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  1. You guys implemented 61->65 emblems with the same values as 56->60 emblems, considering it costs 3 more AG it should give higher values 56->60 Emblems gives 91 power/special/magic and 800 life for each emblem. 61->65 Emblems should give 105 power/special/magic and 850 life for each emblem.
  2. Yes that would be correct, if you fail you get some pet eggs that you can use to eventually summon. For example failing to fuse A with A will give you 1-2 S stones, then with 20 S stones you can summon a random S pet. Both S and SS fusion will give SS stones, 20 SS stones summons a random SS or SSS pet(very rarely)
  3. fusion happen between two pets of same rank in the hope of getting the next rank, though it mostly fails 95% fuse A with A to get S fuse S with S to get SS fuse SS with SS to get SSS
  4. I actually use A/S pets to enchant SSS For awaking though you need S/SS for good chances.
  5. Later on you realize you need pets for side heroes as well, for example Toma/Irang are guardian pets so they can be used on an upgraded Thor with various stats. Always trade 3 x SS (you can get these by summoning with pet scrolls and enchant them with gold using D-B pets) pets for SSS Never trade away SSS pets as they can be useful in various situations.
  6. For PvE Baras and Liz are very good pets. For WB you need at least one each Irang / Eah / Anu / Caspy / Yayool For PvP everything works as long as you kill your opponent, you probably need 10+ pets with different stats to accommodate all needs.
  7. Well you need to be level 170+ and then a feature quest will open that you need to complete More details in this post:
  8. 1st picture isn't loading
  9. It wasn't from pet swap ... read again the notes ... it was through SS fusion or 20 eggs summon both of methods are like winning the lottery twice ... one for actually getting an SSS and 2nd for actually being a blue dragy (1 out of 22 SSS) I'd say they deserve the prize for getting THAT lucky
  10. The only worthy active guilds to join are the ones with a stronghold fort So look who owns a fort and try to get into one of those.
  11. Yes, it was a bug, some people got it with lucky fusions or summon with 20 eggs ... free 120k RT for them
  12. They expect you to pay lots of rubies to open boxes to get shards ... d'oh
  13. Max level now is 229
  14. Of course if you rush to high level you won't be strong, but you will earn lots of gold. So by playing daily you will eventually catch up. Good place to start would be to max your main temper/spirits. Expect this process of catching up to take 6+ months