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    Hello, everyone! We are planning to hold temporary maintenance for update. Please understand that EVERYTOWN will be unavailable while we make important user improvements and upgrades to the game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [About Temporary Maintenance] - Period: April. 19th 06:00 A.M. ~ 08:00 A.M. (UTC) ※ Time subject to change under circumstances. Please refer to below for details. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <19 April Upgrade Details> 1. New shops Chili Shop Coffee Jelly Shop Queso Blanco Shop Tortellini Shop [Theme Park] W. Shooting Range [Theme Park] Zoo (Toco Tucan) 2. New Crafting Landmark will be added [LND] Garden Wedding 3. New Villager Outfit Winter Princess 4. New Gathering Lunchbox ※New gathering lunchbox Queso Blanco and Tortellini will be updated on May. We sincerely apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused. ※ Queso Blanco Tortellini 5. New Random Box [Ltd] Bread Pasta Shop Stroll by the Woods 6. New Trade Shop Hall. Cookie Shop 7. New Gift Shop (For Android Only) Premium Sheep Pen PR Adzuki Beans Shop Premium Rice Mill Premium Salt Mill Premium Cookie Mill Premium Syrup Mill PR Gelatin Mill 8. New May Heart White Rose Wall Red Rose Wall Lotus Water 1 Lotus Water 2 Spring Picnic Rose Bridge Flower Seller Rose Fountain Boy Monk Tire Swing Decorations
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    Greetings from EVERYTOWN! We got some reports that a connection failure is occurring when log in with 'Facebook' account on some devices. According to our report, the facebook login failure is occurring when you try to login with the account which have not been gone through the account authentication in Facebook. Following approaches may help you to login EVERYTOWN, so please follow the methods below. 1. Re-login Facebook app after complete account authentication at Facebook official homepage. 2. If Facebook application is installed in your device, we recommend you to try to login EVERYTOWN after log out and delete Facebook app. Thank you.