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    • I'm just a user, but i can help you with the aloe issue at least. It's not a bug. The issue with aloe is that you haven't upgraded your house. See that indication on the aloe icon that says LV4 and has red stroke around it? This means that your house (the one with the red roof) needs to be level 4 for it to unlock. Click on the house and you will see how to do it.  
    • PLEASE HELP.... I cannot do ANYTHING ELSE IN MY GAME!! I have written to you  via  3 different ways because there is no clear way to access support which REALLY  stinks!!  My first issue is regarding my current challenge which is asking me to grow aloe which should have been available to me several levels ago but it is  still locked along with a few other vegetables....My second issue is that  I made a purchase on May 22, 2018 for the $13.99 Special package of coins and clovers but never received any of it .... I got so desperate to get past this level I evenI tried to order the same  package again but I keep getting an error message that says I have already purchased it.  I also tried purchasing a different package as well and it looks like it will work but then I don’t receive anything.  Now I am COMPLETELY STUCK!!  I can’t make any purchases and I can’t complete my challenges!  My third issue is that I misspelled my username  .... it should be Concordmom but I spelled it Concirdmom .... my Facebook account I connected to my game is   and my phone is(603) 229-9423  PLEASE fix my game and unlock the vegetables at the appropriate levels and DEFINITELY fix the issue with purchasing items as well as credit me for the $13.99 I spent but did not receive any items for ...... THEN PLEASE  CONTACT ME  TO TELL ME ITS ALL FIXED  Also..... There should be a more direct way to access help ......first I have to go into  Everytown  - click the tool box then the Facebook page then find and click  then sign in here - it is pretty crazy and feels like too many steps. soooo is several days later and I cannot move forward - I seriously need HELP!!    here is the link to the pictures I want you to see of my game
    • 因為我fb,Google,與推特都有開帳號了怎麼移轉 我line的帳號還有儲值與買遊樂園該如何賠償 我line帳號就是快樂寶   Click to choose files 
      允許的文件類型 jpg, png, gif, mp4, avi, wmv · 限制文件最大容量 9.77MB   
    • 因為我fb,Google,與推特都有開帳號了怎麼移轉 我line的帳號還有儲值與買遊樂園該如何賠償 我line帳號就是快樂寶 現在就是無法轉移啊……
    • 請問該怎麼處理,一直都沒回覆我…… 那之前儲的種子怎麼辦?
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