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  1. Would be nice if you could add the meaning of the many other skills we have got now into this game like for example: DMG(Splash) Splash DMG ? DMG(Multi) Multi-DMG ? (P)Weaken-45%(All) Battle Order (->up) Nml. Def. (-> up) Battle Cry +100% 100% Dazzle (P) ROW HP30% Fortify(100.000) (P) ROW HP30% Focus(100%) (P) Focus(HP80% -> down) (P) Revenge +80% and maybe some more!
  2. Sapr0 the discussion you had linked is about to remove this 10 Rounds Rule completely. It makes no sense to have endless Rounds but more! I don`t want to remove it! I want it to be increased to 15-20 Rounds and for PVP only!
  3. When do you stop this totally stupid 10 Round Rule for PVP? It`s getting time to increase to 15-20 Rounds! In times of having Heroes like Veramere(Heal Grid), Thor(Heal BTM2 & Revive Grid), Horton(Heal(Grid) & Valkyria(Heal Grid) and all the other healing Heroes, this Rule is not up-to-date anymore. Very often it is impossible to win during 10 rounds battle because the opponent Heroes heal all the time. Now they don`t have to be stronger, they only need high Def & Heal Pet/Heroes to win. Flero pls change this Rule now! Who votes for changing the 10 Round Rule in PVP battles into 15 or 20 Rounds?
  4. Metinmerla you are right! I also get slowly the feeling that there is something wrong with this game! It`s the same with the Lucky Box events now. The most stuff it totally useless for advanced players but low lv player can use everything for free what advanced player pay before or need a very long time to get it. To get all this shards many gamer had to play maybe 1 or 2 years and spend a lot of money & rubies. Now a new gamer can reach same lv, skills & power within 6 month others need 1 year before for free. It´s nice for new players, for me too, to get free stuff, but don`t forget who made this game big. Surely not the free players and the beginners. Don`t wonder if sooner or later many high lv player quit this game because they are angry about this new system I watch since this year. Think about this list of useles stuff for advanced players: Lucky Box: Shards(Except Rebecca), low lv heroes, useless pets Shifting Sigils: Shards(Except Rebecca), low lv runes Abyss: max. is lv7 Orb (LOL) Mystery & Lucky Box: Celest Medals(Except new heroes) Casino: All kind of low lv stuff(Sometimes I use >100 Rubies to find something I need) Piracy: All kind of low lv stuff ...and Fame??? ...for what??? ...have already 2 million!!! (or do a Tier 35-40 / Skills lv7 for celest heroes) I don`t want to be ungrateful! This is just that, what I start to think about HOA at the moment!
  5. Funny! He said that you need lv160 before you can use this gems & ancient gold and maybe it is a to long time for you und you will get impatient before.
  6. Come join Smashed2! We need 1 more strong Hero!
  7. Today now Smashed2 has again 1 Spot left! Join us on Terron! We get stronger and stronger and win all Guild Battles! We`ve got 10 Guild Skills open already and increase them always! You can contact us on kik - Name: Balundur after Joining us we have Group Chat Only everyday active Players lv170+ are welcome! ----> Smashed2 on Terron
  8. Dear Chloe did you find out what happened? A Hack or Bug or whatever?
  9. Terron Guild 2Easy
  10. Message deleted ! It`s done!
  11. Message deleted ! It`s done!
  12. Are the Celestial Heroes Skill 6 Victoria & Horton really better than Skill 5? Is the advantage really higher than the disadvantage? I´m not sure about and it`s not possible to go back to Skill 5 once you upgrade to Skill 6! Victoria Skill 5: DMG(Row) 100% Chance Stun(1R) Med. Chance Exhaust(-100) Passive: Dodge +350(All) Victoria Skill 6: DMG(Btm 2 Row) If better depends tactic of enemy or not? 100% Chance Stun(1R) Mid. Chance Exhaust Passive: Dodge +500(Btm 2 Row) Isn`t +350 for all better? Horton Skill 5: DMG(Cross) HighChance Stun(1R) Heal(Grid) Passive: Atk&Def +10%(All) Horton Skill 6: DMG(Rear 2 Col) If better depends tactic of enemy or not? HighChance Stun(1R) Heal(Rear 2 Col) Isn`t Heal for Grid better? Passive: Atk&Def +15%(Rear 2 Col) Isn`t 10% for all better?
  13. Dear GM_Chloe, I have sent the mail again. Thought nobody takes me seriously. The first email 31. August was following Didn`t got any answer until now! Thank you!
  14. (GM_Cloe: Hi, I've looked up your records and found that you changed your class by using your Class Change Voucher from Male Paladin to Male Assassin on Wednesday.) Dear GM_Chloe, this I know already. But I didn`t do it by myself. That`s the strange thing!!! My voucher was used and I fear that someone hacked my account. I was logged in maybe 2 hours before. Everything was normal and my heroe was Paladin. Later I logged in again and I first thought I´m on the wrong server because my Paladin was now Assassin. Than I logged out and in again and still the same. After this I found out that may hero class change voucher wasn`t in my items inventory and directly after this I contacted admin through the contact button via google mail to tell them what happens. I had this voucher a long time in my inventory and always took care not to delete. It is not possible to change the class by pushing only one button and if I would change I would choose an Archer not Assassin. Is it possible to find out if someone logged in from another device. I use only my mobile Huawei P7?
  15. Could happend if I would drink alcohol but I never drink...only beer with 0.0% alcohol. Joking aside.....this is very serious for me, because if it was a hack, I have to react quickly.