANT COMBOS chicken n pizza 75 $3.15 $4.35 $5.85 $7.50 pepperoni piza 37 $1.55 $2.15 $2.89 $3.70 chocolate special 57 $2.39 $3.31 $4.45 $5.70 TOWN DECOR / ECO ITEMS LND Manor 535 $22.47 $31.03 $41.73 $53.50 SEG Orange house 521 $21.88 $30.22 $40.64 $52.10 HOL Colonial 433 $18.19 $25.11 $33.77 $43.30 ALS Victorian 350 $14.70 $20.30 $27.30 $35.00 SEG Town Hall 312 $13.10 $18.10 $24.34 $31.20 LND Garden 306 $12.85 $17.75 $23.87 $30.60 SET Church 292 $12.26 $16.94 $22.78 $29.20 ALS Blue Mansion 255 $10.71 $14.79 $19.89 $25.50 FRV Brown Castle 250 $10.50 $14.50 $19.50 $25.00 WES White Castle 243 $10.21 $14.09 $18.95 $24.30 LND Paris Arc 219 $9.20 $12.70 $17.08 $21.90 Ranch Hay Store 200 $8.40 $11.60 $15.60 $20.00 SAN Church 188 $7.90 $10.90 $14.66 $18.80 FRV Witch Home 188 $7.90 $10.90 $14.66 $18.80 LND Sapling 188 $7.90 $10.90 $14.66 $18.80 HOL Arch House 156 $6.55 $9.05 $12.17 $15.60 VEN Vivaldi 112 $4.70 $6.50 $8.74 $11.20 VEN St Lucia 104 $4.37 $6.03 $8.11 $10.40 SEG Townhouse 100 $4.20 $5.80 $7.80 $10.00 Cherry Tea Time 53 $2.23 $3.07 $4.13 $5.30 Hideout Tree 44 $1.85 $2.55 $3.43 $4.40 Cherry Jar Pond 34 $1.43 $1.97 $2.65 $3.40 Cherry Tree 33 $1.39 $1.91 $2.57 $3.30 VEN Wall A 7 $0.29 $0.41 $0.55 $0.70 VEN wall B 7 $0.29 $0.41 $0.55 $0.70 Want to get great XP by giving all your villager outfits? No problem, only spend $35-worth of seeds after buying a couple junior seed packs. Or save up 450 seeds for 5 months of playing every single day with your 23 seeds per week allowance. $35... that's a lot of money to spend on a single aspect of a game. That's how much I would spend on buying an entire game, and I would expect the rest of the game to be free after that and unlockable just by playing. $35 is more than I would spend on two people going out to a restaurant. $35 is more than I would spend on a MMO game subscription in a couple months. And this is only one part of Everytown's game mechanics for increasing XP - there's also more villagers from random boxes, more xp from upgrading mills, etc! Want to get more items per day with premium mills? No problem, only $3-5 a mill! For the price of a cup of fancy expensive coffee, you can get one single virtual mill in a game! Do you really think that is a good way to spend money? Do you really think one mill in this game is worth that much money? Two weeks of playing the game to save up the seeds, or spend the price of a couple bags of rice for one virtual item? Especially when you need SEVERAL of these items to be worth anything? People have dozens of PR mills in their farms, that's $50+! Or months of saving seeds! Do you really think that's a good cost-to-value ratio? I might spend $50 on ONE game, like mario kart, but I would expect to enjoy the entire game for that price. Everytown wants me to spend $50 on just part of the game! Want to make your town pretty, like all the ads for the game make it look like we can do with our farms and towns? Want to have a pretty background or pretty sakura trees? Well, those are not part of the "free" game, those are premium items. So to have enough cherry trees to make your town pretty, you can either save up for MONTHS, or you can spend $15 for a set of cherry trees! Instead of having lunch a couple days, you can have a couple of tiny virtual trees in your town. I used to spend $15 a month for world of warcraft back in the day, but after paying that I knew the rest of the game would be free to me if I wanted to play and save the gold to get whatever I wanted. But on Everytown, I have to pay $15 for every couple items I want to decorate my town with instead. I'm sorry, I understand that the micro-transaction method is common-place in the mobile game market, but why not break the mold? I can't imagine how many players quit the game after a week or a month because they realize they will never be able to decorate their towns nicely because everything costs so much seed and real money. Or they quit because they can't level up because the best way to get XP is to 1) have enough eco to have enough mills to get enough xp to level, and the best items to increase eco are seed items 2) have 2nd town and expand it to fill it with mills 3) have more villagers and villager outfits, and all these things cost so much seeds that people can't level fast (especially if they want their town to look nice while leveling!) so they just quit. I wonder how many more long-term players would be on the game if they didn't feel it was an exercise in futility! If they had hope that they could make a pretty town and get seed premium