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  1. 親愛的居民們:你們好! 8月18日更新後,有部分玩家反饋研究點數出現了異常現象。 此現象已被準確定位,並且在今日已被成功地修復。 請進入谷歌PLAYSTORE/蘋果APPSTORE,更新《我的莊園日記》APP。 謝謝!
  2. Hello Everyone! We've posted a notice on the Research Points error before, and the issue is planned to be fixed today via non-maintenance update. Please download the update on the market on your device when it's avaialble! Thank you.
  3. 안녕하세요 에브리타운입니다. 8/18 업데이트 이후 연구 포인트 관련하여 발견된 오류현상이 금일 무점검 업데이트를 통해 해결되었습니다. 사용하고 계신 마켓에서 에브리타운 어플리케이션 업데이트를 다운로드 받아주세요. 감사합니다.
  4. Hello Everyone! Since 17 Aug update, the crash issue has been reported by some of our players. The issue is now fixed and we apologize for the inconvenience it has caused our players. If you still cannot access your account after this notice, You may want to try reinstalling the game or use another device to test. Moreover we have prepared some compensation as apology. Please refer to the following details: - Compensation: SEED(5) + Gold(300,000) - Must be claimed before 24 Aug 23:59 ※ The compensation will be sent to your in-game mailbox once. ※ The compensation will expire after 24 Aug 23:59, so please check your in-game mailbox and claim it before the expiration!
  5. Hello Everyone! We've been reported of the issue regarding Research Points. If you are experiencing game crash when claiming Research Points, please come back after 00:00 (UTC), and then you should be able to claim Research Points. While we are putting our utmost effort into resolving the matter, please follow the foregoing advice until the issue is completely fixed. Thank you.
  6. Would you tell me the names of the accounts that you can access to? Are you using the same device?
  7. I'm very sorry about the crashing issue we have right now. Would you send us your device information and in-game name?
  8. Hello Everyone! As you may know already, another new town has been added after 17 Aug update. To celebrate this, we will be randomly selecting a few lucky winners for 100% cashback for the purchase of Downtown. Please refer to the following event details: - Dates: 17 Aug ~ 23 Aug - Details: Open Downtown during the event period for a chance to be one of twenty players to win 180 SEEDs. - Note: The winners will receive prize within one week after the last day of the event. Thank you.
  9. Everyone! During 17 Aug ~ 23 Aug, every SEED purchase—except gifting SEED, level-up discounts, and Starter Pack—will be rewarded with 30% more SEED. ※ Rewards will be sent immediately upon purchase to Mail. ※ Gifting SEED, level-up discounts, and Starter Pack are excluded from this event.
  10. The New Shops will be on 2+1 sale during 17 Aug ~ 23 Aug. ■ Details: - Buy 2 Bean Jelly Shop and get 1 Bean Jelly Shop for free (unlimited) - Buy 2 Adzuki Dessert Shop and get 1 Adzuki Dessert Shop for free (unlimited) - Buy 2 Bavarian Cream Shop and get 1 Bavarian Cream Shop for free (unlimited) - Buy 2 Cheese Soufflé Shop and get 1 Cheese Soufflé Shop for free (unlimited) ※ Rewards will be sent AFTER the event after processing the data, which may take 1~3 business days.
  11. PR Gelatin Mill will be on 2+1 sale during 17 Aug ~ 23 Aug. ■ Details - Buy 2 PR Gelatin Mills and get 1 PR Gelatin Mill for free (unlimited) ※ Rewards will be sent AFTER the event after processing the data, which may take 1~3 business days. ※ You will be able to receive 2+1 bonus for an unlimited number of shops.
  12. Hello everyone! Small gifts will be handed out to help you run those new shops: Dorayaki Shop, Mooncake Shop, Fruit Ice Cream Shop, Orange Sundae Shop ■ DATES : 17 Aug ~ 22 Aug ■ DETAILS : Log in for free gifts ■ GIFTS : Chestnut(2) + Adzuki Bean(2) + Gelatin(8) + Vanilla(6) + Azuki Bean(4) + Cream(8) + Egg(6) + Milk(2) + Mint(4) + Cheese(4) ------------------------------------------------ ※ Gifts expire after the specified dates. You must claim them before their expiration
  13. Hello Everyone! Bean Jelly & Adzuki Dessert Shop will receive 50% production time bonus during 17 Aug ~ 21 Aug Take advantage of the event and get those shops running!
  14. Hello Everyone! There will be a maintenance break for updates on 17 Aug during 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC). Please understand that the maintenance time is subject to change, and you won’t be able to access the game at the time. <17 Aug Patch Note> 1. New Town! “Downtown” has been added. You can open “Downtown Building” where you can acquire “Research Points.” [Research Points] You may acquire them at Downtown Building, and use them to buy Craft designs. You can check your Research Points and Craft designs in [Gather/Craft > research]. 2. New Downtown Buildings [DT] Hotel 3. New Shops Bean Jelly Shop Adzuki Dessert Shop PR Gelatin Mill Bavarian Cream Shop Cheese Soufflé Shop [Theme Park] Zoo (Sloth) Peridot Ring Shop [Theme Park] Caribbean Pirate 4. New Random Boxes [Ltd] Fried Tofu Happy Blue Day 5. New Villager Outfit Tough Guy 6. New Sky Decorations Fireworks I Fireworks II 7. New Craft Designs [Theme Park] Ferris Wheel (R) [Theme Park] Haunted House (R) [Theme Park] Tutty Trains (R) [Theme Park] Rainbow Tower (R) [Theme Park] Popcorn Cart (R) [Theme Park] Candy Floss Cart (R) 8. New Lunch Boxes Bavarian Cream Cheese Soufflé 9. New Trade Shop Baumkuchen Shop 10. New Gift Shops (Android only) Porridge Shop PR Gelatin Mill Premium Chocolate Mill Premium Yogurt Mill 11. New Heart Shops Lisa's House Field Scarecrow Hay Melody Mailman's Fall Zelkova Bench Thank you!
  15. Everyone! I hope you like what we’ve prepared as small gift. Have a wonderful day. ------------------------------------------------ ■ DATES: 12 Aug ~ 13 Aug ■ DETAILS : Log in each day and receive free gifts ■ REWARDS - 12 Aug : Heart(200) - 13 Aug : Gold(300K) ------------------------------------------------ ※ Gifts are sent to the in-game Mail once. ※ Gifts expire after the specified date if you haven’t claimed it!