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    • Well in Asia people work Monday to Saturday. Saturday is the half day. In US people work from Monday to Friday and Friday is the half day. I know cause study abroad there for few years ^^   I see, Well I will try see 1 episode of the anime then if I have time, Just to see if I will like it  There is so many anime now, so I only follow few that I found interesting.   Well Show by rock is about a normal girl who are very shy who don't have courage to join band club at school even though she really want to join it so bad. One night when she play with music game (the one you need to tab with the melody) she suddenly was summon by unknown being to the world call midi city. She meet new friends there and try find away to go back to her world. Well the rest you watch it since I will spoil everything if I keep taking  but it is good anime if you want to listen to many japanese songs. S1: 12 ep and S2: probably 12 ep too, currently air till ep 10   Magikyun is kinda like Utapuri (uta prince sama), where one girl surround by many boys and they all love her. It is about a famous ikebana (flower arranging) daughter who admire her mother (who already pass away) and want to be like her mother. She join a special school for talent art skill student (like drawing, singing, dancing, sculpture, and any other art) where there she meet all these boys with many different talent and personality. If you like Utapuri, you might like this anime. Usually these type anime always end with the girl did not pick anyone as her love interest. Base on my watching anime experience. ^^; but I just watch it to know the whole anime story is about.   lol Don't worry I don't like shopping that much either. I more into shopping for games >~< I play a bit of ice skating but I'm not really good at it. I just can slide since I used to inline skating.   Btw I just finish watching the movie SING today, it was a good movie. I'll give it score 7.5 / 10. It is funny and nice animation
    • Guild StrikerS recruiting in server Terron! Lvl 150+ and active members Guild Leader: RenanHC lvl 193
      League: Beginner
      Boss: LVL 10
      Wins: 4
      Defeats: 0
      Objective: Take a castle in the Beginner League Guild skills in growth! Lvl 60 full this weekend.
      We need everyone's help to grow we are a new guild! I thank everyone!
    • Bump, we r still looking 
    • Hey! There's some things I've been wondering and I thought I'd just ask. I ASSUME this stuff is all ok, but I've seen games turn a blind eye to things and then suddenly ban accounts for "cheating". So I just want to know for sure lol   1. Are we allowed to have more than one account? is there a limit on how many we can have?   2. Is it ok to use extra accounts to buy things for/from our main account?    3. Is it ok then to have multiple accounts be in a contest? (IE that contest where 30 accounts won 150 seeds if they open 3rd town)   4. Is the 150 friend limit a game mechanic RULE? IE is adding/deleting friends en masse ever going to be discouraged or considered exploiting/cheating? Whether it's for gathering extra hearts, or for visiting back followers that don't fit on limited friendlist?   Again I assume its all ok, especially since literally everyone has second accounts lol, buuuuuut i like certainty  Thank you!!
    • Hey guys!! I just wanted to encourage my villager-loving and completionist collector friends by saying, I think the odds of getting Watson are a LOT easier than Dolce! I'm not lucky on ANY random boxes, but I got Watson already! This may be due to the box having no items in it besides Watson lol   It took me 6500 hearts (13 pulls) to get him! i had almost 5k when update started - was saving for christmas house, oh well - and did some borderline fruitless heart grinding (i do not recommend unless its a heart event ugh. grinding gold is way easier and less tedious) and voila!! A Watson! And even though Tom hasn't confirmed a heart boost event yet, I'm sure we will get one over Christmas after the next major update like the last time!
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