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  1. Hi Flero, I've noticed that if i have a pet with initiative and i equip it to an advanced side-hero, the initiative provided by the pet does not count in the total team amount. Why? Initiative on side heroes orbs does count, so i think also the one on pet shall do.
  2. In your video that paladin's counter-attck is not even that strong! In eble here top players counter-attack for 1.400.000 more damage. In theory they've already nerfed this mechanics, decreasing attack and also the % bonus to counter-attack of Anna. But it is still a very broken ability. I am using red gems on gear to enhance blk pen but it is still really hard to overcome block. It is annoying in my opinion because it allows to build easily a very strong strategy (probably the strongest currently) using just 2 heroes, the main and Thor. In this way you can skip the enhancement of other heroes that are just "puppets" to pump the counter-attack. So it is easy to feel frustrated.
  3. Yeah, especially by writing " This event is really lovely, keep up the good work Flero :)."... it seems really a mockery
  4. Unrespectful silly comment towards all those ones before you that had less luck...
  5. Agree. @GM_Chloe, i am willing to spend my money in this game, but if you resete the personal x2 i want at least 70% ruby bonus. With 30% i will never "waste" my 2x! And i think that i'm not the only one who is thinking this way. So if you increase it to 70% for sure more players will spend their money, and both you and us will be happy.
  6. Thanks dude, it worked!
  7. Hi dears, i just went to do the login and my characters are not in, i have this character with different name! My character name is Evelyne, not Airfraaa! @GM_Chloe
  8. Agree with Metinm, last time i used around 70+ Ancient Gold, using also around 20 tries with "advanced" add and i opened only 1 slot... crazy!
  9. Especially because it passed a "long" time since we had the 100% event...
  10. @GM_Chloe please explain what the new pet does, thanks!
  11. Paul, i have raised this issue too in another topic (maknig the same example of a car XD), no replies from Flero... some closed-mind user here would reply you "in the terms and condition there is written they can do everything and they also OWN your account", so it is a battle against a concrete wall...
  12. Yeah this tactci is really cheap/easy to establish and brakes everything... it would be better if they decreased more the % of Anna, but at least it is a first step in this direction... sigh...
  13. Good updates these ones, i like them! My only "wish" would be a better pet for Phantom Knight, because we are the only main class that does not have a "damage all" pet. Seth is good, Liz is nice, Anu unfortunately has the back column damage that it is probably the worst between row/cross/all, even if the blk pen bonus is good. Maybe a pet that gives windforce (that sort of counter-attack after dodging)? It would be nice imho! Rangers have Adol that gives the perfect combination of bonuses (blk pen to deal against blockers, hit to deal against dodgers, crt and atk for itself), Guardians have Irang that gives bonus to counter-attack and they also can better use Seth because they counter-attack from ultimate shield.