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  1. Will our version be getting any promotional items like the Hello Kitty stuff from 2014 or current items you can buy in the store in the Korean Version? (Villagers&Mill/Eco Bundles) Before I started, there was this KPOP thing going on which was kind of a promo? I'm not too educated since it was before my time but since then, I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary or special going on like I have from KET. (Promos don't have to be the same per se but just curious if we will ever get our own stuff not seen in KET) Another thing, I've seen quite a few sales and give-away's like eco etc on KET, and I haven't seen a seed sale since June? Half a year or so ... for our version. Will we be getting one soon? I actually expected one in November given "Black Friday" lol but still holding out hope for a sale soon? Thank you!!!!
  2. I use to get notified when someone missed my help too, would tell me they aren't accepting help--try later right? I just didn't know when the helping feature adjusted lol
  3. When was the notification taken away when someone doesn't accept your help on time?? It use to be with both cases but now I only know when I get a coupon back
  4. I think he had a response on a topic and said they didn't have any plans to release them again.
  5. I visit you daily aswell!! I hope you are doing well too! Yeah I notice a lot of people being busy and inactive out of no where ... I miss everyone!! But I haven't been nearly as talkative either lol I forget who I have and haven't messaged back sometimes.. But I suppose that means EveryTown is a little bit more peaceful when I'm not talking hehe I don't want to delete anyone either because maybe they'll be back?!
  6. Hellooooooo all! I feel like I haven't chit chatted with yas in a while!! Hi Puniko♡ Hi moonclea♡
  7. Will the big update be as planned ?? Thanks for letting us know in a timely manner !!
  8. Yeah.... I can kiss a day's worth of hearts goodbye lol Edit: 20 mins to reset, I was able to log on and finish my visits... yay!
  9. He's VERY adorable as is! And he has way better stats than Dolce! I just love the crap out of outfits lol!!
  10. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYTOWN!!! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday ♡♡♡ So glad I can play with such a wonderful community! Feeling very thankful right now
  11. This is great!!! Thank you Tom♡
  12. I wanted them too lol even though the shrubs are horrible eco... they compliment a wintery theme well lol!
  13. My husband said his cabbage lasted about 6 hours before it spoiled but it really depends on how high your eco is. I don't have a set time table when each product goes bad but it's certainly a part of the program to go bad after x amount of hours with x amount of Eco etc. I only said 12 hours because it seems to be when most things last until. If I checked my account at noon today and I don't check it until noon tomorrow. My cooking oil would be fine but my pork or rice or 50min-2hr mills will have spoiled.
  14. Quick Note... some also spoil a little sooner... again dependent on the person's Eco! Hope this helped a little