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    • Oh yeah no if you need to *produce* it then buying won't help, sorry!! But hopefully picking up shops or putting out more decorations will make it so you can put out a duck pen for the quest!! Goodluck, hope you have fun
    • Thanks for posting more info guys!! That is cool the train gives union-only gathering materials. I will start using the train then I think!! Otherwise I don't think I'll ever get those materials lol, I have not seen them on the marketplace once!!   haha I have found the same, that lunch boxes don't seem to improve odds much!!! I have gotten C, B, and A with lunchboxes and only 1 S, and yet I just got an SS with NO lunchbox! (It was a natural stone wootwoot!!) I'm thinking that using lunchboxes probably is just a gold-sink lol.  
    • Agree! Tom is the richest in Everytown!! Even Irvin lose
    • This is a forum question.  How do I turn off this snow?! It's pretty, yes, but it complicates my posting.  I'm using my android phone, I don't know if it's my device or what... But as I type, random letters just disappear and I have to retype words over and over.  It makes me have to type super slow and is quite aggravating.  I know I saw the option before but now I can't find it!  Last time I turned off snow it solved the issue.  Thanks to anybody who can direct me!
    • Oh talk about sailor moon do you watch the remake one? sailor moon crystal, it is base on the original manga story line. I love Sailor moon Crystal season 3 / death buster arc. Still cross finger for Sailor moon crystal dream arc (pray they will make the anime, since there is no news about it so fa)
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