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  1. Mthrfkrs is recruiting 1-2 active, high-level players. We are part of the MFP family and one of the top guilds on Voltron. Perks: - Dedicated chats as part of the MFP Community, Game Advice, Siege Help, Family Competitions, and more - Hell Fort: 18,000 Royal Trophies a week! - Dragon Level 400+ - Casual, friendly atmosphere. As long as you can attend some guild battles, how much you participate in chat is up to you. We're looking for players with the following qualities: - Level 200 or higher - Can usually make at least 1 Guild Battle a day - Can hold a Top 100 arena position - Will sign up on the LINE app for guild communications - Are respectful of others If interested please pm me. Happy gaming, JimmyCO
  2. I got 'lucky' this time. Only seven tries from T14 -> T15. A cheap ~3000 rubies...
  3. Hey Chloe, it wasn't clear to me whether we should prove that we completed the engraving challenge, so here are my screenshots. Thanks!
  4. Hero: JimmyCO Server: Voltron
  5. We are some BAAAAAD Mthrfkrs!