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  2. We sit in our own Hell Gate Fort and some spots in our guild are still free. So if you are a strong, daily active and friendly player, join us and have a good time!
  3. I am it's a great bunch of knowledgeable players thanks boss
  4. Have a nice time in Smashed2!!!
  5. Legendary Stronghold now, nearly 700 wins and still 8 losses. Need one strong player to fill up our ranks to 15 Many active players building up bit by bit. Want to join? Please download kik messenger and send me a message under name Balundur. See you in Smashed2 Tooface2, Guild Master
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  7. I want join im lvl 122, Nealon is character name
  8. I want join im lvl 122, Nealon is character name
  9. Hi, im looking for active clan. My lvl is 122 and play everyday. Nealon is my nickname. Speak some english and spanish. Server Eble.
  10. I want join im lvl 122, Nealon is character name
  11. I want join im lvl 122, Nealon us character name
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  13. First of all... you're my bestie tooooo !!! I hope you are reading your replies My two cents would be that it's all true. If Tom is stretched too thin, then I think they need to hire people on. If they didn't anticipate the demands the game would have... well the game's been out over a year now... a year is a long time to have hired someone one to help service players. I find it frustrating and very disrespectful and RUDE to be ignored. I was ignored recently when asking about why prices are higher for Theme Park stuff Here's a little bit of a tip... for those records of how many players are willing to spend tons of money. Or 30-60$ a month... People make alternative accounts and spend big $ because they can on SEVERAL accounts. That shows up in their records as oh okay people are totally able to handle this price. Cool. Wrong.... it's still the 5% of the community funding these bad prices. It's true, you can play without money you can play and buy using the seeds you get IG. That process though is MUCH slower than any other micro game I've ever played or seen. The stuff you can get with seeds really does make the game.... without them, the game would be extremely slow and people will get bored super fast or just not be nearly as active as Flero is trying to make us. Having timers on stuff for when it rots, needing to accept help on time, hot time.. all things to try and make a player play but the play style is so much slower... like snail slow. Making gold to buy eco/boxes/mills would be slower, house upgrades would be waayyy slower and Honeybee already said leveling ... Kyou is certainly right, most game companies do not make personal relationships or are that personable towards their community. You get a notice in game and a post on social media and that's that. I've recently (as of two and a half months ago) been playing The World of Magic by Com2us and I can't find a useful link anywhere to Email them... maybe I wasn't looking hard enough lol but even though the game has more to do, I play it more, I will NOT spend money on it. I pay in support for ET and because I like their product. Although I like com2us's game, I don't like how they run their services... so I refuse to support them with MY money. I've been incredibly inactive myself and although I don't want to quit... my town is going down hard. The demand to spend is so demotivating. I visit all 123? Of my friends and I still am not sure if I'll get all heart items and if they don't do the heart event then I'm totally screwed. Haha! There have been people who stopped supporting ET because lack of content. You can literally do all the game has to offer if you have 24hr mills running or even longer mills now with new update ... and be good. There's not much going on in game to have a person keep playing. Before playing the com2us game... I spent all day on ET somehow between messages and heart grinding, logging into alts to reset their stuff.. and checking smaller timed mills but with demand being higher, I just feel lazier. I can actively kill monsters and walk around and do all the things rpg games offer and since I can spend more time on the game I'm more attached and keep going back. As much as I love ET and fully understand ET is a toooootally different game style... the greed is the same but the attraction for spending can vary immensely since it's a lot easier to wanna spend on a game you can literally HANG OUT in since there's a chat system. Now I know KET has features still to come to us like the Guild System and the other randomly bubbles and icon tabs but the prices Flero has set are just so different in perspective to what you get, and in translation only seem to be getting slightly more expensive in my opinion. In respect to this looooong message full of negative feedback. I want to say I love this game a heck of a lot!!! I love the community! I appreciate a GM popping on to reply occasionally with personality and I appreciate the gifts that WERE actually super duper. The random Valentine's eco was adorable... although it may be a little glitchy now it's an adorable addition lol I appreciate the idea of having events even if there's been drama behind them. I love that we are literally all like little neighbors as per the story in the game, helping eachother. Lots of games have that sure but ET has such a chatty and helpful community... some players run their towns with set rules and exchanges sure but for those that are just like hi! I'll help your quest mill for you ♡ it's just so cute. That isn't exactly fully on Flero, it's just luck that they have such a lovely community as their clientele. I love the art, I would like to see this micro trans greed turn into like merchandise or something because the art is super dang cute. Cute phone case with the cherry tree girl or something lol I don't know but the art has potential. I know they have the art book but it has writing in it doesn't it?? Not translated ? Thats all I can think of for now ... I'm sad to see such a good friend go! I'm sad that I agree with her even though I love Everytown.
