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  1. Super cool new update! So excited for gathering and crafting!! Yaaayyyy!!!
  2. Very nice!! Thanks Tom for the awesome sale!! Starter packs are second best sale in the game, after 50% off leveling sales ♡♡♡♡♡♡ I hope these reset frequently!!
  3. Aha, thought so! Thanks for confirming Tom! Look forward to finding them out later!!
  4. I agree!! This game is waaaaaaaay better than almost every game in its category available in the app store imo. I'm surprised they aren't more popular! i suppose it's up to us to spread the word lol!
  5. the old pine tree turned out to be the bonus snowy pine that they gave away with a purchase of any union package, so maybe the others are likewise future giveaway items? that would explain why Tom is ignoring this question, cause the items are supposed to be secret?
  6. Playing every day, it took me probably 4 months without spending real money to get to level 40. Getting the multi-towns helps a lot, because the fields make a lot of XP for how small they are! Check shops as often as possible. Do all the quests!! Get villagers from the gold boxes as soon as you have extra money. They give xp bonuses that really help. The best way to level fast though of course is to spend real money hahaha. Out of curiosity I plugged in the numbers to see how many seeds/how much real money you would need to get to lvl 40 as fast as possible!! Quick answer, to level fast from 1-40: $400+ to level basically instantly with XP coupons $100+ to level very, very fast with restarting galette mill 1462 times I don't remember the EXACT numbers, but i believe it's between 2,600,000-2,800,000 xp total to get from lvl 0-40. SO you'd need a total of 6600 seeds worth of XP coupons, which at the cheapest bulk rate (currently VIP frugality package, .06 cents per seed) is $400+ USD to buy. yep... $400 to almost instantly be lvl 40 lol The best real-money method for leveling fast though is to get a high XP mill and use the 1 seed "finish" option to get the XP and item from that mill instantly. So buy one frugality package for the union membership, buy ONE galette mill, and restart it... 1462 times LOL. that wouldn't be as instant as using xp coupons, but would still be pretty fast. if you did this, you would only have to spend $100+ USD (1 regular frugality, 2 vip frugality, and the starter package) to get the 1532 seeds to buy a galette mill and restart it 1462 times.
  7. Omg yes good question!!! I'm sad to hear Korean promo items don't have plans to be released in global (unless i misunderstood??) but I would LOVE to see them in the game and would definitely spend money on the hello kitty items KET had!! Please try to get us those promo items Tom
  8. I dont think I remember having notifications for missed help thats why i didnt know help could be "missed" until I was like lvl 40 lol the "not accepting help" message is for when we're rejected, its just politely worded hahaha.
  9. Woo hoo!! TOM JUST CURIOUS are the snow covered shrubs and snow foxes and stuff going to be added this update by any possible chance??
  10. love the idea! i wish i could change mine too lol. i think korean version has the name change feature implemented. it costs 5$ USD roughly and its a coupon you can use whenever you want. or at least thats what it looks like, my translator might have been off. would love to see them add it to global version!! although i would prefer seeds to having to spend cash!
  11. Oh wow I hope the problem that caused the delay gets fixed soon and turns out to be super easy!! It must have been very difficult for them to have to have extended so long then cancel the update, I feel bad for the development team! Goodluck! Thankyou for the compensation for now, look forward to the update soon!
  12. Thankyou Tom!!
  13. Hey guys! Flero answered my email on this today: "We don't yet have a plan to bring back the old items this winter, and I don't think we will bring it back this season. I'll let my team know of your suggestion though!" If anyone reading this here wants more snow trees and bushes and snow animals, I'd suggest making posts on the forum, facebook, and emailing to let them know, otherwise it looks like its not on the list at all this winter! Yeah their eco is horrible lol!! but theyre the perfect filler items for making an all-winter town!! we have no other small winter items right now... besides the mochi bunnies lol. and no other winter trees or bushes. im making due with thoee white flower bushes for now buuuutttt i want snow foxes and snow covered evergreen shrubs mannn
  14. awwwwww yissssssss!!! Thank you for extension (ฅ⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́)و ̑̑
  15. Thank you so much for taking thr time to reply and clarify, Tom! We really appreciate it when you come here to chat with us and answer our plethora of questions. I'm glad those four packages all get trees (especially since ive been saving for christmas for a union package lol) but I really hope you do consider making them available elsewhere!!