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  2. I am CuntyW and I play EveryTown EVERYDAY! It is the only game I play and I love it. A lot of friends quit playing. I need higher level friends that play everyday. I am on level 77 and I also play the Korean Version of the game. I am in need of Natural Gas and I am A UNION card hold at the time as well. Please message me on my board on my EveryTown. Thank you, CuntyW
  3. I NEED 6 Natural Gas. For Exchange I have the following SS Items: 2 Top Teak 3 Top Hinoki 1 Alluvial Gold 1 Diamond Ore 2 Natural Stone 3 Top Coral Please Message me on my posts if interested in exchange. Thanks CuntyW
  4. It has almost been a whole year, next month, since I had sent my suggestions to the company to upgrade The International version of EveryTown to be similar to the original Korean version of EveryTown, which I have been playing over a year with no problem. MY PROBLEM: the International version of the game, when it comes time that you complete all the quests PAST LEVEL 80, there are no more level quests and you are pretty much left idol. I refuse to quit or get bored with the game. THERE IS SO MUCH THAT COULD BE ADDED, just to make it just as similar and more challenging gaming fun as the Korean version BUT for the international version and also have more opportunities to earn seeds. I must warn everyone who reads this: I am American and do not know how to read or write Korean but my passion for the game is vast that I play both versions so my suggestions are things that actually are available on the ORIGINAL KOREAN VERSION. If The PlayFlero team could translate these things and give the international version a new update (I notice some theme parks give more gold bars in the Korean version than in the international version and there are so much more theme parks and landmarks that have not been released to the international version of the game that could be added if someone would take the time.) I wish i could work for the company and i knew about online gaming and programing I would do it all for free, but i am just a fan of this game and wish my friends would stop quitting the game and wish there was more to the international version similar to the Original Korean version. Here are my suggestions on how to make the international game more similar to the Korean version: Quest Levels after 80: There are no levels past 80 in the international version. A lot of my friends that I have been playing with and met on the game quit playing. Very disappointing and slowly losing support for my Theme Parks. One of the many reasons why I play the Original Korean Version. Gold Bars- In the Korean version of the game the gold bars have a significant difference than in the international version. Instead of exclusive and locked theme parks where you have no chance of helping to gain gold but there is a CONCERT that is 7 x 8 and you are able to buy most themed concerts with coins and some rare one from the Union(Magic Act Theme) and others cost seeds and have various themes: Swan Lake, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Pop Idol Girl Group performance, Traditionally Themed Korean Fan performance etc. When you visit farms you will see a pink bubble with a face with a green hat or a help coupon and you can participate in helping the concert. Only 4 people can help the concert. To activate the concert you use a various gathering item combinations to activate the concerts so that your visitors can earn a single gold bar for helping. Harvest times vary from 24 hours and up. When you max out on gold Bars in the Korean version you can take large amounts and trade it in for other metals to keep your wealth in the game like a bank. Shop Exchange (Gold Bar as Currency and not for resale Green Lucky Gem)- In the Korean Version there is another feature after the research. Not sure what it is called but you can trade in up to 5 shops(a total of 36 shops) which are ranked by rarity to increase your possibilities of winning a rare jewelry shop set of the month( which maxes out at 5) that uses some gathering ingredients to create that jewelry set. The Green Lucky gem that you can earn from Daily quests and the train. These "Lucky" 5 sided green gems are suppose to increase your chances on getting a rarer shop with the trade in. You use the gold bars as currency to trade in your shops for the opportunity of getting a rarer shop such as a restaurant, premium shop or an exclusive premium shop that produces double that item or a Union Gathering Lunch shop that costs seeds. But what is most desirable is the Jewelry Set of the Month that is high in experience points and uses gathering items to create the Jewelry set. Collection Completion Quests- In the Korean version when you go to the shop menu there is a box menu and in that box there is a group of interlocking puzzle pieces. When you own certain collections of items you complete the set (specialty shops, sky decorations, holiday them decorations, heart decorations, villagers, landmarks, pools and resorts, backgrounds, concerts, topiaries, similar themed eco structures,) you gain the opportunity to earn seeds, coins, research points, experience