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  1. Happy to see active players! ^^ A warm welcome to you! ♡
  2. I never got pw hacked myself but I know friends who also made that experience. At least we can see who bought our stuff and still are able to block that player. But of course it is very sad if something like that happened at all! I think the only way to prevent something like that is to use difficult pws, changing them often..blocking those players directly. There isn't really anything like a 'hacking-player away spray' we can use but we can make it them as difficult as possible.^^
  3. Me too. I think the items are not well chosen, since the most of us already have lot's of them. But well...better than nothing! Maybe they will give us some nice the next time. Remember the valentine's shop. That was also a very nice one, or not? ^^
  4. I have the same thought's about that! I think the market would become much more lively if it is bound to the quest's. Of course you also had to wait for someone who is buying your stuff but that could also made the market board a bit more lively or the person keep selling regular without using the market. But I think a lot would prefer to sell to other people since mostly quest items are needed by other players.^^
  5. tv and internet profider? ^^ You can't really put company's like that in the same pot like a company from an online game. If I would quit a random contract where I have to pay once a month or however the contract is made they will of course keep me! But the most online games haven't such contract's. You play..maybe you pay..but you don't need to pay. Also there is usually never a personal relationship between them and you. You just play their game. I made a lot of experiences with online games like MMORPGs and so on. They really don't care if you go. My friends didn't make other experiences. It's totally normal that some players maybe quit and new players will come. Like I said I usually prefer console/handheld games. I buy it, I play additional costs and mostly not bound to an online server. But I love ET. I love the community, my friends and my town. That's why I stay and play.^^
  6. I always recommend the game everywhere. So also my family and friends who are also playing. I really hope it will get more lively here even if I see the smaller community also as a sort of family. I meet so much wonderful peoples from all around the world here.^^
  7. I don't see it like that. The most company's give a s*** if a costumer leave or not. I know of what I am talking about, since I have a lot of experience about the gaming industry itself. Normally nobody would even care.^^ That Tom had respond to her is something I highly appreciate and shows that he care and the most important: he shows his respect. I think no GM would easily write that he/her will talk about that with his/her team or not, since this would be company-internal and only force some hot-headed people to wrong expectations. If there ever will be some major changes about ET in the future we won't know it until they let us know. Every company is like that and it's okay. Everything in this whole world needs time especially if the rules are not made by one person.^^
  8. That was a lot to read and very well written! You are right, especially with what could be made better. But everything needs time and we don't know how ET will change with the future, I will never give ET up! So I will see it grow and shine or going down and hopefully it will be the first option! Like I often say "I will stay until the very end!" There is so much potential in this game! I usually never played mobile games. I am way more a console/handheld player. But this game made me use my smarthphone way more than I ever thought I would. Since smarthphones usually don't get much attention from me. It is very sad that you are leaving our community and not only I will miss you. You are great at choosing the right words and you wrote a great last post. I really hope ET will notice it and maybe we will see it grow in an other way in the future. I will be there and watch it. But I don't only wish for the community to become bigger and happier or ET. I also wish you only the best in your life, my dear. Thank you for beeing an awesome and great pal! And if you ever decide to join our community again I will be there and welcome you with open arms! ♡ May your last post become wings and hopefully start something! Thank you, my dear. :3
  9. I will stay until the very end, no matter what! But we are already mutuals. :3
  10. The SS items are definitely able to get with pure luck. I nearly never give my villager food and they also not always have heart eyes and I get S and even SS items from gathering (and also from the train). And why not share items? I would maybe never be able to craft all my crafting mills so fast just by my own but I have friends I traded with or bought from them. I never used seeds to buy an item directly and I never will. Don't get me wrong. I understand your problems with the crafting system and yes it should get a bit more balanced, since not everyone seems to trade or has much patience. But I for myself have no problems with it..also not my mother or (most of) my friends. But it's always hard to make everyone happy. ^^
  11. Awww! Don't worry, we all know you work hard for us, Tom! ^^
  12. It's mysterious..!
  13. I love it!
  14. Very very cute! Great work! :3
  15. Thank you so much for this awesome present! ♡ Here both genders give presents to each others, mostly pairings sharing some presents. But not everyone celebrate it.