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  1. LINE ID: arcana17
  2. That pretty much depends on the new company, i have no way to know for sure
  3. I'd advise slowing down for the time being due to the service transfer are undergoing, level up rewards at 60,70,etc.... will no longer be availabe, academy won't give you x10 exp like before. you can still play of course, but certainly not as fast before the new company gets the game.
  4. I guess it's the rewards you get by leveling up new characters to 10,20,30, etc.... And the EXP multiplier of x10, x5, x4, etc in Academy And maybe the exp bonus event in Pirates that we ... never get?
  5. By the way, has anyone seen Lucky in Swap yet? I've been waiting to get him for a whole month and still haven't seen him yet.
  6. We did something for Flero? Anyway, for "all" that we've done for you, I demand every chance events set at 20% base chance and a x5 event, Special mystery box to be set at 1 Coins, 1 ruby and have a 5000 Ruby reward, 500 medals each Epic Celestial Medals & Soul's shard, 1bil gold minimum, 100k Royal Trophy and all T18 dual-color gem while the normal mystery box to be set at free. Paid user? What paid user? There's no game where you pay to win. Revenue? What's that? ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho
  7. Meh, later than that a bit, when the overbuffed passive of Anna+Xi Shi was born. A more reliable counter-attack is welcomed, but 1 block 1 kill is too much. On to the topic, so far what I've found is that their supposedly most successful game, Puzzle Three Kingdom, is almost non-existent media wise. However, the Facebook page of their other game, Heroes Will, is regularly updated with both events and ingame contents, so we at least have some hope there.
  8. Row + 1 below/above = the usual row that your hero is facing then another row either below or above it. If there are no other rows below or above you'll only hit 1 row instead of 2. The same applies for Columns. Disengage = Fallout in my post: It removes the victim from the battle entirely (thus making them immune to resurrection). I don't know for sure if the removed victim's HP still count if you happen to reach 10th round but I've heard that i does. Also, you'll win if you happen to kill the rest of the team before the usual 10th round limit. Dazzle = charm the victim and make them attack their allies. So far i only know that they will definitely attack allies on the same row as them and won't touch the furthest row (top if you are on bottom row and vice versa), but not sure which ally if there are 3 on the same row, or will they attack those on the row next to them.
  9. Eah and Anu both apply their passive on Column, while Irang is Row. The original texts have it (that's how i found out), don't know why they didnt put them into the translated one.
  10. It applies to any hero both pub and celestial, i know it takes time but unfortunately it's unavoidable. Also you now have the potions which you can farm by using a second or third character.
  11. Start at 1 mil then increases the prize by maybe 1mil each stage: 1-2-3-.....n mil
  12. YES, LUCKY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It does, when you receive exp on heroes higher than your level, or the same as your level but at max level of 229 currently, you will receive potions. Exp via academy included.
  14. It does count in battles, but the amount doesn't show up on the Tactics screen. It's a display error :).
  15. Here's Blue Draggy stat: DMG(Splash) Hit +1450 (1R) Poison 230,000 (1R) Passive: DMG vs Magicians, Paladins +75% It's not that game breaking imo so it's likely he won't be removed, a good replacement for Anu but sooner of later people will advance to their T2 classes.