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    I'm not in the EU but this really upsets me. I'm sad to see that I'll be losing my European friends, but I'm also concerned about what this says for the future of Everytown. Are they not making enough money to maintain their game, despite the constant exclusively seed updates? Is it worthwhile for me to spend money on this game in the future? I appreciate the staff that tries to communicate with us (and even that seems rare in the past year), but I really am doubting the game at this point. It's sad too because it's a beautiful game that I've put money into and I've not found one similar.
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    Just a thought ......but I do not know if it works or not. Can you guys change the country region of your Apple or Android accounts to America, then download the ET App? I have downloaded the Korean ET App by this method because this App could not be found at my own country 's App store. When there is updates,just change the country region to America and update the App in the store once.Ordinary days you just shift your country information to your own one.I always use this method to dl Apps from different countries. Just some experience sharing.Hope it works.As I don't want to see anybody left again.