items within the first weeks of playing, instead of having to pay hundreds of dollars or wait years! Here's what I suggest. Trade gold for seeds. If the market has lots of gold available later, then change the trade rates to accommodate the inflation. IE right now, 50,000,000 gold = 50 seeds, but later if lots of high-paying mills and quests are added so that everyone has 5mil gold easy, raise it to 100,000,000 gold = 50 seeds, etc. EDIT: the amount of gold per seed would change! Also, good idea would be to have different trading brackets per level, so that lvl 30 that takes 1 month to save 10mil gets more seeds from trading 10mil than a lvl 50 who makes that in a day, who might need 100mil+ to get seeds in a trade. Make all or most items and features pay for gold OR seed. Make villager outfits buyable with gold too instead of just seeds. Make all the eco items available for gold as well as seeds - and don't make two versions where the gold one has 1/2 or 1/3 the eco! To have mills to get XP we need high ECO, so buying low eco items is pointless, so don't do that. Make it high gold if you want. Lower the cost of seeds. If there are lots of items that are 50-100+ seeds, then it should not cost me $10 to buy ONE item. ONE item should be worth a couple dollars MAXIMUM. Don't forget, this game is popular in many emerging market countries. Who can afford to buy 30 items for their town when each one costs them a couple dollars to twenty dollars! A pack of 200 seeds should be $5 maximum, maybe less. Make more seed sales that are better. Having a 30% off sale every level is nice, but make it 50% off sale every level instead. When you are high level, you only level once every couple weeks, so why not get a big sale on the special occasion that you level up? Also forgive me but +15% bonus seeds is not a big sale. Not at all. How about one day a month, have a 75% off sale? Give out more seeds. More quests that give seeds. Make more weekly or monthly quests - and not just for players with multi-towns! Make production quests that give out seeds. Make cute quests. Give out more free seeds from watching ads, and don't restrict it to only 5 a day, and definitely not only 2. I don't expect to get all the items I want in the game in a month. That would be boring. I don't expect it all for free either - I bought games in the past that I loved playing, and if I could unlock every single item in Everytown for a one-time fee of $30 I would pay it. I would like to spend $10 once a month on a game I like. I pick ONE game I like and I pay for it and have done that for a couple years now. I have bought seeds on the 50% off sale and the starter packs, because I like Everytown a lot and would like to 1) see it grow and be successful as a game and 2) play with and decorate my cute town. However, all the updates are just adding more and more higher and higher priced seed items, and I'm thinking maybe I should quit spending money and time on Everytown. And if I'm thinking that, when I like the game so much and am willing to spend money, then I imagine a lot of other players are in the same boat. Once again, which is better: the cow that is milked dry in a short amount of time and then tossed aside, or the cow that is nurtured and produces milk steadily over a significantly longer period of time? Players/customers that buy a couple seeds then quit because the game is too hard to level or decorate their town are the regular cow pen. Players/customers that play the game for a long time and tell everyone about the game and spend more money over time even if it's in small amounts are like the premium cow pen. Which do you want to invest in and fill your town with? PS note - FREE ADS/VIDEOS/OFFERS COMPANY TAPJOY NEEDS REPLACED. Tapjoy has some offers (2 a day max for non-iOS users) that are MANY seeds, like 20, 30, 50, 100+. Most of these high-seed ones however require you to spend money, usually more than if you just bought seeds yourself. Some of them just require signing up for stuff or downloading and playing other games. HOWEVER tapjoy is notoriously, fraudulently unreliable. Tapjoy owes me over 300 seeds from offers over the last couple months that they never paid me for, even though I emailed them frequently about the issues and sent all the proof they asked for such as screenshots or signup emails. Tapjoy is terrible and honestly Everytown should find a more reliable ad-partner. There are lots of games out there that have lots of videos or offers for free premium currency that never have the issues tapjoy has.
