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    Hello Friends! Here are the update news for October 20th Some special items have been added in our list to celebrate the upcoming Halloween! Please note that the servers will be closed, and you may not connect during the maintenance has once started. *Maintenance time is subject to change under circumstances. Start: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-10-20,-360,cn3 End: http://everytimezone.com/#2016-10-20,-180,cn3 Please refer to the following patch notes for details! <Patch Notes> - FREE SEED video play limit has been modified (*Android Only) Daily play count has been reduced from 10 times to 5 times a day. 1. New Shops have been added to the list. - Halloween Shop - Hall. Cake Shop (*Available for Union members only) - Beeswax Mill - Premium Cho. Milk Mill - Premium Fruit Juice Mill - Premium Pepper Mill - Premium Salt Mill - Premium Syrup Mill - Premium Coke Mill 2. New feature has been added - Trade Shop You can now trade recently updated shops with old ones, with a little extra seed cost! 3. New items have been added in the Trade Shop. - Crispy Donut Shop (Fruit Salad Shop + Croquette Shop + SEED) - Pudding Parfait Shop (Pepperoni Pizzeria + Brunch Shop + SEED) - Grill Pork Shop (Cream Pasta Shop + Cereal Bar Shop + SEED) 4. New Villagers have been added! - Kookoo - Dolce (*Time Limited Event Villager) 5. New Villager Outfit has been added. - Queen Lianne 6. New Union Member Random Box has been added. - Kookoo 7. Halloween Special Time Limit Random Box has been added. - Trick or Dolce 8. New Theme Park has been added. - [Theme Park] Haunted House 9. New Sky Decorations have been added. - Owl Balloon - Heart Balloons 10. New Union Member Shop Structure has been added - Autumn inspiration 11. New items have been added in the Gift Shop (*Android Only) - Premium Perfume Mill - Premium Beeswax Mill - Premium Pepper Mill - Premium Salt Mill - Premium Syrup Mill - Premium Coke Mill 12. New items have been rotated out in the Heart Shop. <ON> - Jack-o-lantern - Jack-o-lantern 2 - Jack-o-lantern House - Food Storage - Campfire - Starry Night - Feast of Plenty - Luxury Campfire - Fireplace <OFF> - Grandma - Fall of Plenty - Persimmon Tree - Reading Girl - Sawyer's Fall
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    Does this mean the friend drops are changing since there is going to be a mill for that stuff??
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    祈禱~祈禱~祈禱~祈禱~祈禱~祈禱~祈禱~祈禱~祈禱~ 一定要成功!!!!!!
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    先不要抱那麼大希望~這FREE SEED 系統~之前大多數玩家都能正常使用~只有少數玩家無法正常使用~雖然這次再進行更改~不過也很難說~雖然測試是通過了~不過還得 更新以後才能知曉!公司一直在努力解決此事~希望下次更新能KO這個問題!一起祝成功吧! 祈禱~