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  1. That shops are so delicious looking! *o*
  2. I get different messages. I think if I got rejected there also stands "didn't want any help" but I play in german, so I don't know how it is exactly written when playing in english. If the person didn't accept in time it's just the usual message.. :3
  3. For me it's totally okay to wait. A lot of MMORPGs and other online games also often have crashes or update problems and there you often don't get anything for waiting. I can't understand all those people who want left the game for every little reason. If those people think they are not happy with the game and all time just talking about how boring or stupid it is, it's really better if they leave the community, since they only sow anger, which is really sad! I love Everytown, even my family and friends are playing the game and we won't stop paying just because of a few crashes or people who can't stop talking bad. Hope this game will last and grow for many years. :3
  4. There is still hope..maybe we get it within a big winter update...or if we sing a christmas song for Tom! 🎶🎵♩
  5. Awww just like me! The yule log mill is the most beautiful winter mill I have ever seen so far. The new 48h mill don't look any special to me. I will wait for the yule log to come and then buy a lot of them!
  6. I have the same problem since a very long time. Sometimes it does update the profile pictures but the most time not.. I have also no idea how to fix that. Maybe a question for the support. ^^
  7. I hope you will be right!
  8. It's more a wish than a question, but since I fall in love with them at first sight I wondered if we will get them or not. So I decide to start a question. :3 Pictures are from H0n3b33 ♡ The left one! ♡ The yule log looks so delicious! That would be also awesome for a christmas theme town!
  9. I was thinking exactly the same!
  10. Little question. Since they give over 10k gold and 800exp will that last forever or will they turn to their normal price & exp after this event? Just want to be sure.
  11. I like Chelsea a lot since she is so naturally and shy but sometimes also energic and of a cute way funny. I also feel a bit sorry for her, since Tom only have eyes for Lena and don't really notice her. I also love every animal character, since I simply love animals in general. And Dolce, because I love spooky things and ghosts. But generally I like every ET character, there is no one I dislike. Not even Irvin who acts sometimes arrogant but does care a lot about our town, even if he don't want to show it.^^
  12. I had to laugh so hard.
  13. I don't think it's a question of legal or not, it's a question of the person himself or herself. If I would post an entry which I didn't drawed by myself and I would win, I would feel like I cheated on the other artists who did their best by drawing by themself and had work while doing that! So it's no wonder why this isn't legal on regular drawing contests.
  14. Just saw your entry, it's so cute! :3 Thank you, actually it tooks me over 15 hours from start to the end. I am not that fast.^^" But if I am sit in front of my graphic tablet I forget time, so I drawed while listen to an audio book. :3