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  1. Guild strikers oppening recruitiment, boss lvl 50 13 players actives only We recruited lvl 180+ with good stats (lvl, badge, orbs, spirits, and others) 2 players in terron! Go family strikers!
  2. add me RenanHC, ou add RavenXX, guild for 13 players online for day... our Join guild STRIKERS. Thanks you!
  3. I have yes my members are active every day, I'm just starting a little time with the guild as you can see in the guild posts, just give join you'll see! We are in 8 members! GUILD StrikerS ThankYou
  4. Add RenanHC our join guild STRIKERS
  5. Join lvl 180+ Guild StrikerS
  6. StrikerS join
  7. Guild StrikerS recruiting in server Terron! Lvl 150+ and active members Guild Leader: RenanHC lvl 193 League: Beginner Boss: LVL 10 Wins: 4 Defeats: 0 Objective: Take a castle in the Beginner League Guild skills in growth! Lvl 60 full this weekend. We need everyone's help to grow we are a new guild! I thank everyone!
  8. servers offline? Error 20003 not connect with server
  9. Lvl 160+++ new guild join now players
  10. Join StrikerS
  11. A new guild StrikerS is now recruiting in server TERRON lvl 160+++ active members GuildMaster RenanHC lvl 189