coupons, and Crown Stamps: a currency you use on special random boxes to earn gathering items or coins. The gathering items are ranked by their class the rarest costing the most in in Crown Stamps More Researchable and Craftable Shops and Restaurants- Once again the Korean version has more crafting of shops and research on more rare Union shops due to the fact that there are more opportunities to earn research points and be able to craft shops that only cost seeds. Certain shops have a various combination of gathering items to create and most do not have a max out cut off. But having more gathering items means an expansion of the gathering map (Korean Version has two extra pannels with three points on each pannel: a total of 6 points to gather on the map and TWO are only Union accessible with 3 additional super rare SS gathering items you can possibly win AND THEN adding more villagers to gather. So there would be more gathering items that would be new to the international version and having new restaurants that use those gathering items from those new places on the gathering map. Lobster, for example, is one of the gathering items from the Korean Version and recently has been released two seed costing restaurant shops that use lobster as an ingredient and look extremely cute! Gathering Map Expansion- Korean Version has two extra pannels to the gathering Map with three points on each pannel: a total of 6 points to gather on the map and one on each pannel are only Union accessible with 3 additional super rare SS gathering items you can possibly win. 13 more gathering items than the international version and 3 you can only have the opportunity of getting if you have a Union card activated to have access to that part of the map. More Villagers- the Korean Version has more Villagers with possible bonus outfits. The international version has two blank spots if you started the game later from when it was released: Dolce the Ghost which I guess was given as a gift during the Halloween Holiday and Watson the Polar Bear and in the Korean Version he has a Pilots outfit you can buy with seeds. I have never gotten the opportunity to obtain these characters. There are 11 more villagers in the Korean Version that are not available on the international version and most of them are in Union Random Boxes. The Guild Cooperative- The Korean version has this interactive cooperative once a month where you can team up with your mutual friends to complete various large orders over a month period and you win rare eco structures, seeds and coins depending on the difficulty level of the order. When you master a percentage of the production you win a trophy that is worth way more than 8,000 eco pts and varies in colors instead just red and could feature that item you produced the most of. crops, trees and or specialty shops that range in 1 to 2 k count but you can have multiple people help with production and when completed, you all win the payout. The Korean version has 3 different locks: private lock (brown), Mutual friend only lock: only your mutuals can help this lock (green) and Guild Lock for only your guild members (purple) which is beneficial to completing the guild quests because you select what you need to produce and sell it off to complete the guild quest with your mutual friends. Olga's Restaurant- I completed the Restaurant Menu in the international version a very long time ago so every menu is opened and mastered. BUT the Korean version 16 chef choice menu sets and 14 regular menu sets that unlock with coins(30 Sets TOTAL). Various discontinued or unavailable shops in the international version (5 Total) are part of the sets, some are seed shop items or Union shop items. Korean version has different items that are "SPECIAL" that take a little more ingredients to create than its regular version and is a different variation of the same shop but with different detail on the structure of the shop: Chocolate Macaroon, Herbal Tea, and Vanilla Ice Cream. List of Menu Sets Not in the American Version (* shop is not available internationally): 1.)Rusk and RiceBalls 2.)Riceballs and KimChi Pasta* 3.) Chicken StickyRice Pot and Herbal Tea, 4.) Mushroom Salad and Mushroom Soup 5.)Chorizo Salad and Chorizo Pasta 6.)Baumkuchen and Chai Tea 7.)Bread Pasta and Frittata 8.) SPECIAL Herbal Tea* and Mooncake 9.) Special Chocolate Macaroons* and Schneeball 10.)Sangria and Churrasco 11.)Chili and Beef Stew* 12.) Hot KimChi Pork Soup* and Fried Tofu 13.)Napoli Pasta and Cheese Fondue 14.)Porridge* and Dango 15.)Hot Chicken* and White wine 16.)Ganache Cake and Opera Cake 17.)Pastry and Pear Sherbert 18.)Tiramisu and Herbal Tea 19.)Churrasco and Beef Taco 20.)Floating Island and Lemon Meringue Pie 21.)Afternoon Tea and Crepe 22.)Carbonara and Mushroom Salad 23.)Okonomiyaki and Gyudong 24.)Gratin and Cheese Fondue 25.)Galette and SPECIAL Herbal Tea* 26.)Churros and Milk Shake 27.)Fruit Jelly and Bean Jelly 28.)Baklava and Coffee Jelly 29.)SPECIAL Herbal Tea* and Ravioli 30.)Rose Lassi and Chai Tea Low Grade Gathering Premium Shops- Unavailable in the international version. Korean version at level 51 has Premium shops 24 hour production where you