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  2. Oh yeah no if you need to *produce* it then buying won't help, sorry!! But hopefully picking up shops or putting out more decorations will make it so you can put out a duck pen for the quest!! Goodluck, hope you have fun
  3. Thanks for posting more info guys!! That is cool the train gives union-only gathering materials. I will start using the train then I think!! Otherwise I don't think I'll ever get those materials lol, I have not seen them on the marketplace once!! haha I have found the same, that lunch boxes don't seem to improve odds much!!! I have gotten C, B, and A with lunchboxes and only 1 S, and yet I just got an SS with NO lunchbox! (It was a natural stone wootwoot!!) I'm thinking that using lunchboxes probably is just a gold-sink lol.
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  5. Agree! Tom is the richest in Everytown!! Even Irvin lose
  6. This is a forum question. How do I turn off this snow?! It's pretty, yes, but it complicates my posting. I'm using my android phone, I don't know if it's my device or what... But as I type, random letters just disappear and I have to retype words over and over. It makes me have to type super slow and is quite aggravating. I know I saw the option before but now I can't find it! Last time I turned off snow it solved the issue. Thanks to anybody who can direct me!
  7. Oh talk about sailor moon do you watch the remake one? sailor moon crystal, it is base on the original manga story line. I love Sailor moon Crystal season 3 / death buster arc. Still cross finger for Sailor moon crystal dream arc (pray they will make the anime, since there is no news about it so fa)
  8. So far I've received salmon, iron ore, silver ore, and soil. These were paired with lunch boxes of churro and halloween cake. I'm trying shake now to see if it increases my chances any. I'm thinking, like train, this is a gold sink for the wealthy who otherwise don't have much else to do with their earnings. I was throwing my gold at the shop random boxes but the odds of the newest one seem to have been made worse. 60 tries and all junk. suppose I'll save my gold for crafting instead.
  9. oops sorry, I did not take notes so I forgot is it 30,000,000 or more (since I am too fast click pay with 50 seed ^^;) I'll edit it asap. Ty for correcting me. and yes the train give you materials too. So far I only get gravel. I'm still in middle of experiment with the gathering thing. What I found the lunch box don't really raise your odds much, I try few times now with union shop food that can get s or ss but I end with Common material TT^TT I still don't have any luck get S or SS rank material. highest one I get so far is A rank material
  10. Thanks you did help.the quest (or whatever it is called)is to produce duck meat so I do not know if the marketplace can help.
  11. I would LOVE to have Tom's seeds!
  12. I did get gravel
  13. Heyo!! I might not have fully understood your question, but I wanted to help so here's all possible answers lol! Firstly, duck pens can't be gifted. Pens/mills/shops that can be gifted change every update, but we haven't seen premium duck yet! Second, eco points (the little four-leaf-clovers) show how much room in your town you have for new shops! To get more eco to place a duck pen, you have to either put away another mill which will free up eco, or put out more or higher eco-buildings and decorations to increase total eco! Thirdly, you unfortunately can't help other people's duck pens (non premium animal pens are the only thing that can't be helped) so if you need duck meat asap the best thing would be to look on the marketplace, or ask someone in the market subforum if they can sell it to you!
  14. Hey I need a duck pen to make duck meat but I do not have enough eco points or whatever you call it (looks like a four leaf clover)can I get a duck pen from someone?
  15. Thank you guys mucho for this info!! Also wondering now... I wonder if the union-only lower items can be given in train too? (eel, gravel, sand) Or maybe you can only get those with 3rd train that requires union membership? Gonna have to post a question about that to see if anyone finds out in the future lool
  16. I also got lower quality items..stones, moss but also salmon if I remember right. ^^
  17. See sapr0 sweetie you won't have to wonder how I can play this game. I will simply show you how
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  19. I know, exactly! It sounds so unnatural when they don't speak japanese. I wanted to rewatch some classic Sailor Moon eps few years ago in eng sub, but i had to look for quite some time before i found non-dubbed version. Even in my country they made a lectored version on tv for Sailor Moon Not as good as subtitles, but still a lot better than dub.
  20. @h0n3b33 I have been using the train mainly for heart collection, the crafted items I have recieved so far are the lowest 2 ranking ones. I don't know if higher ranks can be given as a reward or not.
  21. Oooh thats cool!! May I ask, which crafting items have you gotten?? I haven't been using the train cause it used up way too much gold's worth of materials without giving enough xp or gold back to be worth it imo, buuut if it gives high quality crafting stuff I'm gonna try it again!
  22. moonclea already gave a very good answer, dear. :3 One thing I want add: the train items also have changed, since I also got crafting items from it! It's finally usefull.
  23. This is probably a dumb question, because if they were limited time-wise it would surely say so, lol. But! Will the craftable items be in the craft store forever like the gold shop items? Or will they ever rotate out or leave, like the heart shop? Thanks for any info!
  24. So we will get a heart event before the next major update at least though right?? Just making sure the feb heqrt boost event isnt after the heart items change in feb lol!! Thank you so much for answering!!
  25. Advance Thor ASAP. Ignore main for now, Thor will save you in many cases, he will make your main job, start buying scrolls, you dont have to be rich to kill Richie Rich.
  26. Just wondering what you guys think, Is it really worth upgrading Thor to his Guardian second class first, or would I be just as well taking my main Assassin to Phantom Knight. Is there much of a boost to Thor's. I can't decide and I don't want to regret my decision. Cheers
  27. Guild strikers oppening recruitiment, boss lvl 50 13 players actives only We recruited lvl 180+ with good stats (lvl, badge, orbs, spirits, and others) 2 players in terron! Go family strikers!
  28. Well if you can't respect my opinion why would i respect yours. Maybe no one wanted to talk to you either on the forum chat that i also occasionally open Also Chloe did replied ... like half a year ago ... by the magic of the Search function found this little gem: You'd think in 1 year of Wemade or 1 year of Flero they could of taken the time to build a chat ... guess it's not one of their priorities ... maybe next year who knows But seeing how Flero is a company with multiple games ... maybe they others have an in-game chat .... oh wait they don't PS: Have you even read the terms of this game? OMG how can you play this game ;))) PS2: Had to google "snark" ... guess i'm a snark to silly comments :))
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