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    • Hello, villagers!   For this period of time, we will give you additional 50% Seed when you purchase Seed! Do not miss this special opportunity!   - Period : August.16 Update ~ August. 23 23:59 P.M. - Contents : > 50% more Seed will be given during the Event Period. > Gift, Level-up Discounts and Starter Pack are excluded in the event > Event SEED will be sent to your in-game [Mail] immediately after purchase.   Please join in this event and thank you
    • Hello everyone!   We will be providing supplies for the shops updated on August. 16. You just need to log in during the event and claim the rewards so enjoy!   ■ Dates: After August. 16 maintenance (06:00) – August 22 23:59 ■ Event: Log in every day to receive free supplies. ■ Rewards: Strawberry Milk(4)+Wine(6)+Bread(4)+Lemon(4)+Cream(6)+Sugar(6) ------------------------------------------------ ※ Rewards are sent only during the specified dates. ※ Rewards are sent to the in-game Mail once. ※ Items disappear if you don’t claim them before their expiration date.   Thank you
    • Hello everyone!   Some of the new shops updated today will receive 50% production time bonus during this event.   ■Dates - After August.16 Maintenance (06:00) – August. 22 23:59(UTC)   ■Corresponding Shops   Am.Lemonade Shop Fr. Toast Shop Blue Lemonade Shop   Take this opportunity to run those new shops!~ 
    • 親愛的居民們~大家好!   大家久等了~小編又為大家準備了特別SEED儲值活動!   活動期間購買SEED可額外獲得50%數量噢~! 請大家多多參與哦~   ■ 活動時間:8月16日更新後 ~ 8月22日23:59:00 (UTC)   ■ 活動內容:  - 活動期間購買SEED額外贈送50%  - 本次活動不包括送禮物,升級折扣商品和Starter Pack  - 購買後活動商品將即刻發送到收件箱中   祝大家遊戲愉快~^o^
    • 親愛的居民朋友們~ 大家好!   大家又可以製作新店鋪了~ 為紀念新店鋪上架,只要在活動期間登錄遊戲即可獲得以下獎勵!   詳情如下:   ■ 活動時間:8月16日更新後(06:00) ~ 8月22日23:59 (UTC)   ■ 活動內容:活動期間每日登入遊戲即可獲得獎勵   ■ 活動獎品:   草莓牛奶(4) + 葡萄酒(6) + 麵包(4) + 檸檬(4) + 鮮奶油(6) + 糖(6)  ------------------------------------------------ ※ 商品將在一定時間內發送。 ※ 商品將被發送至收件箱內,僅發送1次。 ※ 請各位居民們在指定時間內登入遊戲,進入收件箱領取。   若在指定時間內沒有領取道具,那麼在活動結束後,該道具將會自動消失。   請各位玩家們切記!   最後祝大家遊戲愉快♪(^∇^*)
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