can make multiple amounts of a low grade gathering item such as: 1.) Shrimp: 2 cabbage for 6 shrimp 2.)Salmon: 1 shrimp for 9 salmon 3.) Clay: 1 soil for 8 Clay 4.)Peridot: 1 moss for 8 peridot 5.) Iron Ore: 1 natural ore for 7 Iron Ore Daily Check-In- The Korean version has a Daily Check in and I NEVER MISS IT! It usually lasts 25 days before update. Some of the items that are given as free gifts are sometimes SS Gathering Items I cannot access experience coupons, help coupons, eco decorations, random gathering boxes or Random box forshops that are rare, premium and or cost seeds ; and or SEEDS. The International Version seems like you are forced to actually pay real world money to get items and shops. The Korean version has more opportunities to gain seeds and be able to play the game with longer gameplay. Sometimes items are given before an update in the Korean version. Public Facilities- When visiting friends in the Korean Version, I noticed a bubble with a pig in it. It usually floats above a Library, Green House and a Observatory. You can only help one of the three if they have them. You get 10,000 coins for the help. Only a certain amount of people can help it. Four More Towns- Korean Version you get Four additional towns: Up, High, Noble, and Park and the Expansion for each town is 62 X 62. Plots for growing can be placed on a single town rather than 25 plots on each town. Luxury Pools/Villas and Resorts Crafting Gems and Deconstruction- International version Luxury pools were only available for a seasonal random box events before and during the summer. Getting doubles was possible. When you buy a specific town in the Korean Version, you get the Exotic Pool Villa on that Town. Korean Version also has Special random box that at times features new shops for events that you can only get from the special random box, cost seeds to play and you can do it up to 20 times a day. The Union has its own special Random Prize box and the highest prize is a Luxury Pool/Villa you can only get from that box or rare gathering items and there is no limit on how many times you can play the Union Special Random Box. In the Crown Stamp Random Boxes there is a box where you can purchase, with the Crown Stamps, construction Gems; there are two different kinds: blue and red. In order to Craft a Pool/Villa/Resort you need these Gems. There is a Resort you can possible do research on in the Korean version as well. I have not tried it yet, nor do I know how but I think you can deconstruct certain Theme parks and pools and regain the gems but not quite sure how that works; I wish I knew Korean. Name your own price market- A feature in the Korean version that makes the international version obsolete. Just like when you sell something you put it in stall and when friends come and visit, they can see what you are selling. In the Korean version there are two yellow recycling arrows. Like the market, you select any item you need, and price it as high as you like to get that rare item you need, rather than hunting for it in 3 minute timed market place and operating on sheer luck that what you are looking for is there. Visitors can see what you are requesting and you can also lock it in three ways, like a shop. BUT when you go search in the market on the Korean version, you can touch another button, the market flips and it is the request your own price market where you see what people are asking for and their demanding price. It is timed, like the market and when you select the item that you wish to sell at the price the person is asking, you can see if you have it in your keep by selecting the item. Rare items go for high coin prices especially if it is in high demand. It would be absolutely amazing to have this feature in the international version. Upgrading Theme Parks past level 10 - Korean version, after you level up your Theme Park with coins up to level 10, it continues but instead of upgrading them with coins, you upgrade them with the research points and it increases something on your farm or it increases the help? Like I mentioned before I don't know the Korean Language but still play the game. A Third Research Point Gaining Facility- In the Korean Version, after you purchase ParkTown, the Final town, it unlocks another Facility that harvests research points. I think it is a sculptor on top of a building, carving a statue of The Thinker. I am 8 seeds away of obtaining it so I do not know what it does but cannot wait to get this structure. This article took me 4 hours to write. I love EveryTown and would do anything to keep it going. It is the only game I play and refuse to play anything else. PLEASE listen to my suggestions and please let's make this game better and let's get the players we lost back by the improvements on the game that will make them regret that they left the game in the first place. Thank you for your time and please consider making the international game just as fun and challenging as the Korean Version. I would have posted screen shots of the Korean game but last time I posted screen shots, the pictures became unavailable. Thank you, CuntyW
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  6. GM_Nihao

