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  1. I anticipated that there would've been more TOM replies
  2. We don't have one planned this month, and we haven't confirmed the FEB event plan yet. I'll post when the plan is set!
  3. On 19 JAN Update, new feature Gather/Craft is introduced! So... we are having an event of course! DATES: After 19 JAN Maintenance ~ 8 FEB DETAILS: Craft Salmon Pasta Shop or Unadon Shop for additional rewards - Get 20 Salmons per 1 Crafted Salmon Pasta Shop - Get 20 Eels per 1 Crafted Unadon Shop * You must finish Crafting and CLAIM the crafted shop for valid entry * Rewards will be sent after the event after processing the data Show us your Craftsmanship/Craftswomanship!
  4. During the event, 15% additional SEEDs will be rewarded right upon purchase. - DATES: After 19 JAN Maintenance ~ 25 JAN - DETAILS: Buying Small Box of SEEDs will give you 17 additional SEEDs. > 17 SEEDs will be sent via in-game Mail right after purchase
  5. Congratulating on our new update with new features, we have prepared a small gift to our players! Please refer to the following: EVENT: Log in and receive free gifts GIFT: > 19 JAN: Eel(2) > 20 JAN: Salmon(2) > 21 JAN: Moss(2) > 22 JAN: Sand(2) * Gifts are sent to the in-game Mail. * Gifts expire after the specified date if you haven’t claimed it!
  6. Thirsty? Sangria Shop and Rose Lassi Shop for 3+1 Sale! ■ Duration - After 19 JAN Maintenance ~ 22 JAN ■ Details - Buy 3 Sangria Shop and get 1 free Sangria (Max 3) - Buy 3 Rose Lassi Shop and get 1 free Rose Lassi Shop (Max 3) ※ Rewards will be sent AFTER the event after processing the data, which may take 1~3 business days. ※ You will be able to receive 3+1 bonus for a MAXIMUM of 3 bonus Shops.
  7. Hello! Sangria Shop will benefit 50% production time. I’m ready for a glass! ■ Duration - After 19 JAN Maintenance ~ 22 JAN
  8. Hello Everyone! Are you ready for a new update? Date/Time: 19 JAN 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC) * The maintenance time is subject to change. Please refer to the below. < Patch Note > 1. New Features!! > Gather: Gather materials with your Villagers! > Craft: Craft valuable items with the materials Gathered! 2. Max Level Expanded!! 65Lv > 70Lv 3. New Shops Sangria Shop Rose Lassi Shop Custard Mill Green Tea Shop Panna Cotta Shop Pavlova Shop Moussaka Shop Lasagna Shop Choco Macadamia Mill Choco Muffin Shop Mushroom Cream Mill Jagerschnitzel Shop Salmon Pasta Shop Unadon Shop 4. New Theme Park [Theme Park] Go Cart 5. New Structure Purple Porphyry Bridge 6. New Landmark [LND] Winter Friends 7. New XP Coupon 120k XP 8. New Crop Eggplant 9. New Tree Macadamia Tree 10 New Random Box Strawberry Tart 11. New Trade Shop Vin Chaud Shop 12. New Gift Shops Caramel Cookie Shop Premium Sugar Mill Premium Winery Premium Fruit Juice Mill 13. New Structures at Heart Shop Winter Firewood Chocolate House Winter Jars Snow Cleaner Eclair House Winter Cart Chocolate Girl Chocolate Store Winter Cabin 14. Minimum number of a product that can be registered at Stall changed 10 → 1
  9. Hello, please visit the TW forum and look for GM_Nihao for assistance! Thank you. Link:
  10. Greetings Everyone! During the schedule maintenance on 19 January, Starter Pack will be reset. In other words, it will be available for purchase one more time to those who have already purchased it. If you haven’t bought the pack already, there won’t be anything new regarding the change. Of course, there will be many more updated contents, which will be announced shortly. Thank you and be careful not to catch a cold!
  11. All the items need to be added to the app data prior to the events. That's why some items seem to be "hidden," and they will come to surface at their time!
