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  1. I'm sorry your last moment with the game and the support hasn't been satisfactory. I'll improve and I appreciate your for your contribution to the game. I wish you well in every aspect of life!
  2. Everyone! Our Hot Time event plan for the last week of February is set! The event rewards will give you a hand on Crafting. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------ ■ DATES for 24 FEB ~ 28 FEB ■ DETAILS : Log in and receive free rewards! ■ REWARDS : - 24 FEB : Gold(100K) + Moss(2) - 25 FEB : Gold(100K) + Sand(2) - 26 FEB : Gold(100K) + Salmon(2) - 27 FEB : Gold(100K) + Eel(2) - 28 FEB : Gold(100K) + Peridot(2) ------------------------------------------------ ※ Gifts are sent to the in-game Mail once. ※ Gifts expire after the specified date if you haven’t claimed it!
  3. I believe the only active in-game official GM account is TOM account, which is shared among all the GM's. You can expect all Toms in the forum, facebook, and support email to be the same person, unless I quit. On your wonderful suggestions on lost helps, I will forward them to the Dev Team. For a thought, on KET, the official "cafe" is very active--by active meaning around 2,000 threads a day just for exchanging help purpose--and that's what we hope to achieve in ETG as well, but maybe we'll have to make consider the limited condition here.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Please understand that when new features are released, it is intentionally set difficult to be achieved, and I believe it is similar in most other games as well. As H0n3b33 mentioned, ETG is following the update sequence of KET, and you can expect that as more contents--there will be so many!--are introduced in the future, you will be less worried about Gathering, which will be more "balanced," but more about the complication of brand new contents. I hope you wouldn't be so frustrated with numerous new updates that our developers prepared, and I understand that it is our team's job to alleviate your stress via communication, event and possible adjustments.
  5. There isn't a set time. One of the GM's does all the managing of the account, and I'm not sure when she usually sets it. I'll try to log in from time to time so that you won't waste helps.
  6. Ooops
  7. We are aware of the issue and trying to fix it ASAP. Thanks
  8. Hello Everyone! After today's update, some of you may be experiencing trouble accessing your account. In order to resolve the problem, please refer to the following process: On your device, go to [Settings > Application Manager > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache] and then update or reinstall the game on Google Play Store. The process may vary depending on your device, but the bottom line is that you will need to delete the cache of Google Play Store. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.
  9. Hello everyone! An issue has been detected during our scheduled update today at 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC). It seems that some of you are experiencing trouble logging into your account. First off, I assure you that your town data isn't lost. We will make another notice on how to resolve the problem after the maintenance. Please refrain from logging in the game before the maintenance end time. Thank you.
  10. Craft Challenge Number Two! DATES: After 16 FEB Maintenance ~ 1 MAR DETAILS: Craft Peridot Brooch Shop for additional rewards. - Get 20 Peridots per 1 Crafted Peridot Brooch Shop * You must finish Crafting and CLAIM the crafted shop for valid entry * Rewards will be sent after the event after processing the data Show off your talents, Crafters!
  11. Everyone! Druing 16 FEB ~ 22 FEB, every SEED purchase—except gifting SEED—will be rewarded with 15% more SEED. ※ Rewards will be sent immediately upon purchase to Mail.
  12. Fried Tofu Shop and Candle Shop 3+1 Event! ■ Duration - After 16 FEB Maintenance ~ 22 FEB ■ Details - Buy 3 Friend Tofu Shop and get 1 free Fried Tofu Shop (Max 3) - Buy 3 Candle Shop and get 1 free Candle Shop (Max 3) ※ Rewards will be sent AFTER the event after processing the data, which may take 1~3 business days. ※ You will be able to receive 3+1 bonus for a MAXIMUM of 3 bonus Shops.
  13. Do you like Tofu? Tom loves tofu! Fried Tofu Shop will receive 50% production time bonus during 16 FEB ~ 19 FEB.
  14. Hello Everyone! Peridot Brooch Shop has been added to our To-Craft list after 16 FEB update. There will be presents for our Crafters of course! ■ DATES : 16 FEB ~ 19 FEB (UTC) ■ DETAILS : Log in and receive free rewards! ■ REWARDS : - 16 FEB: Peridot(2) + Perfume(2) - 17 FEB: Peridot(2) + Perfume(2) - 18 FEB: Peridot(2) + Perfume(2) - 19 FEB: Peridot(2) + Perfume(2) ※ Gifts are sent to the in-game Mail once. ※ Gifts expire after the specified date if you haven’t claimed it!
  15. Hmmm...