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  1. So this was it? Maintenance announcement. Service transfer. 3 years of HoA over. Well... Standing ovations for a solid performance in customer care!!! If you aren't able to behave, I'll do for you. Goodbye and thank you for some great times.
  2. Knowing multiple players with same issue. Fix it asap!
  3. Well... Easiest would be to create another alt for 1000 rubies. But the normal way would be to focus on one of your main heroes first. Rather its Crusader or one of the other 3. This game gives a lot of help for beginners, but in the end it's still a build-up thing. Which takes some time. If you like get into line chat. There are some veterans that might give you some more hints
  4. Hi there HoA players... Someone asked today if FLERO forum will be shut down after service transfer... In case it will be I thought we could create a LINE group to keep in touch and share news, experiences and informations with new development?! If you're interested, post your LINE ID or add xucxac.
  5. Well... In the end FLERO shows, that they're not even willing to bring everything to a good end. Like a good Boss or Employee should do his work till last day even when one of them cancelled the contract I was thinking FLERO would do same. But this Forum, as well as the game, show that they don't. No response on questions people ask here, no explanations on anything and now, with Easter happening, not even a new event, gratification or any other prove of caring. So before you hand your product over to another company I wanted to take the time to say goodbye to you and thank you for the awesome work you did. (Before you decided not to care about us anymore) Sincerely xucxac
  6. They should minimum allow to refresh the Spire, as it's allowed to refresh the Abyss and the Doomed Mine as well. Doesn't make any sense that 2 of 3 are allowed to do and 1 not. Also totally agree with Afreak100 that it should be buyable like Aquamarine and all the other stuff!!!!!
  7. Yeah. Mentioned it too before. No reaction as well.
  8. This game URGENTLY needs a possibility to get more soul stones. Even more since you started throwing out a new celestial soul "each" event!!!
  9. Forum and Guild mate say you can get it there. Question about "best" pet in swap is not possible to answer as it depends on what class you are, what you wanna use it for and so on...
  10. Nope! They act like they forgot us. Maybe they did...
  11. Calling others brain dead isn't a nice move. Especially when one isn't able to recognize the circumstances himself.
  12. Hi FLERO... Absolutely NO access to Terron Server since a few hours. Not only for me, but also for everyone else I'm in contact with. Please fix asap
  13. I asked about that earlier in forum and GM Chloe (change of nick and change of Guild name) but been told it's not provided.
  14. Bump
  15. Never had that when I fought "Return of Terron". I usually get to level 8 at least and then get to level 10 within 4 or 5 tries.