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    Christmas Speical Heart Booster! Duration: 20 DEC ~ 25 DEC 26 DEC (Extended due to one-day error!) Chances of getting hearts from your friend towns are DOUBLED! Don't miss out on this! Go collect HEARTS!
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    Tom!! Please tell me you are going to have a heart event that lasts from now till Jan 19!!!!!! Do you realize how hard it is to earn hearts normally?? I will be lucky if i get to do one pull on this limited box every 2 days! and that's with visiting 150 friends daily and having 33 villagers to collect visitors hearts with!!! And I still didn't get all the heart shop items yet either!!
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    I try avoid thinking about the prize, those prize did motivate you to join. But don't let it bother you, it will makes you not enjoy the event. The main reason of the event for me is to have fun. I join 2 or 3 contests when I at school. And let me tell you in real life contest there is no participate prize instead you will need to pay fee to sumbit your enty. Now even more fustration you spend days and months to work on the piece or art and there is possible you not get selected as winner and lose your entry fee. I believe there is no effort for nothing. Everyone is talented. We just need put the time and effort to make it happen. Not everyone good at something straight. Like my drawing, I strat with crappy drawing (it was very bad). But I want to get better at it so I put effort on improve my drawing skills. It takes years of practice to get what I can draw today and I am still learning to improving my art. I never look down on any arts that people draw. I know they try their best and I can tell if they are trying or not. What important is you enjoy what you doing. Even if you win or lose you should be proud of what you have achive.
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    No Participation Prize? I have not participated yet, but I will be-- I was sick for over a week and didnt find out about this contest until fairly recent, but there's still a full week left so plenty of time. Even with a really awesome prize for the winners being 400seeds, I cannot believe there is NO participation prize??.. I have spoken to many friends in group chats and they all think the same thing-- for a contest that requires so much time and effort there is no reward (even a gold reward) for those who put in the effort to do this, but yet, selfie contests that require nothing but the push of a button, even the coloring contest with the coloring book page (10 seeds if I remember correctly) offer a participation prize?.. it just doesn't seem to make sense. I would think that EVERYONE who cares that much to take time out of their real life (most of the time hours or days) to complete an art work in love of the game should still recieve a decent consolation prize just for participating, and yes those who win definitely deserve the hefty 400 seeds for their work it's not too late to implement a prize just for participating- and I think I can speak for just about anyone who has put in the hours of effort, that it would be extremely appreciated♥
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    A little Halloween FanArt, since I really enjoy drawing EveryTown characters. :3 HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!
