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  1. I think the best choice would be to allow to buy Royal Trophies with regular Trophies. Since you can convert 100 RT into 10000 T a similar or equal price would be fair. 10000 T into 100 RT or 15000 T into 100 RT That way people can chose which way to go about spending T/RT resources: - upgrade plates - buy new celestials medals - buy songs - buy adv skills scrolls
  2. xucxac is right it begins 1h after reset, and ends 1h before reset. But if a guild has killed the stronghold dragon or killed the defending guild then the fort is locked and it shows "End of fight". There can be only 1 winner each day for each difficulty
  3. And Flero already said they are not looking to implement this since it opens the door to spam bots / advertising / swearing and they don't have manpower to moderate that shit.
  4. it's explained there, in the bottom part ^
  5. We do have a chat ... it's called LINE app in google play / app store ... install it and meet us there It's better then whatever Flero would ever implement
  6. What's a power skill ?
  7. You need level 194 now a days Each new level from 190 to 194 will grant you access to the next step in the unlock of the church.
  8. With the attack/defense scrolls you are able to increase the advanced skills by 0.1-0.3% per scroll for all classes. Attack works on the left skill Defense works on the right skill If your heroes are not advanced they won't benefit from advanced skills. You can still raise the advance skills without having any advanced heroes.
  9. Best class ever
  10. Without giving mages a better chance to survive, i hardly see how that is possible
  11. Hmm i though it would forbid heroes to revive aka Fallout ... that way you get to hit only Thor I guess your talking about a different new skill
  12. Okie so at the end your point is? Flero doesn't do balance updates ... they do grinding updates Thor is a better tank version of Valk which forces people to pick him up Which in return forces everyone to buff sides even more to handle Thor In the end Flero wants you to play for more months ... and spend more to get more shit done. I'd say Flero knows how to get people to grind/pay for stuff <--- that's their ultimate goal ... not about balance After all almost 3 years and we're still grinding spirits and temper and stuff. They will not change Thor ... they will just give an other hero to grind to handle Thor ... Arle was a poor attempt ... hopefully next hero will do a better job. At any point in HoA history there was annoying strategy to deal with, we just have to suck it up till next update. Weren't mains 1 hit wonder? Wasn't Zena def/dodge OP? Weren't Seth with Block annoying? A while back there was a post complaining Defence/Heal builds are not viable due to auto-loss in 10 turn limit ... guess Flero addressed this issue and it's pretty viable since you can win by %HP. A contradiction in Flero decisions since Chloe specifically said Defence builds are not fun: Highlighted 2 key points ... overall the future is simple ... upgrade Zena / Valk / Thor / Anna / Xi ... run 4 Pala squad with 2+ mils HP ... win with %HP since nothing will kill you. PS: You can still use Sharell in various other places: Doom Mine, WorldBoss (when crits matter) PS2: Who knows what the future awaits ... maybe new celestials to reduce enemy HP or def by % ... raise attack by 200% ... one can dream !!! Happy Grinding !!!
  13. Read all about it here:
  14. You can't, you can only increase the enhance level with soul stones
  15. Why is not a healthy way to stack blk pn vs someone who stacked blk ? Are you implying you should go around 6k blk with just 3k blk pn ? This whole situation is the same as 2 years ago when mains would 1 shot everyone ... can they do that anymore ? The only resource you need to spend is time (and not money d'oh) ... you'll advance more heroes that would be able to harm Thor ... patience is key Your only valid point is that indeed passives vs paladins don't apply vs guardians ... which sucks ... maybe will get fixed PS: Why are you complaining and not Paul and Maggadan ... they seem fine with the whole situation ... oh wait because you decided to upgrade your main instead of Thor ... bad luck for you PS2: Solutions were giving ... yet you are reluctant to change anything in your team / pets / sockets ... you just want to win with the same old tactic of yours ... not gonna happen. PS3: A multi-gem event is bound to happen ... you can put those shiny amethysts in your rings/amulets to get that nice HP/Blk pn combo