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  1. For every 100K damage we receive 100 Throphies when the Guild Boss died. Throphy reward has a 2000 maximum, It would be correct to raise it to 5000, because high level Bosses have huge HP and overall damages are 4-5 M in average.
  2. Miledy Allstars have 2 spots and we're need of strong hands. Pm me or find me on Line as Murky.
  3. Could you share with us the name of these Guilds?
  4. Terron Murky 4 succes and 3 screenshots,don't drink and play HOA
  5. Making ancient golds cost a lot of diamonds, it will be great if we could buy diamonds with trophies...
  6. Install any Android Emulator, I'm using Andy OS under Win7. It works perfect, the next evolutional step is to install mouse movement and clicker software and run macros >8)
  7. I use Andy OS under win7.
  8. Here.
  9. Would be gentle socketing and engraving 3x day in event period..