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    OK SO! List of the items in KET we don't have yet! But first, disclaimer! As you probably already know, KET has been out for like 3 years, so it's taken them a long time to get all these items and features! We have to be extra kind and patient in waiting for our global version to get these!! I like knowing what KET has because it's more fun to plan my town around what might come! And it helps with saving seeds instead of letting them burn a hole in your pocket haha. And it's exciting waiting to see what we're getting in future updates. I thought everyone else would like to see too! I will try to keep this updated every month or so with major stuff! Whenever there's an update, if there's no pictures listed, you can come here and see if you can spy out which ones are the ones we're getting NOTE: this is NOT a complete list of all the items KET has/had that global doesn't! Here are some items that I do NOT have listed: Shops/eco items/etc that are built with world discover/build feature (some info on that below) Friend shop versions of seed mills (like how the friend rusk and friend mocha shop are different in looks, ingredients, etc) Eco items that are currently rotated out of the shop temporarily (many eco items from Holland, Korean, Alsace, etc themes are not below because I was not able to screenshot them) Limited edition items that are no longer available & special edition items gifted for events Contents: 1. Crops & Trees 2. Mills, Pens, & Shops (Sorted by level!) 3. Eco Items *Note: Again, not all items are shown, some have been rotated out of the shop to save space in the game! 4. Scenery 5. Theme park 6. Union Shop 7. Boxes 8. Features 9. Cash items
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    <Third Town Open Event> Event Duration: 22nd Sep ~ 28th Sep - Open the Third Town and automatically get signed-up for a chance to win 150 Seeds! - A total of 30 players will be selected for the reward! - Reward: 150 Seeds Congratulations on the lucky 30 winners! 1. タメちゃん 2. Rolnička 3. ローラリティ☆彡 4. 小日兒 5. 于珊 6. 時尚丸 7. QQA 8. 曉雅ya 9. M.DHANY 10. 美幼 11. ❤️單單❤️ 12. Rariri 13. 最愛小萍 14. polly 15. 黑炭 16. たむ 17. 葵小瓜 18. 本丸 19 オランジュ 20. Vicky36 21. ちぃぱっぱ 22. ちぃちゃん 23. Puffyfish 24. 萌龍 25. Mimiroon 26. 玥琋兒 27. TinyAlex 28. 玲寶寶 29. MintClover 30. 耳東
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    I'm sure these have been suggested A LOT, and I don't know if these have already been addressed or completely vetoed in the Korean version, but here we go anyway! Things I've noticed and some ideas to address them! Need more information!!! There really needs to be more info on basic game stuff. Like for example, I didn't even know that if someone doesn't accept your help before the mill runs out that you don't get the item until after playing for 2 months! And I still don't understand what the loading-screen tip means when it says "higher level friend help means more product rewards!" because I can get 3 items from a level 21 helping my mill and I can get only 2 items from a level 40 person helping my mill so I just don't understand, yet many people reject help of lower level anyway. Possible fix: Have a "help" or "FAQ" section under game options! Either make explanations of game mechanics in the game, or make links to this community forum where there can be more FAQ threads to explain everything! Helpful Option: Make more tips on the loading screen and make the ones that are already there more clear. Need more friends!! Possible fix #1: Make it so you can add more friends with each level you gain! Since you get more visitors and more friends as you level this will help a lot. Possible fix #2: Make it so you can visit anyone, not just friends. Maybe make it so you can only help friends or something else to keep them separate, but make it so you can visit other visitors back and give hearts and leave thank-you messages anyway. Helpful Option: Make visitors have little yellow arrows just like how friends do, that way when you're going through your visitors you can see who you need to visit back easier! Need helps that don't get wasted! Possible fix: Make it so help is returned if help is lost within that 24-hour period, so that you don't have to only help 12+ hour mills, and so that you don't have to feel awful about not checking your own mills every single hour so that you don't waste anyone's helps. Helpful Option: Make an online/offline indicator thing, so that people don't have to update their status blurb when they're on! Being able to sort friends by "recent visitor" is nice but it doesn't tell you if someone is actually on the game or not. EDIT: online/offline indicator would update AUTOMATICALLY when game is open on the phone, and turn off when game is minimized/closed. Need more seeds to buy updated shops/eco items!! Possible fix #1: Option to buy seeds with GOLD! Lots of games have option to exchange in-game currency for premium currency. I figure there's two types of players that are important to the game: 1) players that spend lotsa money and 2) players that devote a significant amount of time