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  1. It begins 1 hour after the day change if I'm right.
  2. Using LINE for 5 years now. Absolutely satisfied. Just saying : )
  3. Well.... Sorry mate. We're on Terron. Good luck. Maybe you should contact Sageras.
  4. Which server?
  5. You're all right with what you said. It is unfair. And it does not make sense. Those players who work on their Crusader or work on another new main Hero STILL have level 200 and above side heroes with them on the battle field. How could a "normal" level 100 (whatever low level) beat those!??! It's impossible. And that's why it should be fixed asap. At the same time those high level players get punished by other high level players as those benefit from the partial "weakness" during the work on Crusader or new main... That's stupid as well. As someone in the forum mentioned already: the #1 defense setup should ALWAYS stay as YOU put it.
  6. It's not as bad for me as it is for you, but since the Crusader update the game isn't running smoothly for sure. Kicked out for opening another app on the phone, for switching between 2 apps, for sometimes entering a dungeon or the Rift of Time... It's indeed the basics that doesn't run well anymore.
  7. I didn't get any reward either. Only for those 2 that appeared on Tuesdays.
  8. Hehehe.... Didn't you forget a Guild ; ))
  9. Bump
  10. Sad. Very sad that after 3 month still noone explained WHAT all these skills do. Not only on this Hero, but also on all others. And pets. They could also call a skill "megapoop"... Same thing. Noone knows what it does.
  11. Personally I've spent my rt for songs. But Yayool is a beast for sure! To compete with others, there's no way on the long run without raising heroes class. So songs are a must.
  12. FLERO seriously added a cool down of 3 hours when buying a song in the shop!!?? Didn't you say goodbye to such nonsense a while ago? Now you started it again? But only there?
  13. Bump
  14. Join 3SR mate. Contact carddoc or xucxac here or on LINE. We'd happily accept both of you.
  15. xucxac Terron server Same problem. Yesterday AND today. Didn't receive the rewards you should get for buying 1450 rubies on both days. Emailed support already, but thought I add my problem here now as well.