    SEED 50%追加发送活动

    各位村民们,大家好! 活动期间,SEED购买时追加发送‘50%,还请多多关注:) - 时间: 11/14维护后~ 11/20 23:59 - 内容: > 活动期间SEED追加发送50% > 送礼,升级商品,starter pack 不包括在内。 > 活动商品购买后即刻发送至信箱。
  7. GM_Nihao

    SEED 50%追加發送活動

    各位村民們,大家好! 活動期間,SEED購買時追加發送‘50%,還請多多關注:) - 時間: 11/14維護後~ 11/20 23:59 - 內容: > 活動期間SEED追加發送50% > 送禮,升級商品,starter pack 不包括在內。 > 活動商品購買後即刻發送至信箱。
  8. 你好,各位村民们! 一些新增的专卖店在活动期间的生产时间将减少50%。 ■时间:11月14日更新后〜11月20日 23:59 ■对象:抹茶白玉馅蜜店 / 泰式酸辣鸡丝凉麵店 / 法式布雷斯特泡芙店 请藉此机会在试试新的特色商店!
  9. 你好,各位村民們! 一些新增的專賣店在活動期間的生產時間將減少50%。 ■時間:11月14日更新後〜11月20日 23:59 ■對象:抹茶白玉餡蜜店 / 泰式酸辣雞絲涼麵店 / 法式布雷斯特泡芙店 請藉此機會在試試新的特色商店!
  10. 你好,村民们! 11月14日将进行更新,以支持贸易商店中的材料 在活动中您可以在拜访材料时获取它们,所以请多多参与。 ■时间:11月14日更新后〜11月20日23:59 ■内容:在活动期间访问游戏,您将每天获得奖励 ■奖励: 绿茶种子(1) 红豆沙(2) 鲜奶油(7) 鸡肉(3) 苹果醋(3) 芥末(3) 草莓(3) 葡萄酒(2) ------------------------------------------------ ※仅在通知您时提供产品。 ※产品在邮箱中支付,商品支付仅一次。 ※如果您在确认已付款到邮箱后未在活动时间内收到该物品, 活动时间过后,该项目消失。收到物品时请小心
  11. 你好,村民們! 11月14日將進行更新,以支持貿易商店中的材料 在活動中您可以在拜訪材料時獲取它們,所以請多多參與。 ■時間:11月14日更新後〜11月20日23:59 ■內容:在活動期間訪問遊戲,您將每天獲得獎勵 ■獎勵: 綠茶種子(1) 紅豆沙(2) 鮮奶油(7) 鸡肉(3) 蘋果醋(3) 芥末(3) 草莓(3) 葡萄酒(2) ------------------------------------------------ ※僅在通知您時提供產品。 ※產品在郵箱中支付,商品支付僅一次。 ※如果您在確認已付款到郵箱後未在活動時間內收到該物品, 活動時間過後,該項目消失。收到物品時請小心
  12. GM_Tom