  12. What is [Craft]? Using the Products collected through "Gather," you can [Craft] Shops/Structures/Theme Park. * Please refer to the FAQ on [Gather] before proceeding if you haven't done so already! 1. Prepare to Gather! Your Town level must be at least 40, and you need the materials that have been Gathered. Go to [Gather/Craft - Craft]. 1) Types of items that can be Crafted: Mill/Shop, Structure, Unique Structure 2) Required/Owned number of materials are given. The details of the item can be revealed as well by tapping on the magnifying glass. 3) Crafting time and limit 4) You need the required materials as well as Gold/SEEDs. Using Gold takes time, while using SEEDs does not. 5) Insufficient materials are marked in red. 6) Go Gather to collect insufficient materials. 2. Start Crafting! 1) You will see the "Crafting Done" button, on which you can tap to claim the Crafted item. 2) Yay! New Item stored in the Inventory! 3. Things to Remember! 1) Your Town level needs to be at least 40 to Craft. 2) You need Gathered materials to Craft. 3) You can Craft multiple items at a time as long as you have required materials and Gold/SEEDs. 4) If you have met the limit for an item, you will not be able to Craft the item anymore. 5) Please be cautious as the goods spent on Crafting will not be refunded.
  13. What is [Gather]? You can Gather using Villagers to collect some new materials that can be used for [Craft]. 1. Prepare to Gather! * Requirements - Town level of 40 or above - At least 2 Villagers acquired from the main quests. * Use the menu on the bottom left to find the page below: * When first opened, the World Map should have only one region unlocked. 1) The number of Gathering done 2) The available number of Villagers for Gathering 3) The name of the region 4, 5, 6) The places available for Gathering is labeled "...', and in process of Gathering should be marked with a magnifying glass. 7) New Map to be unlocked; different types of materials can be gathered there. 2. Start Gathering! Different Maps have different collectibles. Every material is rated for its quality. 1) You can select one of the regions to Gather. Current region is colored in orange. 2) You can select one of the subregions. 3) The list of the materials that can be Gathered on the subregion. 4) You can "Buy Now" instead of using Villager. 5) Available Villagers are numbered, and you can select them to go Gather. 6) The time it takes to finish Gathering is marked. You can tap on "Go Gather" to start Gathering. You have to have selected 2 Villagers and Lunch can also be selected, but it's not a must. You need to spend certain amount of Gold for Gathering. * Using Villagers with better condition increases the probability of gathering materials with higher quality. - Condition changes randomly 3. Finish Gathering! Gathering does not "fail." The quality of the materials varies randomly. These materials are used to "Craft," so keep them safely! 1) You can check the Villagers and Lunch used for Gathering. 2) You can tap on "Done" when the Gathering is done. 3) You'll be able to collect materials once you tap on "Done." It will be stored in your Storage. 4. Things to Remember! 1) Your Town level must be at least 40 to Gather. 2) Only the Villagers obtained via quests can be used to Gather. 3) 2 Villagers are needed to start Gathering. 4) Villagers can be used in Restaurant and for Gathering at the same time. 5) If you have many Villagers, you can use them to Gather in multiple regions. 6) The material's quality is determined randomly. The quality attributed ranges SS, S, A, B, C, SS being the best. 7) You can check the Gathered materials at [Tool - Keep/Sell - Storage]. 8) Please be cautious as the goods used to progress in the game will not be refunded.
  14. Hello, please understand that specific promotion sale items usually don't reappear. It will be noticed at planned time when matters are settled, and there isn't anything to be noticed regarding limited item sales at the moment. I will discuss with the team about special sales, since I do realize that there hasn't been one lately. Thank you for the suggestion There is something you can look forward to on the lunar new year though!
  15. Hello Everyone! After yesterday's update postponement, we were able to settle the new update date. It is now scheduled on 10 JAN 06:00 ~ 08:00. We again apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. <Patch Note> [Same as previously planned] 1. New Shop! - Picnic Shop 2. New Random Boxes! - [Ltd] Pork - Fairytale 3. New Villager Outfit! - Pirate King 4. New Sky Decoration! - Ray Kite 5. New Restaurant Recipes! - Tex-Mex Combo - Cheese Pizzeria 6. New Trade Shop! Cheese Pizzeria 7. New Gift Shops! - Caramel Cookie Shop - Premium Bull Pen - PR Rooster Coop - Premium Fruit Juice Mill Enjoy!