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  1. It does count in battles, but the amount doesn't show up on the Tactics screen. It's a display error :).
  2. Here's Blue Draggy stat: DMG(Splash) Hit +1450 (1R) Poison 230,000 (1R) Passive: DMG vs Magicians, Paladins +75% It's not that game breaking imo so it's likely he won't be removed, a good replacement for Anu but sooner of later people will advance to their T2 classes.
  3. You can find a topic in the Guild Box below for a guild of your liking or post one in the "Recruit Me!" box. It's more efficient than searching in-game imo as most active guilds will have someone on here to recruit more members for their guilds.
  4. Flero, with rewards as big as this, you will have a nice surge of purchases during the weekend if there's a 100% extra ruby event. *hint* *hint*
  5. That's the "spirit" ! Either that or spending rubies in this month's box, or spending multiple instances of 10 rubies in Celestial Ruins in event days. THhough that slot system do need a hell of an improvement, seeing how wonderful the Ancient Ruins was. Wait what? Does this means we can get Blue Draggy through fusion or was it a bug that he appears in the summon/fusion list?
  6. Ohh i see. Flero please stop with these low rate events, and increase the rate to where it really matters. Remove the x5 and make the base rate at least 10% before the multiplication, and 15-20 base should be a perfect amount. Or at least some kind of success guarantee like the Spirit Summoning or the monthly box event. These luck based events give people too much unnecessary competitive advantages here, everyone and i do mean everyone, should be fighting on the same level.
  7. In events based on chance, there will be people that can do it in 1 try among those who cannot get in in 10. You are free to send in how much stats you got from orbs since I couldn't even get one gold stats on orb from 6700 aquas in that same day.
  8. i opened 2 3rd slot and 4 2nd slot for a total of under 15 ancient gold. This event is really lovely, keep up the good work Flero :).
  9. Totally agree. Thor must not get weaker. Flero released Thor and he became a problem, then they must fix it by changing the whole game to fit with Thor instead of addressing the problem itself. Make other heroes stronger, make them OP, then he is no longer OP. That's how balancing works, always add more weight to the lower side of the scale, not taking them off. All online games do it. You have to respond to overpowered with overpowered, not reducing it. The same goes with gold, you must keep the old system so we don't have to spend rubies and time and effort for guilds to get stronger. What are you thinking, Flero?
  10. It occurs after a big event (occasionally for same and every time for events bigger than the monthly box). The sale is its own event, just happen to coincide with the event day as well. From the start of this event, the orb sale was on every Saturday but the orb event was actually Sunday instead. It should be back to normal next week, though im not sure if the event order would be kept, might get switched up.
  11. Dịch bằng Google nó tệ thật, nhưng những người biết tiếng Anh vẫn có thể hiểu được. Let's all speak in our own tongue and see how many languages we have here lol.
  12. Since there are probabilities at work, both systems are unbalanced as much as they are balanced, and your single dissatisfying experience would not be enough to say that it's bad. Both systems have their pros and cons. One things that come to mind is that this Percentage system was implemented with the basic intention to give players a same start as each other, while with the Absolute HP system, at the same level of power, the one with lower HP would start out already losing. At this time, building high HP but low damage combined with dodge/block would reign over other builds that use the HP stat slots for other stats. And for sure you would still be complaining when you can Dodge and Block all the time but still end up losing because after all that, your HP is still lower than the opponent. Would you not complain when at the 10th turn your party is still intact thanks to that healing build you've been focusing on but still lose against an opponent that has one or two heroes killed but their total HP was still higher than yours while clearly their percentage was not? If anything, the Percentage system makes it easier to switch in heroes that have the passive dmg against certain classes without the need to strip one heroes you're still using, change their stats and weapon, then put in into your new one, while not creating a clear disadvantag, etc....etc........ Both of the system have Thor in the center of their problems. The sense that you are not happy with losing against a player who you think couldn't win but in reality in terms of power, he had enough to bring you down to your main and Thor?
  13. Notice the specific hero that Evelyne pointed out that in both posts that carry other heroes with the insane amount of HP. There's the problem.
  14. It's the same skill actually. I figured out what it did since there's someone in my server used Bossora and removed my Thor completely. Disengage is a direct translation from KR text ( Of course Bossora has this as well), while Fallout is the name Flero chose to replace it.
  15. What to report when your test showed that the system worked the way it supposed to, with the win goes to the player with higher hp percentage?