to the game and keep it going and tell everyone about it etc. Why not reward the second player with premium stuff too through the gold-to-seed option? I know we get some seeds every week but when new items come out every other week that cost hundreds of seeds it's impossible to keep up through that alone! Possible fix #2: More seed-granting quests, maybe for people who have the 2nd town or something so it doesn't feel like they're being completely given away? Need more room to write things to visitors!! The status blurb section is really short and mostly for "hello! welcome! online! Daily Player! Help grape jam!" And the notice section that allows you to sticky one notice is nice but it's also pretty short and doesn't have enough room to explain more than one thing. Possible fix: Add a "bio" section where you can write something more permanent, like your time-zone, when your mills reset, your policy on trading mills and psascodes, or whatever! Probably have it on a tab accessible from the profile and posts tab. Need way to reserve mills! I know lots of people have requirements for mills that they post in their status/notes, but maybe it would be nice to add a game feature for that, that way people don't end up wasting their helps on mills because they can't read the chinese/english instructions the person posted, and so people don't have to feel bad rejecting helps. Helpful Option #1: add option to make ALL mills open to mutual friends only Helpful Option #2: add option to make certain mills open to certain levels only (like 20+ or whatever)
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    I really like this new feature so thank you for adding it! However I'd like to offer some feedback/opinions/questions (for developers and fellow users that are interested!) After using the train feature for a few days theres a few things I personally think would make this more appealing to other players! -Shorten the reward waiting time: This isn't a really big issue however once yout hit lvl 45 and up, the mills take a really long time to complete, then you have to wait another 6 or so hours to get the reward and next product requests. I personally would prefer a shorter waiting time to keep myself busy in the game! It's also a let down to wait 6 hours for the rewards only to get 10k gold, 100xp and restaurant ingredients that you can easily find in the market. -Product level: This might only be a high lvl issue but is it possible to make the requirements of the product be for products from the previous level? A lot of players are behind on their main quests (due to so many high xp mills coming out, resulting in them leveling up faster than the rate of them completing quests) and the train at times asks for products of their current level. Players at lvl 40 can easily find their product requirements in the market or from other fellow players but players at lvl 50+ don't have that luxury. By asking for products from previous levels only, you allow players to use their old mills, saved up product, catch up on their main quests, or possibly find the product in the market. -Rewards: I know the rewards are random but why are they so low?D: I understand only giving 100-200 hearts and 1 seed but 10k gold and 100xp at times seems a bit..silly (for lack of better words). As a lvl 55 player, 10k gold, 100xp, and restaurant ingredients seems unreasonable, especially after waiting for 6 hours for the reward (not to mention the waiting time to make some of the high lvl products the train asks for since its rare to find lvl 50+ products in the market). Also, are lvl 40-45 players getting the same rewards as a player that is lvl 50+? If so.../; Lvl 40 mills take fewer hours to finish and most of the products can be found in the market or bought from other players that are lvl 40+. Therefore they get to finish the train requests quicker, meaning they get more rewards than a lvl 50+ player that has to make everything. Regardless of whether a user has villagers or costumes, lvl 50+ players should be getting more in terms of rewards (imo). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overall the train is a fun new feature however it seems incredibly skewed. I noticed it's a new feature in both ET versions so I'm assuming it's in its testing phase, which hopefully means feedback from players can help mold it into something everyone can enjoy. As of now I'd suggest it to anyone that has a ton of saved up stuff in their storage (from all levels) or to anyone that is a lvl 40-45 player. The rewards are fairly low for what you're giving in return (specifically gold/xp) + the time it takes to get the reward (for lvl 50+ players: + the time it takes to make the product). TL;DR -Shorten the waiting time - Change it so that product requests are from previous levels only -Increase rewards for high lvl players (Regardless if anything is changed, I'll continue to use the feature since I already bought the second track) *Idea* I think it'd be cool if every once in a while a 'Special Train' arrived and it asked for items from seeds mills (not including PR's). Most players can obtain seed products (rusks, CB's, candle, cocktail, etc) so this will give them a chance to use those items! Rewards can range from 100k to maybe even help tickets! This can also help with putting to use old seed mills. (Of course there should be an option to dismiss the offer of the 'Special Train' just in case someone can't obtain those products) (Round of applause if any of you read this far omg)
