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    • Gift shop is all premium mill? Trade and random box is still the same as the previous. Dat drop ride and CB snowball tho *heart eyes*
    •     親愛的居民朋友們:你們好!   為了給各位玩家們帶來更豐富多彩的遊戲內容,《我的莊園日記》將在下面時間內進行更新。 更新期間,遊戲將無法使用,這點給大家帶來的不便我們深表歉意。   ■ 更新時間: 03月22日 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC) * 根據屆時實體情況,更新時間有可能會發生變動,請各位玩家們相互轉告並且提前做好下線準備。   更多詳細內容可以通過以下內容進行確認。   <3月22日更新內容>   1. SEED商品(物件) 30%促銷活動結束。   2.新規施設5種が追加されます。 意大利水饺店 胡萝卜蛋糕店 樱花雪球工坊 水果宾治专营店 主题公园 : 跳楼机   3.新規製作ランドマーク1種が追加されます。 地标建筑:樱花小道   4.新規住民衣装1種が追加されます。 谜一样的绅士   5.新規採集お弁当2種が追加されます。 樱花雪球 水果宾治   6.新規ランダムボックス2種が追加されます。 [限时] 红烩牛肉 温馨的家乡   7.交換ショップの商品が更新されます。 红豆刨冰专营店   8.プレゼントショップの商品が更新されます。(AOS限定) 优质鸡舍 优质土鸡鸡舍 优质草莓酱工厂 优质酸奶工厂 优质草莓牛奶工厂 优质芥末酱工厂 优质番茄酱工厂 优质生面团工厂 优质黄油工厂   9.4月のハートアイテム造形物が追加されます。 蒲公英丛中的泰迪熊 水菊水路1 水菊水路2 水菊少女 春雨蒙蒙 种树的小孩 蒲公英精灵 复活节小兔庭院 编织蕾丝的少女 复活节大树  
    •     Hello everyone!   We have a scheduled maintenance planned on the following date and time. Please be aware that the server will be down during the maintenance, and you won’t be able to access the game.   ■ Maintenance Date/Time : Mar 22 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC) * The maintenance time is subject to change under certain circumstances.   Please refer to the patch note below for details   <Mar. 22 Patch Note >   1. SEED products 30% discount event will be closed.   2. New Shops Ravioli Shop Carrot Cake Shop CB Snowball Shop Fruit Punch Shop [Theme Park] Drop Ride   3. New Crafting Landmark will be added [LND] Cherry Blossom Path   4. New Villager Outfit Mysterious man   5. New Gathering Lunchbox CB Snowball Fruit Punch   6. New Random Boxes [Ltd] Cheese Fondue Garden by the Sea   7. New Trade Shop Adzuki Dessert Shop   8. New Gift Shop (for Android only) Premium Hen House PR Rooster Coop PR Strb Jam Mill Premium Yogurt Mill PR Strawberry Milk Mill Premium Mustard Mill PR Ketchup Mill Premium Dough Mill Premium Butter Mill   9. New March Heart Decorations Teddy Bear Hydrangea Lane 1 Hydrangea Lane 2 Hydrangea Girl Spring Rain Planting Boy Dandelion Fairy Easter Garden Lace Girl Easter Tree
    • Hi, sorry to hear that. I would try sending their support team an email explaining the situation. Make sure to include your IGN and account you want it to be linked to. Their email is  Hope to see you in game again soon ^^
    • I lost my iphone a few months ago and now, I'm using a new iPhone and reinstalled EVERYTOWN. My account is LOST!! I did not link my previous account to Facebook and I don't have backup games data in my previous iPhone! Please tell me how can I get back my account... I put a lot of effort in that game😭
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