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  1. Again one spot avaiable. Get it NOW. 600 wins and 8 losses Silver Stronghold if you are better than Bronze, but need some time till Gold, come to us. We build up until we can jump higher together.
  2. Because I have not seen a topic about it, I want to talk about a severe bug I, some of my guild friends and surely more of us have, since the last update. Whenever I try to go to a dungeon or advance the main story, if ressource collecting is involved, I am thrown out of the game. I already sent a ticket to Flero about it and they said, they will fix it and that it was already reported by others too, but nothing happened since. I cannot get the daily 10 rubies and I cannot advance my class (you need some extra ressources for it), so its not a small matter... Please, before doing more events and updates, make sure that the basic functions of the game are running well. Greeting, Balundur of Smashed Tooface2 of Smashed2
  3. Do not stand in the rain alone, come to us ;;
  4. If you want to make people buy something, make them happy and tempt them with great offers, not slap them in the face and make them furious... Greetings, Balundur of Smashed/Tooface2 of Smashed2
  5. We need a Catfish-dog in our team, so say yes to Smashed2...
  6. Time for a little update, we are at 536 wins and 6 losses, own a silver Stronghold now and need two new active players to sparkle the Spirit of Smashed to new heights. Do you want to be part of Smashed2? Please install kik messenger and contact me under name Balundur there. See ya and greetings Tooface2,
  7. All SS and SSS pets avaiable, only the two, which you buy with royal trophies, cannot be swapped...
  8. You get Royal Trophies every week, if you can defend the Stronghold. 3000 for Beginner, 6000 for Veteran, Legend I do not know how much. So, if you can defend, you also get some Royal Trophies. Greetings Balundur
  9. Hooray. That honestly surprised me now, in a very good way...
  10. Hello, here is Tooface2 from Smashed2, you do not need to use a messenger to come into our guild. Only have to stay active, I always post a plan of hits ingame. If you are interested send me a message her, then we make room for you, so you can apply to Smashed2. Greetings, Tooface2
  11. Now Smashed2 has a Stronghold. Thank you Team, you all are awesome! Greetings, Tooface2
  12. 441 wins and 3 losses. Will soon go for our first Stronghold. International Guild with strong and friendly members. Take your chance and join us! One spot avaiable. Greeting, Tooface2
  13. We need some fresh blood, are you the one to make Smashed2 even more great? Join us today, don`t be a Clinton
  14. We are full now again. Welcome to Smashed2 Khr ;;
  15. Welcome to Smashed2 Alpagor :-)