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  1. why remove his Crt.blck?
  2. Fix the old Golden spirits. 120 block? 120 Hits? It's not even funny on the background of the new Golden spirits. Correct this!
  3. you don't think, but I think so
  4. Hey. Can you enter a daily RT for money? As with ruby +100 and +50 rubies еvery day/ They need a lot, but get them long time
  5. Oh... what you listed is just extra gain, but not the main. Get it all and remains protected in the armor. Here it is the main amplifier. So stop writing stupid advice.
  6. I was waiting for the stupid advice from Sapro, and he did not disappoint
  7. Hey, enter normal Tired of getting from the wizards outrageous damage. It is normal that the main characters enemies hit 60K and the wizards demolished the 800-1kk lives? Where is the balance? Enter normal magic defense. Now all pvp boils down to Horton when the enemy hits you and will carry almost all HP. Honestly, it's tired. Instead of trying to cut the players more money, introducing stupid updates better current grind the game to a normal state. Increasingly, the idea flashes delete my damn account and move to another game.
  8. +++ The hero who ruined "heroes of atlan" ,
  9. Sapro have a finger in every pie
  10. ++++
  11. Еeee... Thor is the God of Scandivania?
  12. stool pigeon