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  3. Why don't transfer the last 2 years post to new forum? They contain hint and suggest relate to heroes of atlant that are useful ! Thanks
  4. Oh it's finally here? Cute, I download it! Edit: The game is very funny as far as I can tell. I love how the Everytown grafics and Items are used! ♡ It's also nice to see the chibi characters moving, very cute! If the both games would become linked together so we could reach some goals to unlock Items here would be awesome! But even so I like the game a lot! Hopefully some players of the game will also start playing Everytown. :3
  5. Any Link-up Bonus Form EveryTown Sweet to Every Town?
  6. 什麼來的?? 是Every Town Sweet嘛? 會有連動獎勵嘛?
  7. 親愛的居民們~大家好! 小編給大家準備了一個小活動~ 只要您在活動期間登錄遊戲,即可獲得以下獎勵~ ------------------------------------------------ ■ 活動期間: 6月30日 ~ 7月2日 (每日只能領取一次) ■ 活動內容:活動期間登錄即可獲得獎勵 ■ 活動獎品: - 6月30日: 300,000 金幣 - 7月1日: 聖托里尼房屋(1) - 7月2日: 200 愛心 ------------------------------------------------- ※ 當日發送的獎品請玩家們在當日內領取,次日獎品將會自動消失。
  8. Everyone! I hope you like what we’ve prepared as small gift. Have a wonderful day. ------------------------------------------------ ■ DATES: 30JUN ~ 2JUL ■ DETAILS : Log in each day and receive free gifts ■ REWARDS - 30JUN : Gold(300K) - 1 JUL : [SAN] House(1) - 2 JUL : 200 Hearts ------------------------------------------------ ※ Gifts are sent to the in-game Mail once. ※ Gifts expire after the specified date if you haven’t claimed it!
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  10. Thank you for the report! I've sent the issue to the dev team. It should be fixed soon.
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  12. The Gondola item from the current Vacation box has an issue - the water doesn't extend far enough, exposing a strip of grass. I don't know if all of the gondolas have this problem, and I'm not willing to test it since they cost seeds rather than gold. Hopefully this is an easy fix though!
  13. Poking this again because I once more missed the 13 seeds due to the counter not popping up. :c
  14. There is a daily limit to the number of times you can upload on stall. For crash issues, please try reinstalling after deleting the data from application manager. Thanks!
  15. 頂頂,愛死這遊戲了。。 (*^▽^*)
  16. Thanks I will try Thanks for answer. C: I will try ^^
  17. I don't think it is any diffrence. Mutual or not you still get exp and 2 product.I don't remember there is bonus exp if mutual help. But if you want to know for sure you can try experiment on it. Example 1 turn for mutual and 1 turn for not mutual write the exp number and compare it to see any diffrence. Hope it helps you.
  18. I can not register anything in my empty stalls. None of the five will let me sell. They had a grey register stall button. It happened after I sold everything in my stalls. I have forced closed my game and my iPad. Is there anything else I can do. I sell a lot and enjoy that part of the game. What am I talking about I love this whole game. The graphics are wonderfull and I love the story line. I love farm games and this one is my favorite one.
  19. Thank you~
  20. The issue's been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
  21. Everyone! We've been reported and verified that there is some issue regarding logging into the game. We apologize for the issue, and we'll put our utmost effort into resolving the issue ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.
  22. Amm I have a question if someone could answer.... I'll be really happy hahaha here is... if I have a shop (like C. Brûleé by example) and someone who is not my mutual friend help me and I accept.... do I get double exp. By he/she helping me? Or I just get 2 of the same product? Pls pls and thanks a lot for taking the time to answer Im kinda new here so thanks!
  23. Hi~ everyone... Im kinda new in this page but Im looking for peopleo who have shops (those who take over 48hrs to finish) and exchange some.. I have some shops too but no one seems to have for exchange ( 😭 ) . Soo If you have and are interested pls add me ( °~° ) My name is sophimummy and Im in the level 41. I hope you have a nice day and have a lot of fun ^▪^ Bye byee~ ♡♡
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  25. Thanks for info
  26. 親愛的居民們~大家好! 活動期間購買SEED可額外獲得15%數量噢! ■ 活動時間:6月22日更新後(06:00) ~ 6月28日23:59 ■ 活動內容: - 活動期間購買SEED額外贈送15% - 不包括送禮物,升級折扣商品和Starter Pack -. 購買後活動商品將即刻發送到收件箱 祝大家遊戲愉快~^o^
  27. 親愛的居民們~你們好~! 本次更新我們又推出了4間新店鋪, 為慶祝新店鋪開業,如火如荼的開張促銷活動即將展開! 活動期間購買3間相同店鋪即可免費獲得1間相應店鋪(最多贈送3次)~ 例1):購買3間燉牛肉店時,可免費獲得1間燉牛肉店 例2):購買2間燉牛肉店和1間冰沙店時,無法獲得該活動獎品 買三送一的好機會~不要錯過哦! 【活動店鋪名稱】 - 燉牛肉店, 麵包與義大利麵店, 冰沙店, 白麝香熏香工房 ■ 活動時間:6月22日更新後(06:00) ~ 6月28日23:59 ■ 活動內容: - 購買3間相同店鋪即可額外免費獲得1間相應店鋪。 - 每購買3間即可獲得1間~最多可贈送3次。 ■ 獎品發送:活動結束後統一發送。 祝大家遊戲愉快~^o^
  28. 親愛的居民們~你們好~! 本次更新我們又推出了新店鋪【優等麝鹿舍&優等草莓牛奶工房】,為慶祝新店鋪開業,如火如荼的開張促銷活動即將展開! 活動期間購買2間相同店鋪即可免費獲得1間相應店鋪(最多贈送1次)~ 買二送一的好機會~不要錯過哦! 【活動店鋪名稱】 - 優等麝鹿舍,優等草莓牛奶工房 ■ 活動時間:6月22日更新後(06:00) ~ 6月28日23:59 ■ 活動內容: - 購買2間相同店鋪即可額外免費獲得1間相應店鋪。 - 本次活動的獎品只贈送1次。 ■ 獎品發送:活動結束後統一發送。 祝大家遊戲愉快~^o^
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