    SEED 50% Bonus Event

    Hello, Villagers, During the event, 50% of the seed purchased will be paid as additional bonus. We are looking forward to your interest and participation. - Period: November 14th After the update ~ November 20th 23:59 - Content: > 50% of bonus seed will be paid during the event. > Gifting, level-up products, and starter pack are excluded from the event. > The event reward is paid directly to the [Mailbox] when the seed is purchased.
  13. Hello, Villagers! Some of the newly added specialty stores production time will be reduced by 50% during the event. ■ Period : November 14th After the update ~ November 20th 23:59 ■ Target : Green Tea Anmitsu Shop / Chilled Chicken Noodle Shop / Paris-Brest Shop Please Try on new specialty shops this opportunity!
  14. Nov 14 Trade Shop Material Support Event Update Hello, Villagers! Nov 14 Update will be proceed to support the materials at the Trade shop; during the event, you can acquire the materials when you access them, so please join us. ■ Period : November 14th After the update ~ November 20th 23:59 ■ Content: Access the game during the event, you will receive a reward everyday ■ Reward : Green Tea Spread (1) Adzuki Beans (2) Cream (7) Chicken (3) Apple Vinegar (3) Mustard (3) Strawberry (3) Wine (2) ------------------------------------------------ ※ The product is only provided at the time you have been informed. ※ Products are paid in a Mailbox, and item payment is only once. ※ If you do not receive the item within event time after you have confirmed that the item has been paid to the Mailbox, After the event time, the item disappears. Please be careful when receiving the item
  15. 您好,各位村民们! 我们将在下面更新维护时间。 请注意,服务器在维护期间处于关闭状态,您无法登入游戏。 ■维护时间:11月14日15:00〜17:00(UTC + 9) *视情况而定,维护结束时间可能有所不同。 有关信息,请参阅下面的更新说明。 <11/14更新说明> 1.将增加六个新商店。 抹茶馅蜜店 泰式酸辣鸡丝凉麵店 巴黎布雷斯特专卖店 优质兔子舍 [主题公园]花车巡行公演I [主题公园]花车巡行公演II 2.将添加一种新树木。 优等咖啡树 3.将添加一个新的聚会午餐盒。 巴黎布雷斯特 4.将添加两个新的随机盒。 辣椒店 魔导少年 5.贸易商店的产品将被更新。 莫吉托店 6.新的礼品店将被更新。 (仅适用于安卓) 优质猪舍 优质蜂舍 优质麵包工房 优质麵粉工房 优质蜂蜡工房 优质果汁工房 优质巧克力牛奶工房 优质甜甜圈工房 优质毛线工房 7.将添加12月的全新装饰品。 积雪山茶树 鲁道夫冰车 圣诞节长椅 冬爷 超大圣诞树 圣诞房屋 雪派对房屋
  16. 您好,各位村民們! 我們將在下面更新維護時間。 請注意,服務器在維護期間處於關閉狀態,您無法登入遊戲。 ■維護時間:11月14日15:00〜17:00(UTC + 9) *視情況而定,維護結束時間可能有所不同。 有關信息,請參閱下面的更新說明。 <11/14更新說明> 1.將增加六個新商店。 抹茶餡蜜店 泰式酸辣雞絲涼麵店 巴黎布雷斯特專賣店 優質兔子舍 [主題公園]花車巡行公演I [主題公園]花車巡行公演II 2.將添加一种新樹木。 優等咖啡樹 3.將添加一個新的聚會午餐盒。 巴黎布雷斯特 4.將添加兩個新的隨機盒。 辣椒店 魔導少年 5.貿易商店的產品將被更新。 莫吉托店 6.新的禮品店將被更新。 (僅適用於安卓) 優質豬舍 優質蜂舍 優質麵包工房 優質麵粉工房 優質蜂蠟工房 優質果汁工房 優質巧克力牛奶工房 優質甜甜圈工房 優質毛線工房 7.將添加12月的全新裝飾品。 積雪山茶樹 魯道夫冰車 聖誕節長椅 冬爺 超大聖誕樹 聖誕房屋 雪派對房屋
  17. Hello Vllagers! We will proceed the update the inspection time below. Please note that the server is closed during the inspectiontime and you can not access the game. ■ Inspection time : November 14th 15:00 ~ 17:00 (UTC+9) *The end of the inspection may vary depending on the situation. Please refer to the patch notes below fot the information. <11/14 Patch notes> 1. Six New Shops will be added. Green Tea Anmitsu Shop Chilled Chicken Noodle Shop Paris-Brest Shop Premium Rabbit Pen [Theme Park] Parade Performance I [Theme Park] Parade Performance II 2. One new tree will be added. Premium Coffee Tree 3. A New Gathering Lunch Box will be added. Paris-Brest 4. 2 New Random Boxes will be added. Chili Shop Fairytale 5. Trade Shop product will be renewed. Mojito Shop 6. New Gift Shops will be renewed. (for Android only) Premium Pigsty Premium Beehive Premium Bread Mill Premium Flour Mill Premium Beeswax Mill Premium Fruit Juice Mill Premium Cho. Milk Mill Premium Donut Mill Premium Yarn Mill 7. New Heart Decorations for December will be added. Winter Camellia Rudolph Sled Christmas Bench Winter Grandpa Big X-mas Tree Christmas House Snow Party House
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  19. - 【活動】11月SEED 一小箱活動 Ø 活動時間: 11/1~11/3 Ø 活動內容: 購買SEED一小箱時 ,即可獲得2個 “SS等級道具 "
  20. - 【活动】11月SEED 一小箱活动 Ø 活动时间: 11/1~11/3 Ø 活动内容: 购买SEED一小箱时 ,即可获得2个 “ SS等级道具 ”
  21. GM_Tom

