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  1. There is a fatal flaw in this. Thor reaches a very high bar of power compared to other heroes. He is the very definition of a tanker. Therefore, a replacement for Thor will have to be at least at the same level as his, which means even more annoying dealing against. This calls for the need of nerfing which if effectively executed, will lower him to the same level as other heroes, while not leaving him useless, also making space for other heroes, specifically Paladins, to be considered into the party. And a feature working specifically against Thor will either put you at a loss dealing against the other 4s (unlikely), or you will find that specific feature, will in turn be very annoying to fight against. For example, we have Bossora here with the effect Fallout that can removing Thor from the game completely, but at the same time, it only has 25% of working and Thor must be hit with it to get removed. Due to his pattern of Single it can be dealt with completely by moving Thor to another slot or behind some other heroes, making it much less desireable. Now if Flero is to release a hero that have a higher chance of Fallout, higher hitting pattern to get to Thor easier, then this would make that hero in turn become overpowered because, well, mass instant "kill". So many players will agree that the rework made them much more desirable rather than less now that Anu is better than Caspy/Liz in killing Paladin class World Boss, while Irang and Eah excel in dealing with Archers and Assassin respectively (WB, PvP and PvE),
  2. I find this quite contradicting since you are about the most vocal about Thor being overpowered. Now nerfing him or removing him entirely would not be "correct towards the players, especially those who have fatigued and waited a lot of time to achieve these features" isn't it? Even to cash players, $100 is not that worthless that you can just throw out of a window like a piece of paper.
  3. Flero can, and they did. Before Lucky came to the US server, it had a 100% chance to revive your whole party at a whooping 30% HP every time you rage, and was then nerfed to 75% and 30k in the oversea server before coming to ours. Even the soul themselves aren't the same as the originals. This certainly is not the only game that nerf in-game things.
  4. ^ There will be other measures and/or class to take over from Paladins, much like how they went from being the underdog compared to Archers and Assassins in the early times to the most used class.
  5. The matching system doesn't have bugs or glitch in it, but rather a flaw. It gets only your main level to compare and pick out other players for Siege. It worked well before, but the flaw emerges with the new feature where you are technically able to adjust your main's level now. I'm not a coding expert or anything, but maybe implementing a new check for the highest level hero your roster (heroes can be removed from tactics so that can be abused by people who wants to escape high level siege) would help.
  6. They are the same. Fallout remove the victim from the game entirely, although i cannot confirm whether the removed HP will count toward winning or not. This makes Bossora the most efficient Thor-killer in the entire game as of now. However, with the attack pattern of Single, only 25% to proc every rage attacks and minions don't live that long in the meta scene, he's really lackluster compared to other heroes like Xi Shi/ Anna/Cato/ Horton.......
  7. To those who purchased Ninetails from the RT shops (120k RT) during the Christmas event.
  8. Ah yes my bad. I thought the specific tiles buff like Horton (2 rows) would be gone once the hero are removed from the field. I went back to test and turned out their buff last for those who were applied at the start of the battle even after they're gone.
  9. Im not sure if they appear on level 1s, but the rate gap between level 2 and 1 is very clear as i never get any songs from level 1 ruins.
  10. Yayool do provide nice damage, in PvP you can use him to take out Hortons to cancel out his atk buff / Nat / Xi Shi to cancel out her Counter.Atk buff / Cato early as his magic damage may do harm to your team due to low resistance. The damage increase is particularly nice in Pve scenarios where the Magicians are truly deadly. As for songs, there are other sources to gather them, either buying them in the regular shop, or invest in Ancient ruins, get them to level 2 and the songs will appear as reward (which will work very well in the long run for many other heroes).
  11. I'd say this is a great move, judging from the disappointments for this month's boxes.
  12. it doesn't have to be on the forum. The poll can be made on a separate website, then link it to a announcement in-game as well as posting the link onto a forum post.That way it can attract the as much attention as possible And a personalized Grand Prize is a very great idea, implementing it alongside with the survey would make the PC Box even more attractive to players and worth spending rubies on .
  13. As the title suggests, Mystery Box event(s) where we, the players will have a say in what prize we'd have a chance at getting. Maybe at the end of a MB event, a poll would be opened with all possible items (10 or more, maybe) for everyone to vote, and those with the most votes (like 6 or 7 items/sets of item maximum as usual) will be added into the following month's box. And even better if there are 2 topics for 2 boxes like this month. SAME PRICE, of course. This kind of event would be easy to implement since the devs team already has the ability to decide which items to go into the Mystery boxes , judging from how different our box can be from the KR server. It'd still be the same old Mystery box, RNG-based, where we may or may not get what we want, but it would create an incentive for more people to invest rubies in since even the least desirable items would still be needed by someone.
  14. That would be incorrect. As the game, or most online games in general, progress, the now expensive contents will become more accessible to the general players, while stronger, better features get released (in this case, the Advancement). Therefore, the "loafers" can eventually get thing they couldn't get before, while the "payers" will now move on to the next set that the loafers, who also have access to, but can't achieve as fast. The same goes for other features as well: the Abyss and Spire monsters had their stats reduced when the doomed mine became available; the once tanky beast Storm Axe or Tier 24 heroes became undesirable and even the some of the original Celestial aren't must-have anymore (still useful, sure); the SS Pets were once valuable ones that everyone aims for; even the SSS Pets aren't that hard to get without mystery boxes anymore as there is the Swap feature and it's much easier to get SS's via summoning now.
  15. If i were, my posts wouldn't be that detailed or I am a f2p-turned-mid tier spender, saving money and spending $100 once in a while if there are something I really need. with a $10 per month for the subscription. The thing is, Metinm chose to spend rubies on those boxes, which was pure RNG. It was a gamble, and like any kind of gambling game, RNG did what it always does best, either make people cry out of happiness or scream out of frustration. He/she chose to take the risk, and it didnt work out, while someone else was able to get all three with only free coins, which was also getting it for free. It would've been a much better experience had he/she considered more about the risk before taking it, there could've been a limit on how much to spend since the pets would likely come around again now that they're in the prize lineup (and they did, recently). As for the pets, Toma was not a bad one back then, stunning an entire row with 100% chance, Liz was ok for wbosses for her enrage and rage recovery, there were also an alternative for an Dmg(Grid) that was Genie, or Yeti for his Enrage, Singer for healing in Siege, or Caspy which was given for free sometime after Halloween , but before the Cicely box I believe, and again this Halloween (that should've been an example since he/she played for 3 years), etc.... Of course they could not best SSS pets like Cicely/Seth/Barras, but there were affordable alternatives that could still win you battles. Socketing - the ratio is quite low, so you won't notice it, like there wouldn't be that much of a difference from 0.1 to 0.5. Sockets are crucial to determine your winning chance against others, considering that we now have duo-color orbs, which means tri-color orbs are coming in the future, so low or super low rate is understandable. However, Advance socket do need a boost/price cut there, as the amount paid is quite high compared to other features. And it is ok to not spend money into a new hero right away. Information about the Celestial skills are available as soon as they are implemented, so give it a read through before deciding whether or not to farm him/her. You can also gather info from other players as well, either by asking/battling or watching clash. Another good thing when you slow down is that you have more time to gather resources for whatever you need more at the moment or prepare for the next one. Celestials are disposable as the game progress for sure, but that's PvP. They are still useful in PVE/WB scenario where a tanker like Thor may prove inefficient when he can take damage but can't deal much.