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    **If the message "New version available! Please Update" persists, please go to [Settings - Application Manager - Google Play Store] and select 'Delete Cache' to refresh your data and try again. Hello friends! We will be having a maintenance break for some updates. Please note that our servers will be closed during the maintenance and you will not be able to log-in during the time. Start: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-24-6,-360,cn3 End: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-24-6,-180,cn3 Please refer to our patch notes for further update details. <Patch Notes> 1. New shops have been added. - Milk Shake Shop - Cheese Pizzeria 2. New Randombox has been added. - [Ltd] Rusk Shop (Limited) 3. New Package has been added. - Theme Park Group Ticket 4. New Theme Park has been added - [Theme Park] Rainbow Tower 5. New Sky Decoration in Union Shop has been added - Antique Hot-Air-Balloon 6. [Restaurant] has been updated 7. New items have been added in the Restaurant. - Spaghetti Set - Steak Set - Curry Omelet Set 8. Trade Shop ITem has been switched. - Cocktail Shop 9. New Items have been added in the Gift Shop. - Strawberry Muffin Shop - Premium Cheese Mill - Premium Dough Mill - Premium Beehive 10. New items have been added in the Heart Shop. *Halloween items have been removed - Winter Camellia - Rudolph Sled - Christmas Bench - Winter Grandpa - Big X-mas Tree - Christmas House - Snow Party House 11. [New] Train Station feature has been added. Now you can sell/load items on the train and receive various types of rewards! Thank you!
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    I'm like batman you call I come don't worry!
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    I don't really know much about Facebook, since I don't really use it a lot. But sadly it seems that our pictures get very pixelated and small there (or at least I don't know it better). Which is sad because of all those details we have drawn with love. Are we allowed to post our entry's also here? If so I would love to see the entry's in much better quality, with all the details and directly into the heart of it's artist. Here is my entry in better EveryTown Board quality: (if it's not allowed just delete or I delete it then. :3)
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    I was looking at the backgrounds and besides the "Mountain" and "Fall Mountain" and "Flower plain" The rest require seed. However I was thinking it would be nice for a "Winter Mountain" that was buyable with gold to complete the 4 seasons.
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    The event Trick or Dolce is taken down tomorrow. I won't feel good if i don't comment on this case . I spent 15 mio to get cute guy Dolce. I'm lucky if i compare with my friend and other players that still don't get him and spent 40 to 100 mio . Is it cool ? not at all . I knew random is random . If normal random boxes to get villagers like Bobo , Mini , Nell , Nero , Roto , Kooko , Joel , Rolly , ...etc...i can accept but not with special event like Halloween , Christmas , New Year , Valentine's day ...where we could have a chance to celebrate together . We're suppossed to have fun and not to spend money till we're poor and still not get Dolce I'm one of EveryTown's fan . I've stopped playing other game since i played this game because i really like it . But since the event Dolce random boxes come out , i'm so disappointed . I won't have fun playing everytown if you do the same thing in the next special event . I knew you worked hard on this game but we spent so much time and real money too . I hope next special event won't be hard to get like Dolce . Thanks in advance and thanks for taking time to read my comment
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    I made a comment on the Dolce Event about having other methods for attaining villagers. I'd love to have an option for a flat rate on villagers. Myself and many others (some have beat the odds and gotten them yes but some) have dished out so much gold and still have little to nothing to show for it. Would be awesome to be able to have a means to get them for a flat rate. I mean if the system is taking our money anyways I'd at least like to be guaranteed it isn't all for nothing. Giving 500k and getting 40k-50k 9 times out of 10 really discourages someone. I'd pay the 20mill or whatever it takes on average for someone to get something from a gold box than spend 20mill and maybe not get it. Edit: OR would like to have a gold limit on the boxes that allow the villagers etc to pay out at a certain amount... and maybe once the villager is gone... then the Eco does the same?