  14. Well I suddenly have this idea. I don't know is it good idea or not. What if we make our own small event (unofficial event)? Like selling product of the month/ week we can do product that new player need for their main quest. Or we can do the product that out of stock in market. Example:Product of the week "cherry pie" Next we, players who interested to join in this small event, just selling cherry pie in our stall for a week. what do you guys think?
  15. Well, both could be a possibility, when the marketplace is full of the same products you still could sell it to the game directly. The train is one thing too. I for myself have to hold back not to hoard stuff, or when I finally find something I need on the market, I want to buy everything what's there, in case I need it some day.
  16. Well a bit problem I see is... if the quest require you to sell something to market, then everyone in everytown will sell same item to the market and next thing we will see is overload of same product and never clear quest. Cause everyone have more need to sell than need to buy. I am not sure if train play big part in why the market always empty now My reason: If we look back before train appear market overload with goods, but things just not selling. Then train come in and market selling start moving. But then train like to randomly pick something you have low stock in your inventory, I guess it kinda stop people selling stuff to market since they mostly will think they need it for train quest. Not to mention train in one of the option we have to gather material for crafting. I usually sell for restaurant quest like brunch and cookies box in my stall
  17. Yea we can see who bought our stuff, but I see some difficulty we will run to when trying to block them. Not all player have alphabet letter name some have Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnam which our mobile won't have the letter, so try to search them will be harder ^^; So the best solution will be : Harder password, change password often, and do the trading when your friend or mutual are online so the trade end faster without any interruption.
  18. Thank you!
  19. Happy to see active players! ^^ A warm welcome to you! ♡
  20. Hi everyone, I just added all of you, I hope you don't mind. I'm playing everyday. flavenne
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  22. Still thinking they implement a lot of new stuff, while they haven't sorted the basics and/or the older new stuff. Headless bunch of kiddies imo.
  23. You right !!!
  24. You guys implemented 61->65 emblems with the same values as 56->60 emblems, considering it costs 3 more AG it should give higher values 56->60 Emblems gives 91 power/special/magic and 800 life for each emblem. 61->65 Emblems should give 105 power/special/magic and 850 life for each emblem.
  25. I never got pw hacked myself but I know friends who also made that experience. At least we can see who bought our stuff and still are able to block that player. But of course it is very sad if something like that happened at all! I think the only way to prevent something like that is to use difficult pws, changing them often..blocking those players directly. There isn't really anything like a 'hacking-player away spray' we can use but we can make it them as difficult as possible.^^
  26. Me too. I think the items are not well chosen, since the most of us already have lot's of them. But well...better than nothing! Maybe they will give us some nice the next time. Remember the valentine's shop. That was also a very nice one, or not? ^^
  27. I have the same thought's about that! I think the market would become much more lively if it is bound to the quest's. Of course you also had to wait for someone who is buying your stuff but that could also made the market board a bit more lively or the person keep selling regular without using the market. But I think a lot would prefer to sell to other people since mostly quest items are needed by other players.^^
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