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  1. That's ok, i don't want to become invulnerable to attacks, but just have a plausible dodge ratio. What i am experiencing in last weeks is that dodge is becoming quite uneffective. I would like to have from Flero at least an "idea" of how much the difference between dodge/hit can influence the dodge %. For example: - If dodge > hit by 500, you have 10% dodge chance - If dodge > hit by 1000, you have 20% dodge chance - If dodge > hit by 1500, you have 30% dodge chance - If dodge > hit by 2000, you have 50% dodge chance - If dodge > hit by 5000 and over, you have 60% dodge chance (even if the difference is 7000 for example) In this way, if the dodge % doesn't change from a difference of 5000 and over, i will not continue to raise dodge but i can focus on other skills. @GM_Chloe, do you think we can have something very easy like the example i made?
  2. Dear @GM_Chloe, can you please give us an indication about how dodge/hit (and maybe also blk pen/blk and crt/crt blk) works? I wish to have an idea about this since i am planning to add Anung Un to my party (to enhance dodge). It would be sad to spend time and other resources on an hero that would not be so effective. Please can we have an explanation? Thanks.
  3. Every Tier2 hero get the same stats on their new gear, Atk, Sp.Atk, M.Atk, Def, Sp.Def, M.Def. So basically all the 6 main attributes are given. This happens because if you equip the cloak to an Archmage, the M.Atk bonus has sense. It is like emblems, all the classes have magic emblem that enhances both M.Atk and M.Def, but only the mages will get entire benefit from it (as the other classes get entire benefit from power emblem).
  4. I would also say that they can insert Thor/Xi Shi/Anung Un/Arle medals in regular celestial shop, with higher price, maybe 500 focus gems instead of 250. And @Sapr0, i strongly suggest to do not make the RT achievable with normal trophies, otherwise those players who play multi-account will benefit too much. Sorry but this would not be good.
  5. I expected exactly a comment like this! First of all, my complaining about Thor in the other topic is expressed "extremely" in order to make the issue more evident (in fact i named the topic "Please Kill Thor" as a "provocation"). So i don't literaly want Thor to be nerfed, but just let Flero know how bad they worked while creating this character, so that they can: - Do not repeat this error - Find a solution inserting features that helps to deal with him (without breaking again the game using too much strong features) I never asked to nerf him, if this was understood my bad sorry! In fact there is a very big difference between nerfing something that already exist, and inserting new features that improve the match-ups. The latter one is in fact the game main phylosophy: since the beginning of this game we are conscious that if we buy a hero/feature today, then in the future this hero/feature can be less useful because other better heroes/features will be added. This is OK, in fact for example i am spending lot of resources to achieve and maximize my Thor, but i know that soon or later some new hero to replace him will be created (as i said, the important is that in order to solve an unbalnced situation on one side, you do not unbalance it much more on another side!). Instead, modifying some material i have already bought, it is totally not correct! My point is: whenever i am conscious about a game structure (for example continuous add of better features) it's ok, the problem is that when the developers do something i am not aware of. I would say that also modifying some pets like Eah, Anu or Irang was really bad, because I spend resources to achieve and raise a pet, maybe rolling for the best stats using lots of rubies, and then, one day its attributes totally change! So i have now a pet which i spent effort on, that is no more the pet i wanted to spend that effort!
  6. I see your point Arcana, but i don't care about other games, i play this game so even if others do this, is not important. Obviously "they can" do this, they can also shut down all the servers technically. There is a bif difference between being able to do something, and doing it. In my opinion it is not correct towards the players, especially those who have fatigued and waited a lot of time to achieve these features. For cash players it's easy, just roll pet stats or other features with rubies. I repeat, for me is better like this, I have crt blk on pet, and dodge is my main skill. But i think no one can say that this is correct.
  7. Hi, I have the dodge you can see in the pic below, plus Victoria and Zena i arrive at 11.742. Can you please explain me why not only other main heroes, but also their side heroes, can hit me 80% of the times? This is really frustrating, i am spending a lot of effort on dodge given that it is my class raging stat. It seems that having huge dodge does not count, while for block you just need not so much more to block most of the times. Can you please provide some statistical evidence? This game is based on numbers, i think we shall know these numbers. Thanks.
  8. C'mon this is ridiculous! Really, you CAN NOT do this, you can't change the attributes of already achieved stuff as you wish... I would sya that this is somehow not legal at all! Some players have spent money to buy some features of the game, this seems like a fraud! Please @GM_Chloe, make the developers be consious about this (hoping that they are not and so they did this by "accidental mistake")! My side i can be happy about this given that dodge increased to 720 and my pet has crt blk as stat, but i still think it's not acceptable!
