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  1. Oh it's finally here? Cute, I download it! Edit: The game is very funny as far as I can tell. I love how the Everytown grafics and Items are used! ♡ It's also nice to see the chibi characters moving, very cute! If the both games would become linked together so we could reach some goals to unlock Items here would be awesome! But even so I like the game a lot! Hopefully some players of the game will also start playing Everytown. :3
  2. Sounds great!
  3. Thank you so much! :3
  4. I love cherry tree's. Thank you!^^
  5. I really don't know..always thought the other GM accs are fake made by users but I also don't know if this is true or not! I just hope Tom's town won't stay forever like this. It looks so sad.
  6. That happened not only to you, so don't worry. You just need to write the support, they will help you.^^ If you click on options there is a link for "help center". :3
  7. Finally more space!
  8. Looking forward to it! ^^
  9. Thank you! ♡
  10. Since no one asked the question before I want to start this topic. Tom, your town is.. well.. very empty. And that since a while. What's wrong? Even if you or the person who usually manage the town are having less time, wouldn't it be better if there at least would be a nice decorated town instead of a empty area? If it would be too time consuming to handle mills at the moment it would at least be nice to make a nice town instead. I also think it would motivate new players, since they maybe get a bad first impression if they see your town this way. Please think about it. :3
  11. Thank you so much!
  12. @Twinkiejad Glad I could help you!^^ I think landmarks can be a great way to increase eco without using to much space at the same time. But you need to up lv them first. If someone isn't patient enough or don't want to make all this merging a landmark maybe isn't the right choice. The problem is that if you have a lot of mills, like I do, they need more and more eco while placing but someday you run out of space to add more eco stuff to come along. High eco items mostly are huge like houses which needs also a lot of space. For example: if I wouldn't have my villa at lv10 with over 200k eco I also wouldn't be able to have that amount of mills, since I wouldn't be able to have enough space and eco.^^" But that's just my opinion. I am very glad to have my landmarks but even with them I have space and eco problems while adding new mills! It's just the way ET works. More mills -> more eco needed -> someday less space or run out of eco. But that can take a lot of time until you reach that part and if they add a 4th town that maybe would be a better suiting choice for you, since you also get more space with more towns. But you can't increase their size with hearts so there are seeds needed. A landmark don't need seeds to lv up but they are expensive if you buy them at first. It's always better to know everything before giving out seeds for sure.^^
  13. @Twinkiejad It's not important how much items you merge at once. If you put them in one by one or all at once it will always be the same amount of eco or gold needed. Well, I can it show to you this way: I choose my Osaka Castle since I am actually working on it. (Sorry the pictures a bit huge, didn't edited it by now) I want to get it from Lv.6 to Lv.7 and as seen it needs a total amount of 486 843 eco. I now merge 14 [HOL] Hunt Home from 800exp mill Lucky Box: As we see it raised it to 21% after merging. I also want to add that I mostly use the Lucky Box "Bobo" to get many eco stuff to merge at an easy and less expensive way. Also the items there don't have high costs while merging! It for sure depends on luck but there are a lot of high eco items and you even have a chance to get 5mill back. After some pools at the lucky box and a few other stuff I don't need I finally got it at Lv.7 and are able to see which amount of eco it needs next. A lot, but well. Let's work on it! I hope that helps you a little bit. ^^
  14. Thank you very much and happy holiday! :3
  15. Great! Thank you very much!