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  1. ■ Maintenance Date/Time 23 FEB 00:00 ~ 02:00 (PST) Start TimeEnd Time * Maintenance date/time is subject to change ■ Details - FEB Lucky Box added - Rank 5 Soul added - Rune max rank increased to 10 - Blue Draggy acquiring through summon/fusion bug fixed - Adol/Caspy preferred class expanded to Crusader/Ranger
  2. Heroes! The World Bosses will be invading our kingdom during 21 FEB ~ 26 MAR! Here are the details: TUESDAYS SUNDAYS * About the World Boss. The World Boss will intrude upon the Palace during the event. By clicking on the Palace you will be taken to the World Boss Lobby where you can view your current server's rankings. * How to Participate? You will be given 3 default World Boss Raid Tickets to participate in the World Boss battles, and for additional entries, you may collect more tickets through Piracy. * The World Boss Rewards Participating in the World Boss will grant you rewards, on the bases of two different fields. - The total damage ranking among the players - The total damage dealt to the World Boss You will be able to receive your rewards from the World Boss Lobby. Please refer to the following for the specifics:
  3. Greetings Heroes! We've prepared a special event on this special day. Happy Valentines Day!
  4. Greetings Hero! Here is the plan for the February Sale Event: Enjoy!
  5. ■ Maintenance Date/Time 9 FEB 00:00 ~ 02:00 (PST) Start TimeEnd Time * Maintenance date/time is subject to change ■ Details 1. Doomed Mine 6th floor opened 2. Emblem max level increased to 65 3. Arle Medal, and a new pet for Ranger added to Royal Trophy Shop 4. Terron's Vengeance feature enhanced > Additional reinforcement requests are deleted upon being accepted 5. Doomed Mine, The Spire and The Abyss floor-to-floor level limit deleted (the feature open levels remain) 6. Character deletion cooling time of 24 hours applied to level 10 and above 7. Anna/Cato/Thor nerfed > Anna: ⓟCounterAtk lowered by 20% > Cato: M.Atk↑ and M.Def↑ lowered by 20% > Thor: ⓟMax↑ lowered by 20%(30% for T6) 8. NineTail/Winchester passive skills typoes corrected
  6. The Developers say that it's intended and new buffs that will be released in future updates will apply to the advanced classes.
  7. I'm sorry about the bad translation. We'll try to improve it
  8. Greetings Heroes! There will be a scheduled update maintenance on/at the following date/hours: 25 JAN 00:00 ~ 02:00 (PST) * Different Time Zone Reference (click below) - Start Time - End Time * The maintenance time is subject to change. ■ Details 1. Changes applied to the main heroes > Paladin/Guardian: Level-up stats (Def/M.Def/Sp.Def) decreased > Archer/Ranger: Level-up stats (Sp.Atk) increased > Magician/Archage: Level-up stats (Def/M.Def/Sp.Def) decreased > Berserker/Striker: Level-up stats (Def/M.Def/Sp.Def) decreased 2. SSS pet NineTail and Winchester buffed 3. January Special Lucky Box added 4. New mercenary hero Freesia released
  9. As Arfoult mentioned, the message incorrectly pops up when the name you've entered is already in use.
  10. Th Thank you for the report. The error report has been sent, and the Development Team will check on the issue.
  11. The nerf was supposed to take place in the next update, but there has been some technical errors and the nerf has been applied in this update. I apologize about the issue.
  12. I'm sorry. I'll check with the Development Team, whether the change was intentional.
  13. Greetings Hero! For the brand new pair of Celestial Souls updated today, some exciting events are gonna take place. Please refer to the below: