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    • I haven’t played this game in over a year due to account issues.  I went from an Android to an Apple and had my game linked to my google account.  Obviously a problem.  I know I can switch it to be linked to my Facebook.  However, every time I emailed support, I got the same generic response to create a name under my fb for them to overwrite with my google.  Well I already did this... I emailed back with the fb ign and my Android ign and got the same exact email prompting me to make a new ign under Facebook.  I finally gave up. Is there anyway “Tom” can help me with this?  I just want to recover my Google ign.
    • Hello, Villagers!   During the event period like below, users can obtain more Seed at SEED products purchase. Please kindly give your attention and participate in the event=)
        - Event Period: 21st June ~30th June 23:59 (UTC) - Contents: > Users can get one more once they buy a SEED Box or a Seed Cart. > Rewards Date: on 5th July (Fri) (UTC+9)    Notice - Gift, Level Up products, and Starter Package are not included to the event. - Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox (Post) on the Rewards Date after the event ends.
    • 親愛的居民們~大家好! 活動期間購買SEED一小箱,即可獲得追加赠送的100%的SEED. 請大家多多參與哦~
      详情如下: ❤============================================================❤   - 活動時間 : 6/21~6/30 23:59 (UTC) - 活動內容 : > 活動期間購買SEED一小箱或者SEED一小推車, 即可再获得 SEED一小箱或者SEED一小推車. > 發送日期: 7/5(周五) 以内 (UTC+9)  注意事項 - 不包括送禮物
      - 不包括作為升等補償的折扣SEED商品
      - 活動以外時間購買該商品,將不會獲得活動獎品   謝謝❤
    • 親愛的居民們~大家好! 大家久等了~小編又為大家準備了特別SEED儲值活動!   活動期間購買SEED可額外獲得50%數量噢~! 請大家多多參與哦~(#^.^#) - 活動時間: 6月13 日更新後~ 6月19日  23:59 ((UTC+9) - 活動內容:   > 活動期間購買SEED額外贈送50% > 本次活動不包括送禮物,升級折扣商品和Starter Pack > 購買後活動商品將即刻發送到收件箱中   祝大家遊戲愉快~^o^   謝謝❤
    • 亲爱的居民们~大家好! 大家久等了~小编又为大家准备了特别SEED储值活动!   活动期间购买SEED可额外获得50%数量噢~! 请大家多多参与哦~(#^.^#) - 活动时间: 6月13 日更新后~ 6月19日  23:59 ((UTC+9) - 活动内容:  > 活动期间购买SEED额外赠送50% > 本次活动不包括送礼物,升级折扣商品和Starter Pac > 购买后活动商品将即刻发送到收件箱中   祝大家游戏愉快~^o^   谢谢❤
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