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  1. I am it's a great bunch of knowledgeable players thanks boss
  2. Cool I have messaged you
  3. Great idea As Benny is useless
  4. The point is .... When searching for an active guild say 12/15 You join it to only find there are 3 active players in it . Now when you leave that guild you have to wait another 12 hours Plus I know active guilds use so called smurfs I think kicking inactive accounts would help people that play daily get into a decent active guild
  5. After 1 yr of inactivity Thoughts ???
  6. 3 daily active players looking for an active guild on terron server With fort if possible RVP6 133 TimTurt2 153 Soyabean 155 All active and all know what we are doing regards spirits etc etc We are in it for the long grind Please we need a active guild with fort
  7. Still having no joy finding a guild .. there must be 1000's of inactive players and guilds on Terron server .. I need space for 3 active daily players
  8. I know it takes ages lol What is the max hero level now ??
  9. I will take your advice ... I got to level 216 on last hero but I was so weak and had loads to do so I deleted it .. been playing this for years .. on hero number 6 now
  10. I was told not to level too quick I am 130 now and have done all spirits are red to level 6 on all characters except main which I'm working on getting lv 10 reds and 13 whites . Emblems are maxed on main Emblems are all red on all other heros except 1 (which I am working on ) 3 heros are temp 100 and gear all at 100 Main is temp 130 except ring at 100 gear level 110 Orbs are all orange and have 3 slots on them on all heros Why do I need to level quick ?? Any other tips for me in what to do now ?? Plus trying to find a guild is so hard .. I am going to start another
  11. Farming 6 mils gold a day seems very low
  12. What level should I get spirits to? What is the max level? What do I need to do with my hero?