  9. @GM_Chloe, can you please tell us the bonus stats that these new celestial souls give?
  10. This is the point, i would like a more balanced game, that's all! P.S.: i think you also know that the new hero will have a special attack that in some way "exiles" the struck heroes from the battlefield without killing them (so their HP will count at the end of the 10 rounds). They probably did this to "one-shot" Thor. But again... if confirmed isn't this too much "extreme"? X-D
  11. Sapr0, do not take everything too literaly, the concept i am expressing is: if there is 1 hero that forces the players to change their startegies and focus their efforts against him, this is not a good situation. Is like in Magic The Gathering playing card game: when there is a too strong deck that forces other decks to change their startegies, or otherwise forces the player to play that deck, some cards are banned to balance the metagame. Man c'mon, i expect more than you, this is an invalid argument. I perfectly know that in a few weeks, maybe months, i will have Thor Tier2 too (i have 200 medals), so this is not a problem for me. I am complaying because the game is becoming more flat. Other invalid argument, do you think what's going on in my mind? Are you talking about MY strategy without talking with me before? I am currently changing my entire tactics as solution, for example i included Thor in my team, and also i am preparing different pets for different strategies. I had to replace Valkyria and Sharell who i engraved both to max, and this was a hard decision for me given that i spent lots of resources on them. So for sure i am currently active in changing my mind and general tactic. You are using copy/paste replies because you think that people comply because they lose. Well, i am "losing" in this game since its beginning, but i never complied. I am doing it now because i see that the choices that the game is giving me to become a little competitive are less. And last thing, i am again not complying about the abuse of block strategy because i lose against this strategy...in fact currently i have quite good Blk Pen (7899), and by equipping Anu (that i am raising just in these days) and enhancing Skill2 i know that i can raise it so much more. For me it's not a big problem dealing with this tactic, i am again just saying that this use of block is quite boring and forces players to follow this strategy.
  12. @GM_Chloe, please, look at the clash finals of Eble. Paul26 vs Maggadan. Do you really believe that the game should go like this? Match nr 2 is almost ridiculous, Maggadan's Thor alone did the entrie job, with the combination of block+Xi Shi+Anna. And he won in spite of the opponent had 3 heroes on the battlefield! You have to do something, this hero is totally nonsense: - Revive is a very strong ability - Auto-heal is very good - Debuff attack is good - Increase HP is broken So all of these abilities are strong and all of them are focused on 1 hero only. This is clearly unbalanced! Moreover, if you add this "strange" winning over 10 rounds method, the fact that guardians are not influenced by atk increase against paladins, and the trick Block+Xi Shi+Anna, it becomes a pain. It is becoming not funny and not challenging playing this game... Why should I spend my resources (aka money...) to empower side heroes when with just 1 block Thor can kill with 1 hit? You will say "enhance blk pen with red gems on sockets", but i reply that this is not a healthy way to act because again it makes the player use his resources to fight only 1 hero/tactic, making him feel frustrated.
  13. I am experiencing the same problem!
  14. Dalvi, it is slightly different, the formula is: Base Stat+(base stat*engraving)+(base stat*skill2)+guild skill So in the example if you have: 5000 base stats 30% engraving 10% skill II 1000 guild skills The total will be: 5000+(5000*0.3)+(5000*0.1)+1000=8000 (Dalvi if you do like your formula it will be 5000*1.3*1.1+1000=8150)
  15. Hi Flero, we have noticed that the bonus that some pets and heroes give to damage against certain classes, does not apply to Tier 2 heroes. For example, Irang that gives 100% damage against archers, will not give that bonus against rangers. This seems obvious because a ranger is not an archer, but a ranger indeed. But in my opinion the bonus should be applied also to the corresponding Tier2 class, so a bonus against archers should be applied to rangers too. I think this would be good because otherwise the fights will become longer and more boring, for 2 reasons: - The 3 new item equippable to Tier2 heroes can be socked with gems that give bonus almost only to defensive stats (def, mdef, sp def, crt blk, hp). So the defensive potential of each hero will increase leading to longer fights. - Thor will become really invincible once enhanced to Tier2. Even normally he breaks the game, Tier2 is really a pain, if you can't enhance the damage with Anu or maybe Scarla. What do you think about this guys?