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  1. Very unclear, will this forum shut down after transfer?
  2. Refresh is expensive, so it's not worth doing, just making AG and buying trophy, then buy aqua or whatever u need.
  3. It's possible buying aqua, so soul stones should be same. Asked for it once, but no attention from flero.
  4. I have been trying with lvl 2 ruins and got 0, maybe lvl 3 can, but it really not worth investing in it. Best way is try get main prize from chest and just finish what's left with RT. Should be less than 60k if ur lucky.
  5. They will be added to RT shop later on, unicorn was supposed to be already added, but celestial ruins are horrible, so no chance in getting souls from there.
  6. Get ton of ancient gold switch to trophy and bulk gold from guild shop.
  7. Korean game also passed the end date of chest/event , so either flero is over, or something is going on over there.
  8. Best way to get sp is buying in guild shop.... Gold Hardly, also best way is bulking gold from guild shop, and u need quite a lot of trophy.
  9. It's gone, but was replaced by other stuff, songs which only stack up to 100, skill scrolls, ancient ruin shards, like they added more pet space, they can just add few tabs to bag, preferably free, or low Ruby cost, but it's something Many need and want.
  10. U reset it daily and farm aqua, abyss is easiest, spire after , and doom mine later on which is hardest. Each give something else.
  11. Well, that's just not supporting the mistakes of ppl, It can be solved very easy by putting a buyback tab or just changing the sell price to RT and not gold, selling songs for Normal gold is very stupid.
  12. @GM_Chloe can u please change the daily dungeon missions, 40 normal and 80 elite for a daily is too much, don't want to use that much energy for this everyday.
  13. It should make a difference between ally and main in my opinion, is it a mistake or ment to?
  14. U need to fix celestial ruins, the rolling system is just horrible, most times I'm losing all rolls on 1 ruin. How do u expect ppl getting the level 5 spirit, maybe in 2 years we will get it.
  15. Good idea, will be nice to add, also we are still waiting for lock stat system for pets, I'm sure many will like this.