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  1. Yaeh, a big farewell gift would be appreciated, c'mon do this, to have a sweet memento of these years!
  2. It's easy, just do a lot of tries in academy, you can focus each time to catch a different text
  3. Yes of course it applies, just pay attention to the red buff pop-up that appear as the battle begins.
  4. Hi Flero, given that so far this game is requiring really a LOT of gold for guild skills and plating additional equip, can you make the quest "Terron Vengeance" give gold as addiztional prize? Royal Trophies and multi-gem are fine, but adding gold would be the best! Thanks
  5. I agree for the "damage Grid" pet, i also wrote a post here in the firum some weeks ago. For attack stat well, Blk Pen will turn very useful against the counter-attack strategy that currently is probably the most cheap/effective. Moreover, if you enhance % of Blk Pen you can dedicate the equipment slots for yellow gems that boost Crit Blk. So i won't disregard it.
  6. Yeah, absolutely this is not 5x event... Flero please, do the right thing sometime...
  7. It is probably a mistake, Chloe please inform developers and fix asap, or increase the date of the event to cover the bug fixing.
  8. Agree, ok that these missions should/could be challenging, but 80+40=120 dungeons means 600 daily energy!
  9. Hi Flero, I've noticed that if i have a pet with initiative and i equip it to an advanced side-hero, the initiative provided by the pet does not count in the total team amount. Why? Initiative on side heroes orbs does count, so i think also the one on pet shall do.
  10. In your video that paladin's counter-attck is not even that strong! In eble here top players counter-attack for 1.400.000 more damage. In theory they've already nerfed this mechanics, decreasing attack and also the % bonus to counter-attack of Anna. But it is still a very broken ability. I am using red gems on gear to enhance blk pen but it is still really hard to overcome block. It is annoying in my opinion because it allows to build easily a very strong strategy (probably the strongest currently) using just 2 heroes, the main and Thor. In this way you can skip the enhancement of other heroes that are just "puppets" to pump the counter-attack. So it is easy to feel frustrated.
  11. Yeah, especially by writing " This event is really lovely, keep up the good work Flero :)."... it seems really a mockery
  12. Unrespectful silly comment towards all those ones before you that had less luck...
  13. Agree. @GM_Chloe, i am willing to spend my money in this game, but if you resete the personal x2 i want at least 70% ruby bonus. With 30% i will never "waste" my 2x! And i think that i'm not the only one who is thinking this way. So if you increase it to 70% for sure more players will spend their money, and both you and us will be happy.