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  1. Add me too
  2. You only need the first level of modify. You want to have max upgrade for your level.
  3. Max your airship. Focus on one alt hero at a time and bring them up. They lag behind some but really unless you are focusing resources into the hero their level doesn't matter much and you should only be focusing on one hero at a time.
  4. Did some research on Tuesday boss. - Stunnable - Sp.Atk = Column + poison - Crt.Def > 5193 - Special gives 50 rage - Starts with 0 rage Anyone know more? Anyone have information about Sunday boss?
  5. Are there world boss stats anywhere? I know they are not all the same. Even if we don't have full stats just want their special is and where they are would be nice. Thanks!
  6. Does the x5 apply to engraving? The text is unclear.
  7. That's not what happened. in a massage analogy. I paid for a 1 hour massage, I got a 1 hour massage. I come back next month for another 1 hour massage and this time I would only get 40 min. I can decide to pay and get 40 min or just not. Similar to this game you played and paid to get Thor, you used him, he crushed people. Now he is weaker, you can keep playing and paying for more entertainment or just not.
  8. I just don't understand people like you and Paul. Games are not like cars. I am playing and paying for entertainment not an object. When something is wrong in the entertainment that causes it to be less fun for most people I would assume whoever is running that entertainment to update and improve it. Reducing Thor's hp will only help this game, as Thor as far too strong in the current meta.
  9. Does anyone know about the crusader? What does he do? What is his special rage ability? (Paladins get rage when they block, assassins get rage when they dodge, archers get rage when they crit) I know at some level you will get a quest for him which costs 30 AG, then 50 AG (80 AG total), then 30,000 RT to start. At which point you have to beat a 10 million HP crusader for a flag which lets you make a crusader. But other than that I have no idea. Also would it be a good idea to switch mains to the crusader? I am about to be level 160 and was wondering if I should stop focusing on my main and do side heroes, then jump to crusader once I am high enough level and start over? Thanks, Enajien
  10. Level 132 VIP 2 Around for both guild wars a day, always get all 10 fights into boss, gains 4-5 daily energy bonuses a day. Looking for a guild who wins all 6 GW. English speaking please. I have Line.
  11. How many people you got / need. How active are you? What levels are you looking for? Do you use line?
  12. Looking for a guild who "wins all 6 GW" as directed by Sapr0. English speaking please. I am a player who gets 3 to 4 energy login bonuses a day who is at level 113 and growing. I have line if needed. Thanks!