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  1. I think it's time u give us more bag space, or increase item stack to at least +300 per space, songs take too much room and u keep giving us more items, new scrolls for advanced gear, ancient ruins parts , I have max bag and I have to sell about twice a day. Thank you.
  2. Its not really good, no point in buying daily ruby for coins unless u want to keep coins for next event , ruby bonus is only 30% , and to buy 16k rubies just for 50 songs, don't see it happen unless u rly don't care for money.
  3. Don't think we need more pay2win, u get 5k RT from buying the 100 daily ruby, and u can do terron almost daily for some good RT. Just need more content and rewards to change and give RT like world boss now.
  4. We need more information to know for sure, but I think it goes by the one with the total highest % hp left as a group, it might have been very close, but paul still counted as higher.
  5. What's the max hp of both thors?
  6. Need to increase the diamond rewards, buying songs is costly.
  7. So let's waste +3k rubies for 00000.1% Great idea
  8. As long as u delete that horrible 100 rubies chest, otherwise it's going to be downhill on all future events.
  9. If so, the new content price should not change especially not to 100, just make the other box cost less, if flero made it 50/25 I'm sure many more will see it in good light and not quit like many more do now. Flero giving the finger to new players, they can never catch up to strong players, especially paying ones.
  10. Better contact them directly and not here, or u did both.
  11. You can still save this event by dropping boxes by 50%, if not, ur going to lose a lot of people. 100 rubies per box makes u look very greedy and unsupporting to new players.
  12. More like overkill , people are dropping like flies. And they just add fuel to the fire.
  13. 100 rubies is too much, u should not take more than 50 per open, normal box should be 50 and lower be 25, show some love for the new players, not kill all the rubies the have cause they want some good stuff. Too many stuff I don't need, don't think I'll use more for this event and that's a shame.
  14. Can you please add lock option to items or buyback, having song scrolls there is scary. Another option is selling the item for what it's worth, like scrolls for RT or emblems for AG and not gold. It will save u all those emails, "I deleted my stuff plz help" Thank you
  15. Sock (presents) icon still hides the event icon's, why u don't fix it?