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    Hello Friends! Coming up next, we're going to be having a short maintenance break for some updates! Please note that the servers will be closed and you may not connect during the maintenance has once started. Important: After the update, Heart indicators in the friend list, and Level-Up Promotion Seed Sales will be reset and gone until your following next level-up. If you haven't made your purchase yet, please remember do so before it goes away during the maintenance to avoid any inconveniences. Please refer to the maintenance schedule below, and plan your harvest in crops! *Maintenance time is subject to change under circumstances. Start: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-9-22,-360,cn3 End: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-9-22,-180,cn3 *Maintenance time has been extended for another hour. We apologize for the unexpected delay. <Patch Notes> 1. Maximum Level Cap has been Raised - Max Level 60 -> 65 2. Third Town Feature has been added. - "Multitown" name has changed to "Second Town" - Third Town is available for "Second Town" owners. 3. Theme Park feature has been added. - Decorate your wonderland and invite your friends over and play! 4. New Seed deals added in the Union Shop - Only available on Android 5. New items have been added in the shop. - Strawberry Tart Shop - Baklava Shop - Scone Mill - Aftern. Tea Shop - Bacon Mill - Carbonara Shop - Ganache Mill - Opera Cake Shop - Teriyaki Mill - Okonomiyaki Shop - Ganache Cake Mill - Gyudong Shop 6. New villagers have arrived! - Luka - Joel 7. New random box has been added in the Union Shop - Joel 8. New Theme Parks have been added - [Theme Park] Merry Go Round - [Theme Park] Ferris Wheel 9. New items related to the Theme Park have been added. - Gold Bar - Theme Park Ticket 10. New Sky Decorations have been added. - [Theme Park] Sky Balloon - SkyConstellation - Pale Blue Aurora 11. New Landscape has been added. - Starry Night 12. New recipe in the Restaurant has been added. - Strawberry Tart Set 13. New Seed Packages have been added in the Union Shop *Only available on Android - VIP Frugality Package - VIP Substantial Package 14. New item in the Union Shop has been added. - Alhambra Tall Fount 15. New items in the Gift Shop have been added. - Premium Flour Mill - PR Strb Jam Mill - Premium Beehive 16. Items in the Heart Shop have been rotated out and switched with new ones. - Grandma - Fall of Plenty - Persimmon Tree - Reading Girl - Sawyer's Fall - Jack-o-lantern - Jack-o-lantern 2 - Jack-o-lantern House
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    Hi all! This is art of my favorite character Chelsea with Tom (chibi ver). This art take me maybe like 10 or 12 hours to complete. I draw the sketch yesterday. Scan it and work it on computer with Paint.Net program for about 8 hours today. Consider how long I haven't been drawing, it turn out lovely~ >~< Why I draw Alice in wonderland theme? Well one of Chelsea outfit bunny girl remind me of alice in wonderland so I decide to draw Chelsea as Alice and Tom as mad hatter. Original I plan to draw more character but I'm afraid can't finish it so I decide to just go with this two. Beside I found Tom and Chelsea pairing much cuter. Though Chelsea have one side love TT^TT cause Tom love someone else... so at least in my art Chelsea can have her dream come true.
