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    • Hello! I have recently downloaded the Korean version of ET. I must say, I like how KET always collaborate with companies to create beautiful shops. Even the landmarks and features such as neighbourhood and couple system are quite interesting. So anyway, I was navigating my way around the game and I saw this feature. What caught my attention is this yellow bar thingy with the word 'Touch!'. When I clicked on it, a LOT of SS and S craft materials show up! WoW Tom, may I know what feature is this? I don't know Hangul so I can't read what it was, thank you!
    • I should have received 3. Has this event been processed yet?
    • Everyone!
      During 19 April. ~ 25 April, every SEED purchase—except gifting SEED, level-up discounts, and Starter Pack—will be rewarded with 50% more SEED. - Dates: After April. 19 maintenance – April. 25 23:59
      - Event:
      > 50% more SEED will be rewarded for SEED purchases
      > Gift, Level-up Discounts and Starter Pack are excluded in the event
      > Event SEED will be sent to your in-game Mail immediately after purchase.
        Thank you
    •   Hello everyone!
      We will be providing supplies for the shops updated on April. 19.
      You just need to log in during the event and claim the rewards so enjoy!
      ■ Dates: After April. 19 maintenance (06:00) – April 25 23:59
      ■ Event: Log in every day to receive free supplies.
      ■ Rewards:
      ※ Rewards are sent only during the specified dates.
      ※ Rewards are sent to the in-game Mail once.
      ※ Items disappear if you don’t claim them before their expiration date.
    •   Hello everyone!
      Some of the new shops updated today will receive 50% production time bonus during this event.
      - After April. 19 Maintenance (06:00) – April. 25 23:59
      ■Corresponding Shops
      Chili Shop
      Coffee Jelly Shop
      Queso Blanco Shop
      Tortellini Shop
      Take this opportunity to run those new shops!
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