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  1. Anyone remember this Lucky box event??? As Sapro already asked that time :- What did we really did that time to get this kind of gift.......
  2. Can't we get any event like last Halloween??? That was undoubtedly the best event which Flero provided us. Most if the players will love that type of event. The Christmas event also sucked in comparison to Halloween event.....
  3. Any new event (For past Easter) or anything new for players rather than for developers????
  4. Did this long maintenance gave anything new or it's still sucking as all the updates before. Only for pay to win or nothing at all.....
  5. Bump. 2 place open
  6. Where is the rewards?? I didn't get any reward in the boss lobby. It's showing only received, but I haven't. Did anyone get the rewards for Sunday special boss???
  7. What to do Xuc. Survival is necessary and that's what I'm trying to do.
  8. Please send your screenshot of your character's statistics if interested to join "Uprising" guild. We have legendary fort and win all our GB except against Avengers, Btchfkrs and Shelkovo....
  9. 3 hours for server maintenance. Earlier you had written it for 30 min or 1 hour...
  10. I agree on all points man.... We need more new stuff to work on. Arcana!! Why do you consider it as you should give your personal experience on every point. Everyone has their own requirements, you can't say one single requirement suit everyone. For 1 AG making we don't need 20 rubies only or 5k trophies only we also need other things so that doesn't make any sense comparing 1 AG with only one material required. Considering all materials required to make 1 AG(20 rubies, 50 diamonds, 5000k gold, 100 focus gems, 5k trophies and 10 silver coins) it is surely expensive...
  11. We all were hoping for some good Events, at least as good as Halloween events. But this one is worst than the past 6 months events, not to include Halloween(can't even compare with it). All the best players I'm Terron server already left. You're getting greedy that's why you're getting less. If you would have considered what the players want then you would have got what you desire(money) and also the customer satisfaction which is necessary for long run. Consider this advice for your own sake....
  12. Hey Chloe, we didn't get the monthly login rewards this month. It's already 4 days over in this month and all are so busy in Thanksgiving events that nobody realised this. So, I just wanna ask did you forget to add this due to your tight schedule of managing events(doomed mine) or you just skipped it purposely. Are we going to get it or not. If not, only for this month or every month onwards.... Please reply
  13. I know that. And they got one more update after that, so we are 2 updates short from them.
  14. It's more than 50 days since this announcement. So are we really going to get any how or we have to just keep guessing and whispering around for this update or any new updates????