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  1. Great! Thank you very much!
  2. I also often think the same, so I agree completely! The login counter can be very annoying if it won't pop up.. Also back then when I start playing I also wasn't able to collect all of the heart items. Since it's more than a year now I was finally able to collect them all. But I remember how hard it was back then and a lot of newcomers or players with less time would definitelly enjoy playing or visiting their friends a lot more if they would get better heart rewards. So increasing the heart boosts maybe would also increase the activity of players. That's a good point to think about.
  3. I also can't say that giving them a brunch would increase anything for me! Maybe they work better with an empty stomage! If I feed them I mostly get nothing special. If I don't feed them and even don't care if they have heart eyes or not they bring me A, S or even SS items! It all depends on luck I think..also the chance in percent would interest me..
  4. I like your ideas! People with less luck on lucky boxes would hopefully have a better chance. Also for the gathering boosts! Such boosts from time to time really would be great. Since also heart boosts always make the community more active some random boosts for sure wouldn't be less effective.^^
  5. Thank you so much, my dear. :3 I do love kimono pattern! ..and also kimono's!
  6. Many thanks to you also, my dear! ♡♡♡ Also thank you very much, Tom. I am honored. :3
  7. Thank you very much, my dear. :3
  8. I drew a little picture to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!
  9. Absolutely agree, my dear! ♡
  10. There is nothing more I can add, my dear. :3
  11. The villa even needs over 2mill. I finished some landmarks and they all need a lot of eco. I was surprised how less eco is needed for this landmark you got there! Make some Bobo (owl) luckybox rounds everyday. With a bit of luck you will got it max very fast! Edit: I know a lot players haven't patience for things like that and always want balances for everything. But well..that's how it is. Some are happy with it and some are not. I can understand you but I am also fine with how it is. Landmarks are luxurious after all..^^" Edit the second: Nearly forgot to say: and please calm down and pay attention to your manners and pronunciation. It's disturbing!
  12. Thank you so much! :3 I hope luck and trading will speed it up. I wish you a lot of luck too! ♡ The most I get if I use something good like aroma candle is sand and moss..a lot of sand!
  13. Yes, my dear. :3 But I would never have been able to start crafting it that fast without family and friends who collect togheter with me. ♡ I also hope that I will be able to help you again.^^ Hopefully they will add something in the future that increases luck way more than food..since I don't really think it increases much..
  14. I will try to help you too, my dear. ♡ First I need to return some items if I get them, since a lovely person gave me a lot of them. :3 And since she isn't using the board and is looking for oil, I would buy it, if someone would sell.
  15. Hello~ I buy all Items needed for Osaka Castle except for Silver Ore, which I have enough. If someone has something left to sell me please let me know.^^ IGN: Kyoushirou Edit: Complete, thank you. :3