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  1. U need to fix celestial ruins, the rolling system is just horrible, most times I'm losing all rolls on 1 ruin. How do u expect ppl getting the level 5 spirit, maybe in 2 years we will get it.
  2. Good idea, will be nice to add, also we are still waiting for lock stat system for pets, I'm sure many will like this.
  3. We know it's luck based, so saying u got lucky doesn't help those who don't, just laying more salt on them. It's very easy to solve, just add increased rates on failure, Chloe once said they are thinking about it, but doesn't look they will add it cause they will lose money from it...
  4. They should just add increase rate when u fail, simple as that, but they just want more money, so they are not doing that.
  5. Flero keeps ripping us off, I don't care for that 16k Ruby goal, I'll never go for that trash, give us our 70% Ruby bonus. And make an announcement if u reduce it by 40%!!! You should probably fire ur marketing advisor, he's doing a lousy job with those deals, game is slowly dying.
  6. Still only 30% bonus rubies, when does it go back to 70%.....
  7. question

    It gives some magic Def, so only if ur willing investing just for that.
  8. Engraving don't have X5, it just say boosted chance.
  9. No word about dropping Ruby bonus from 70% to 30% that's a pretty big detail up missing out.
  10. @GM_Chloe can you please explain why the Ruby bonus went down again without any notice from 70% to 30%???
  11. It's not very accurate, u can do what u want, but the game leads u to a set course of strong heroes/setup which u have to get to be strong enough to win.
  12. Counter dmg is still broken with Anna+Xi shi, Thor kills everyone when he blocks.
  13. Yeah, same translation as Cecily on winchester, even on translating their own game they screw up.
  14. I'm Korean the translation I got was "hypnotize" and for nine tails was "reduce anger" , so the exhaust is a mistake I think.
  15. Pay2win all the way.... 1k rubies for 11 open is just too much, dunno how u expect ppl to buy this chest when all u will get probably will be some medals we don't need, maybe if u add rubies to reward it will worth buying.