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  1. That group is shit though. People posting dick pics and disgusting stuff. Left the group ages ago.
  2. Wait for a x5 event. Then maybe 10-20 tries on average without rubies.
  3. Bypassing time and effort is pay to progress.
  4. Very good changes. Cooldown on character creation was necessary. Exploiters should be punished. Said nerfs are also a step into the right direction.
  5. After deleting a main char, the slot should be locked with a cooldown.
  6. There's an arrow. You have to click it to switch to sunday world boss.
  7. This is an additional lucky box. We got free coins until Jan 6th.
  8. They do drop from level 1 ruins, but it's true: upgrading to level 2 is worth it.
  9. I really like the idea of having two different loot tables we can choose from. Way better than having all things mixed together and getting undesired things most of the time.
  10. You can actually claim the crusader before the 10k aquas step. Maybe even earlier. At some point you will obtain a scroll you need to activate from your inventory to unlock crusader and it's somewhere before the 10k aquas.
  11. They were talking about the stamp sheet which was added 5 days late this month
  12. I was just asking myself: "how did i not notice this new upda...what?"
  13. Addition to the post above: thor medals should be available in the royal trophy shop, but they aren't right now. Only xi shi and an ung medals are available. Maybe they will be added with an upcoming update
  14. I think removing is not necessary. Some other players suggested that some rules need to be implemented like: if the battle lasts 10 rounds, the player which dealt more damage or has more leftover HP wins. And not like the current state: defender wins.
  15. She already answered, check comment #2