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  1. I also want players that haven't been on in ages (like a year or something ) yet haven't passed level 10 to be deleted. I think such players likely count for half the names used, (and lots of the good ones too)
  2. -25C where I live. I would like to argue bout the "never too cold" part. By the time you get to your destination, you might have blocks of ice instead of food.
  3. Never ending maintenance. is there a pesky bug or something?
  4. I did a ton of heart farming today and only at the end of it did I realize the heart event was turned off :(
  5. just got watson on my 20th try Now i can finsih gett8ng my winter items.
  6. I have now tried 10 times with a result of 5 being 10,000 gold and 5 being 50,000 gold. 0 being Watson
  7. love the new restaurant, but also liked the old one. Anyway to toggle between them?
  8. Would have liked this last week more, but I will still picked up 2 of them
  9. I was looking at the backgrounds and besides the "Mountain" and "Fall Mountain" and "Flower plain" The rest require seed. However I was thinking it would be nice for a "Winter Mountain" that was buyable with gold to complete the 4 seasons.
  10. Hmm? Theres a somewhere?
  11. What about new plants for some new shops? Theres a large level gap between pineapples and white grapes. (pineapples 39, white grapes 45)
  12. I haven't really noticed an increase, but every week I seem to find a few on my friends list that stopped playing.
  13. Yeah, I certainly don't visit multi-towns very often, because the time it takes to visit it is about the same as visiting another friend and visiting all my friends ends up taking awhile as is.
  14. I am going to have to wait until next year on this one. It will be back next year right?
  15. Well, there is a bit of a story on how I found the game, but it takes all of 3 sentences to convey if not less, and isn't that, well, interesting haha
  16. Garden by the sea box is leaving... Not too sad about that. I tried it 10+ times and only ever got one the 2 gold prizes.
  17. Honestly, I think an autoaccept that is limited like the lock, wouldn't actually be bad. Regardless of what is done though, I agree that there needs to be an improvement. What is best way however, I can't say i know.
  18. My phone decided to go for a swim, so I need a new phone. I didn't connect my game account to anything (closest I came was this forum's account) So I am assuming that I will have to start over now right? :(
  19. Figured it out. I am good now.
  20. So me again. Got my new phone (less than an hour ago. Is this game a bit too high on my priority list? lol) installed the game, opened it. And it was getting me to make a new account. So I exited (without making one) tried another game. That one said I needed "google play games" to run it. so I got that (saw most of my games listed including Everytown in it) loaded the othergame and was in my old account. So I went back to try everytown. It still wants me to make a new account to which I am afraid making one will overwrite my google saved one with that new one making me lose the account that was returned to me here. ... Rereading that makes me think it sounds confusing... Anyway. My question is how do I get my account running on my new phone. Do I need to make a new account and then sign into google inwhichcase it would prompt me to choose between the one I just made and my old one or something, or do I have to transfer the data from my tablet onto my new phone... Or something else? Thanks
  21. Thankyou!! I had started a new game on my tablet (in case I couldn't get it back) and when I just logged in I was really surprised. Everything I had was rotten, then I realized... MY ACCOUNT IS BACK Once again. Thank you!!!
  22. Yeah, I have an android, though I hadn't actually connected it to google (or anything else, just this forum) I sent an email, Hoping for the best, but not expecting much. I get my new phone tomorrow,
  23. 1 or 2 months ago I started playing. I had made it to level 31 though. Although I may stop now because my phone just decided to go for a swim. I will find out next week whether it was ruined or not.
  24. Signed up but didn't see the count go up. Is it not automated, or is it delayed... Or did I mess up something as simple as signing up. (again)