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  1. From what I have seen most people use fairly easy passwords, I even often use 0000 as a password Although I can't imagine even bothering to try to guess a password. Perhaps some of those cases are people always using the same password so someone just uses one they know you've used?
  2. I am active everyday I have internet and my phone isn't waterlogged. (I had a pretty eventful year i suppose)
  3. Its mainly just a date day around here. chocolate abounds too, but its not gender specific like many parts of asia. As for me. i watch a certain charity for kids that does a 24 hour telethon on the weekend over valentines. Which was yesterday. this year they raised $5million :)
  4. I am interested in the group chat.^_^
  5. I would quite like this feature, Although I try to mutual friend everyone, so it wouldn't serve much purpose to me haha. Favorites on the otherhand... you can't really tell if you are on someones favorites list right? so that would be kinda...
  6. Although I would like to know as well especially regarding how much excitement and lunchboxes help, I don't think they will tell you any percentages. Also, I did not find the first few days to be particularly better odds, and only got my first SS rank item a couple days ago. You may have just been luckier at the start.
  7. Yeah. I have seemed to be getting more B & C ra k items the last few days as well, although I haven't been using lunchboxes. It is probably just bad luck however. I AM somewhat depressed that the event looks like its nigh impossible to complete without buying the materials with seeds. Kinda feels unfair to me. Ah well. the reward isn't really that big anyway (although the "for each shop made" feels like nothing but a taunt now )
  8. @AutumnSkyI crafted a fried chicken shop, but what i want is the salmon and/or eel shop (within the event period) no where near either of those though. I have yet to get an SS rank material at all.
  9. Thanks
  10. I don't know how much the lunchbox increases the odds, especially since i haven't used one yet. I have however gotten 2 S rank when gathering with the excited villagers, so i am leaning towards that at least making a differenece. The sell price of both S rank items I got are over 400,000 (making market price start at over 1,000,000) so even if the lunchbox increase is slight it might still be worth it. PS: my only hope of union materials will probably be the market haha
  11. I did get gravel
  12. @h0n3b33 I have been using the train mainly for heart collection, the crafted items I have recieved so far are the lowest 2 ranking ones. I don't know if higher ranks can be given as a reward or not.
  13. @moonclea while 30,000,000 seems more reasonable to me, it says 300,000,000 to unlock (which pretty much makes it hopeless for me to unlock via gold)
  14. I also want players that haven't been on in ages (like a year or something ) yet haven't passed level 10 to be deleted. I think such players likely count for half the names used, (and lots of the good ones too)
  15. -25C where I live. I would like to argue bout the "never too cold" part. By the time you get to your destination, you might have blocks of ice instead of food.
  16. Never ending maintenance. is there a pesky bug or something?
  17. I did a ton of heart farming today and only at the end of it did I realize the heart event was turned off :(
  18. just got watson on my 20th try Now i can finsih gett8ng my winter items.
  19. I have now tried 10 times with a result of 5 being 10,000 gold and 5 being 50,000 gold. 0 being Watson
  20. love the new restaurant, but also liked the old one. Anyway to toggle between them?
  21. Would have liked this last week more, but I will still picked up 2 of them
  22. I was looking at the backgrounds and besides the "Mountain" and "Fall Mountain" and "Flower plain" The rest require seed. However I was thinking it would be nice for a "Winter Mountain" that was buyable with gold to complete the 4 seasons.
  23. What about new plants for some new shops? Theres a large level gap between pineapples and white grapes. (pineapples 39, white grapes 45)
  24. I haven't really noticed an increase, but every week I seem to find a few on my friends list that stopped playing.