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  1. Let's say you have: 5000 base stats 30% engraving 10% skill II 1000 guild skills Now, on my planet, what Chloe just said translates into 5000*0.3*0.1+1000 and if you follow basic math rules that gets you to 1150. Now let's say you have 0% skill II, and actually most of us do have for most of our skills, that gets us to 5000*0.3*0+1000=1000. So this either is right which means only guild skills matter for most of us, or most likely this is the best example of why everything seems upsidedown in regards with flero mechanics and decisions.
  2. Now...i have unlocked the crusader at 174 do i get the extra 6 lvls untill 180 for free or do i have to give back the crusader?
  3. Up
  4. If active is what you're looking for then Smashed2 is just the guild for you. On top of that we have a veteran stronghold, win both wars and have a good time everyday on our kik app guild chat. For more infos contact Balundur after installing Kik. Choose wisely :).
  5. On the other hand i suppose reading the ingame help would clear out some of our theories :)).
  6. I used a couple of atk and def scrolls, just out of curiosity, and what i learned is that you CAN get more than 0.1% from a scroll. In my case i got 0.2% from both ATK scrolls i've used and 0.4% from both DFE scrolls. Now i didn't pay attention to how much each of the def scrolls gave individually but since math is math even in HoA they either gave each 0.2% or one of them gave 0.1% and the other one 0.3%.
  7. And that's for EVERY hero that you want to upgrade :)) EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!
  8. I really don't understand you people. You are free to play right? Well so am i, and i manage to gather 510 rubies every week wothout additional events (explore on Tuesday, guild boss on Saturday and Sunday, daily quests reward and 3x top 100 clash). And that's just the rubies, think about everything else that's given free on a normal week, excluding the events and lucky boxes and it's way more than most of the games out there. The problem is not the free stuff that's given, the problem is you people don't know how to manage your resources, you go berserk on a socket or enhraving, without knowing when it's the right moment to do it or the moment to abandon it.
  9. Stop complaining about the AG you have to pay...just login everyday and you will get 10 AG. Furthermore try the Terron dungeon everyday and you get 1AG for the price of 300k gold. 11 FREE AG everyday, indeed for a limited period of time, but still FREE! Now, please tell me, where is the problem and why is this not a free to play game?
  10. There is some sort of android emulator for windows...i have no idea how it works or if you are allowed to play HoA on it since i never used it for this game. It was something like greenStacks or blueStacks or something, i'm colorblind so i have no idea :)). And i never used it!
  11. Your gems are safe, what's not safe is your patience to use them, that patience will get very little as you approach 160 :)).
  12. Just a little head's up for those of you who didn't find out yet, you CAN win the 150k fame before you open the fixed amount of boxes (200). I won it at 70th box, someone else won it at 31th box. So, good luck everyone :).
  13. As far as i know it took them about 2 years to do something with that "Conquest" button (the stronghold submenu in guild) so you guys should be thankful that it is how it is. :))
  14. How about: - ressurection - fallout - patronize - splash dmg - battlecry - windforce And so on and so on, let's not pretend there are no things left unexplained or things that only some of us don't know.
  15. T16 gems CAN drop more than once, though the rate is pretty low :(. Shards are nice aswell for us, the ones that don't have the gold spirits already, the sad part is you don't always get 3 of them.