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  1. What will happen with the forum !? Tritone doesn't provide any forum for their game except heroes will
  2. We already have an HoA group in LINE ... since 3 years ago Add me: sapr0 I'll invite all of you there
  3. This wasn't an update, just a maintenance, probably to transfer stuff to new owners. We got an 700 ruby reward for it, due to taking too much time
  4. @GM_Chloe Will the forum move as well ?
  5. That what happens when you don't read around the forum ...
  6. Why would you want to feed the Flero trolls even more ?
  7. You need level 85 to access the celestial heroes part of the game
  8. You're missing the point, the notice page advertises the event drops T18 gems and AG which it doesn't
  9. 300 shards * 300 RT = 90k RT ... much like a pet
  10. Lucky is available in pet swap, so just check 4 times a day and hunt him down Too bad they didn't locked other threads that people keep reviving them.
  11. Just because you don't do it, doesn't mean others aren't ready to be milked. Just look at how many people in your server have the unicorn spirit? You think that was cheap to get? It was probably a few hundred bucks ....
  12. Wouldn't that be April Special Lucky Box ?
  13. Looking at their company history, they "kill" games after 1-2 year: They killed about 7 games so far ... i wouldn't expect them to "fix" anything ... just probably one last attempt to milk the players for some cash
  14. Well Flero was so much better then Wemade ... who knows maybe Tritone will be better then Flero But just by looking at their crappy tritone website / facebook clearly inactive company (last FB Post on 12th July 2016) So prepare the game to slowly die without any events and slow grinding mode
  15. @GM_Chloe hope you guys didn't forget about 3rd year anniversary Last year we got several days event ... whats up with this year