    November SEED Small Box Event 

    November SEED Small Box Event - Event Period: 11/1~11/3 - Event Contents: SS Grade Item [Top-Class Marble(2)] will be offered for SEED Small box purchase.
  22. - 【活動】10月SEED 一小箱活動 Ø 活動時間: 10/25~10/27 Ø 活動內容: 購買SEED一小箱時 ,即可獲得2個 “最上等樅木 "
  23. - 【活动】10月SEED 一小箱活动 Ø 活动时间: 10/25~10/27 Ø 活动内容: 购买SEED一小箱时 ,即可获得2个 “ 最上等枞木 ”
  24. GM_Tom

    October SEED Small Box Event 

    October SEED Small Box Event - Event Period: 10/25~10/27 - Event Contents: SS Grade Item [Top-Class Fir(2)] will be offered for SEED Small box purchase.
  25. - 【活動】10月SEED 一小箱活動 Ø 活動時間: 10/18~10/20 Ø 活動內容: 購買SEED一小箱時 ,即可獲得 “SS等級道具 "
  26. - 【活动】10月SEED 一小箱活动 Ø 活动时间: 10/18~10/20 Ø 活动内容: 购买SEED一小箱时 ,即可获得 “SS等级道具 ”
  27. GM_Tom

    October SEED Small Box Event 

    October SEED Small Box Event - Event Period: 10/18~10/20 - Event Contents: SS Grade Item will be offered for SEED Small box purchase.
  28. 亲爱的居民们~大家好! 大家久等了~小编又为大家准备了特别SEED储值活动! 活动期间购买SEED可额外获得50%数量噢~! 请大家多多参与哦 - 活动时间: 10月17日更新后~ 10月23日 23:59 ((UTC+9) - 活动内容: > 活动期间购买SEED额外赠送50% > 本次活动不包括送礼物,升级折扣商品和Starter Pack > 购买后活动商品将即刻发送到收件箱中 祝大家游戏愉快~^o^
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