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    Hey guys!! I was really curious to see what the new stuff was, what it cost, and whether it was union or regular shop, so I looked on KET and saved screenshots of the items I think are the ones we're getting if anyone else is curious too lol 98% sure this is the Crispy Donut (regular shop, not union) - This is the other "crispy donut" looking shop, but I don't think this is the one we're getting cause it's not donuts + sugar and it's 47hrs so probably for higher level updates. Sorry for saying this was probably the one we were getting earlier! Premium donuts!! LND Tower - these are the two towers in KET, probably the first one since the 2nd is more of a clock tower, but still - New house colors! I'm not sure which brown is the new one, but here's all the house colors I could find - New VEN items! I don't know -which- items for sure are the ones we're getting, though I can guess for most lol, but here's all the VEN items that KET has that we don't have yet: REGULAR shop: UNION shop:
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    Well expressed! I really have to agree with your points. I started playing this game in late February of this year. It's been roughly four months and my interest in this game is plummeting fast. A far cry from my frequent activity when I first started playing. I can't afford to keep up with the things I want. The random boxes are so awfully unbalanced. Leveling up goes from days to weeks. Shops take days to build, followed by long production hours. Everything is slowing to a crawl. What kept me interested was decorating. I liked changing up my town every week or so with new themes and shops, which is very pricey. I feel I've just spent too much money on this game and can't bring myself to keep throwing my cash at something that will be long forgotten in a few short months. Seeds just don't go far enough for the price. The game is feeling too greedy to me these days. I never understood how SO MANY people were posting their boredom in their status or notifying they were quitting. It was such a great game! Well, now I'm becoming part of that equation. I think if we had more choices and opportunities that didn't revolve around real currency, a lot of people's interest wouldn't decline so quickly.
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    Hello guys is Apologeta (IGN), my English is not that good but here I go. People know me as a player that creates really amazing themes. But I have a few problems when I decide to change my town or place. Things such as: 1. Where are the 1x1 eco buildings? This is a dilemma because practically there is not any 1x1 items than mailboxs, fences or walls, oak sign post, streetlamps or Lupinus (from Hood’s box). Sometimes I want to fill a 1x1 area but I can’t because there are not so much options. As a game designer you can create little rocks, different types of flower, a trash can, a piece of wood, etc. 2. Some items don’t fit What I mean with this is, for example, the design of the “Wine Barrel” is huge(large, big) to be a 2x2 item, is almost tall as a house. But the wine barrels that are part of a structure ([SET] Winery) are really small. The “Rooster Windmill” (rooster sign post) can be reduce to 1x1 or the “Barbecue Grill”. These are just examples. 3. Roads (paths) I recommend creating dirt paths, snow paths or grass paths. Also, they can have a variation, for example, one of the dirt paths have a puddles or the snow path with less snow or foot prints. Focus more in details. Also you can implement a new asphalt road.
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    Hello friends! We will be having a maintenance break for some updates. Please note that our servers will be closed during the maintenance and you will not be able to log-in during the time. Start: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-11-6,-360,cn3 End: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-11-6,-180,cn3 Please refer to our patch notes for further update details. <Patch Notes> 1. New items have been added in the Shop. - Frozen Yogurt Shop - Premium Beeswax Mill 2. A New Outfit has been added. - Cowgirl 3. New Randombox has been added. - Stroll by the Woods 4. New Sky Decoration has been added. - Sky Whale Cloud 5. A New Recipe has been added in the Restaurant. - Burger Set 6. Trade Shop items have been changed. <ON> - Strawberry Tart Shop <OFF> - Crispy Donut Shop - Pudding Parfait Shop - Grill Pork Shop 7. New Structures have been added. - [WES] Town Hall - [WES] White Mill - [WES] Streetlamp - [WES] Shed - [WES] White Car - [WES] School - [WES] Church - [WES] Brown Villa - [WES] Rich Manor 8. New items in the GIFT SHOP have been added. (Android Only) - Strawberry Muffin Shop - Premium Yogurt Mill - Premium Cream Mill - Premium Beehive 9. Special Random Box is taken down from the list. - Trick or Dolce - Home Sweet Home
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